Top tips from experienced naked gardeners for World Naked Gardening Day

During current lockdown restrictions, those that are lucky enough to have outside spaces have certainly been making the most of them. With a spring that has been unusually mild and dry, partnered with not being able to leave home for anything other than the essentials, gardening has quickly become the nation’s best-loved hobby.

As such, it is expected there will be more participants than ever in World Naked Gardening Day, which is taking place on Saturday 2nd May. With no real political or organisational roots, the day is still popular globally for gardeners looking to expose it all and go about their gardens in the buff just for the fun of it.

In honour of the day, online gardening information resource surveyed ten people that took part in World Naked Gardening Day 2019 to find out what their top tips for gardening in the nude are, and how gardening is helping them get through the current global virus pandemic.

Find out below all you need to know before heading out to do some naked gardening:

1. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

There are probably parts of you that haven’t seen the light of day since you were running around your garden as a baby. As such, it is really important to make sure you layer on the sunblock to avoid any nasty sunburn, as well as to take care of your skin in the longer term.

This tip is offered by Nina Motylinski of East Sussex, UK. Nina also commented on how gardening helps her manage lockdown anxieties by keeping the mind occupied and providing a different focus than what is currently happening in the world.

“Things that you have grown from seed coming to fruition is very satisfying! Also, growing your own crops is handy if you can’t get to the shops as much. Gardening is mindful, it allows you to switch off.”

Dave Garney in Buckinghamshire, UK, echoes Nina’s sentiments when asked to give his top tip for naked gardening, advising those looking to take part to “slip, slap, slop [on the suncream].” When questioned how gardening is helping his mental health during this time, Dave also said that “it feels good to look after the environment and give something back, and any extra plants and veg can be given away to help others.”

2. Avoid the thornier plants

Without a layer of fabric to protect the skin, it is best to avoid any thorny vegetation when taking part in naked gardening. Pruning your rose bushes might have to wait a day to avoid any injury to places you really don’t want to get snagged.

Eliza Roxendal from Dalarna, Sweden, offers up this advice from experience. Eliza is using gardening as a tool to help get through this tough time, commenting that “gardening gives us the chance to be self-reliant and eat delicious, nutritious foods that we grow ourselves. It helps us stay connected to our food, which is extremely important to humanity as a whole.”

Instagram user @urban_plantlady also recommends this, as well as showing that you don’t have to have outdoor space to take part in the day by showing off her indoor urban jungle. Due to an autoimmune disease, she has been unable to leave the house, but still enjoys the therapeutic aspect of gardening.

Karen from Lancashire, UK, also advises against working with plants that are thorny, poisonous, or that can sting during World Naked Gardening Day. Karen also pointed out that, with gyms being closed currently, gardening can provide a workout even better than your usual weights session. She also commented “Gardening is not only fun but an escape for anything that’s on your mind. Whilst tending to the plants your focus is on them. You can get lost in the jobs that need doing.”

3. Pick a secluded spot in the garden

Whilst you might enjoy a spot of gardening in the nude, your neighbours and the general public might not appreciate a flash of something they don’t want to see.

Sisters Sarah and Emma from Berkshire, UK, advise finding a secluded section of your garden space to take part in World Naked Gardening Day. The pair took part in the day last year to show that whatever your wearing (or not wearing), with a bit of confidence you can always be stylish.

When it comes to using gardening to help get through the virus pandemic, Sarah and Emma said that “gardening allows us to create our own calm space to simply be, it’s a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Nature is a wonderful healer.”

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When Em asked me to pop round and help out with a spot of gardening, little did I know it was #internationalnakedgardeningday ?? As sisters we’ve always compared ourselves to one another, ‘she’s got longer legs than me’, ‘you’ve got a bigger smile’ etc etc, Yet, as we’ve got older we’ve come to realise that you should be proud of your body no matter what. To accept our idiosyncrasies and treat our bodies with the respect they deserve. Had it been a warmer day there would have been no need for the blanket and woolly hats!!! ?Happy gardening! ?? Sar & Em xx ? #worldnakedgardeningday2019 #bitchilly #bodypositive #liftinspiresupport #styleitoutsister #beproudofwhoyouare #freshair #sisterlylove #gardening #nationalnakedgardeningday #naked #nakedgardeningday #instablogger #positivity #loveyourself #bodygoals #respectyourself #respectmycurves #lovemycurves

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Similarly, Graeme from Dublin, ROI, also advocates finding a more private area to take part in the day. “Make sure if you’re gardening on a balcony that it’s a solid and opaque floor with no gaps to look up through from the apartment below!” Very wise words indeed if you don’t want your neighbours to get an eyeful.

Jenny David, from Wiltshire, UK, recommends that an umbrella might also protect your modesty and your neighbour’s sensibilities, whilst also helping with sun protection. Jenny also instructed that gardening “gives you somewhere safe to put your energy and care, and foster that into love.” Whilst we are unable to see our loved ones during lockdown, it might help to put that care into nurturing plants until you can meet again.

4. Watch out for bees!

Or any other stinging insects for that matter. Without the protection of clothes, our softest parts are exposed to the potentially the most painful stings. A bit of insect repellent spray and remaining extra vigilant whilst gardening naked is key to getting through the day unstung.

Lee from Hertfordshire, UK, whose wife Amy made him take part in World Naked Gardening Day 2019, advises to keep an eye out for any stingers coming your way. He also advised that “if you’re lucky enough to have a garden or outdoor space, it is a great stress reliever and somewhere you can go to disconnect from everything else in the world.”

5. Don’t judge a person by their plant size!

Last, but certainly not least, whether your garden is outdoors, indoors, on a balcony or just a few plants on your desk, it doesn’t matter the size as long as it makes you happy. The act of gardening, especially during these turbulent times, can help with anxiety and stress, and provide a sense of fulfilment.

Sidney and Tom Holland from Texas, USA, caution not to judge yourself or others by your garden or your horticultural skills, especially when naked gardening.

When it comes to using gardening to get through lockdown, the couple stated: “It [gardening] helps to cancel out the outside noise from the media and social flutter.” This is definitely something we could all do with trying at some point for our mental health.

Gardening is a fantastic escape from what is going on in the world at the moment. As World Naked Gardening Day looks to inject a bit of lightheartedness and positivity to the hobby, supports everyone looking to take part in 2020. The advice from the experienced naked gardeners that took part in the survey shows that you don’t have to have a large mature garden to take part, just a plant or two indoors makes you a gardener too.