The UK’s Best Swing Seat Furniture To Enjoy The Great Outdoors

garden swing seat in a decked garden
Written by Chris Briggs

There are few more enjoyable ways to relax and enjoy your surroundings than on a swing seat.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a swing seat but have been put off by the price or fear you don’t have the room, then you should find this guide extremely helpful. There are some excellent swing seats available now that are both reasonably priced and designed to be suitable for gardens of any size.

We’ve rated some of the best swing seats on the market, looking at their pros and cons as well as key features.

We also have some great tips for you, including the things to consider when buying a swing seat and how to protect your swing seat during the winter.

Our #1 Top Pick
Kingfisher FSWSET5 Hardwood Swinging Hammock Bench Seat with Canopy - Multi-Colour
Brown / Canvas Green
Hardwood / Polyester
Value Pick
Charles Bentley 2-3 Seater Garden Patio Swing Seat Hammock Chair Made of Powder Coated Steel in...
White / Beige
PVC / Polyester
Price not available
Also Consider...
BIRCHTREE Garden Swing Hammock 3-4 Seater Chair Bench Furniture Bed Lounger Gazebo Shelter Canopy...
Steel / Polyester
Price not available

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Let’s start with our best pick, the Kingfisher Hardwood Swinging Hammock…

Best Pick: Kingfisher Hardwood Swinging Hammock

High quality yet affordable – a great choice for most gardens

The Kingfisher Hardwood Swinging Hammock ticks a lot of boxes. Not only does it look great, but it’s made from high-quality materials, is a good size, it’s easy to clean and reasonably priced.

The seat, including the frame, is 176.5cm high and 166cm wide so it’s a fair size and can comfortably seat two people. It’s very easy to assemble, with the necessary tools need to assemble it included.

The frame is very sturdy, so you’d be able to place this on a variety of surfaces, including a lawn or a patio. Overall it would make a great choice of swing seat for your garden.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Very comfortable to sit in
  • Easy to assemble


  • The canopy tends to collect rain rather than draining it
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Value Pick: Charles Bentley 2-3 Seater

A simple and affordable swing seat

The Charles Bentley 2-3 seater is our value pick. Although its design may not appeal to everyone, it manages to provide a comfortable sitting experience at a very reasonable price.

There is a fair bit of assembly required with this seat and it’d be a bit of a challenge to do it on your own, so this is something worth bearing in mind.

The frame is made from powder-coated steel and the cushion covers are polyester. You can choose from three colours – beige, blue or grey.

If you’re looking for a swing seat but don’t want to spend too much money, then the Charles Bentley 2-3 seater is an ideal choice.


  • Very affordable
  • Enough space to seat 3 people
  • Comes in a variety of colours


  • Can take a while to construct
  • Not as comfortable as some other swing seats
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WestWood Garden Swing Hammock

A beautiful swing seat that would make a great centrepiece in larger gardens

The first thing that strikes you about the WestWood Garden Swing Hammock is how incredible it looks. Bearing a close resemblance to a four-poster bed, it is bound to attract compliments and be the envy of friends and family.

In addition to its great looks, this swing seat is also very practical and can comfortably seat 3 people and would also be big enough to lie down on.

Another great feature of this seat is that the swinging seat bench can be completely removed so if you wanted to use it as a gazebo, you have this option. It also makes it much easier for taking it down to store in the winter.

Although this seat won’t be in everyone’s affordable price range, it is an excellent choice and combines great looks with practicality.


  • Looks fantastic
  • The powder-coated steel frame makes it resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Removable swing bench so it can be used as a gazebo


  • Is on the more expensive side
  • Wouldn’t be suitable for very small gardens
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Outsunny Outdoor Rattan Wicker Seating

A simple and elegant swing seat

The Outsunny Outdoor Rattan Wicker 2-3 Seater is a simple yet striking swinger seat. The all-black frame and canopy mixed with the white cushion cover give it a very distinctive look.

The tubular steel frame makes it tough and durable, while the wicker bench means its practical to keep in the garden, even during spells of heavy rain. The arched tilt canopy is also great at draining rain while also providing proper protection from the sun.

The cushion for the seat is very thick and comfortable and the cushion cover is very easy to remove and wash.


  • Striking design
  • Comfortable and practical
  • Easy to assemble


  • Fairly expensive
  • Can be quite difficult to move and store
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Grey Cocoon Hanging Egg Chair

A great looking chair and comfortable to boot

Lastly is the Grey Cocoon Hanging Egg Chair. This is quite different to the other swing seats we’ve looked at. Firstly, it’s designed for just one person. This might put some people off, but the compact design of this seat makes it perfect for smaller gardens.

The steel frame the chair is attached to is very sturdy and the chair itself is made from weatherproof Textilene, making it perfect to keep outdoors. It also comes with multiple thick-padded cushions so it’s very comfortable to sit in.

If you don’t mind the fact that it only seats one, then this would be a great choice of swing seat and would certainly provide your garden with a unique look.


  • Looks great
  • Is very easy to assemble
  • Is extremely comfortable


  • Can only seat one person
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Things to Consider When Buying a Garden Swing Seat

Swing seats generally aren’t the cheapest thing to buy so it’s important to know what things you need to consider when buying one so you can make an informed decision.

Below are some of the key things you should consider when buying a garden swing seat:

  • Size – The size of a swing seat is an important thing to consider for a few reasons. Of course, you want to know you’ll have enough space for it in your garden, but you also need to think about how difficult it would be to move when you need to put it away during the winter. Size is also important because of how it will affect the overall look of your garden.
  • Materials – The materials used on a swing seat is another important thing to consider. Swing seat frames are generally made from either wood or metal. This is important to consider since both can have their own issues. As well as the main material used, you also need to consider the type of canvas that covers the frame.
  • Comfort – Comfortability is, of course, a big consideration when buying a swing seat. When you’re buying online, you obviously won’t be able to test it yourself, but you can get a good idea of how comfortable a seat would be by looking at pictures and the materials used.
  • Price – Price will always be something you need to consider when purchasing a swing seat. The price of swing seats can vary quite a lot depending on their size, the materials used and the brand. You might not want to break the bank for a swing seat, but you also don’t want to scrimp every penny and end up with a low-quality product that’s going to break after a few uses.

Choosing the Right Spot for a Garden Swing Seat

A good thing to do before you purchase a garden swing seat is to think about where you’re going to put it. If you have a smaller garden, then you might not have a huge amount of choice. If your garden is on the larger side though, you’ll want to think about where the best spot is.

If you have a patio for example, then you might prefer to place it there rather than directly on your lawn. A conservatory can be another great place to put a swing seat.

A big advantage of having your swing seat in a conservatory is that you don’t need to worry about leaving it out when the weather’s bad. This is a big headache of keeping a swing seat outdoors, especially during the winter, so it’s certainly worth considering this if you have the option to do it.

How To Look After Your Swing Seat In The Winter Months

Although swing seats are generally low maintenance and quite easy to assemble, you do have to take certain steps to ensure they stay at their best. One such step is to make sure you look after your swing seat properly in the winter.

Winter weather such as rain, sleet and frost can easily damage swing seats, particularly those made of wood. With this in mind – Below are some of the best ways to look after your swing seat during the winter –

Put it away

The ideal way to look after your swing seat in the winter would be to store it away in a garage or shed. This would ensure that it’s fully protected from the elements and prevents things like wood rot and rust.

Of course, not everyone has somewhere that’s big enough to store a swing seat, but luckily there are other ways to provide protection…

Move it to a different part of the garden

If you don’t have adequate space to store your swing seat, then another good way to protect it is by moving it to a different part of the garden. The ideal place to move it would be somewhere that provides at least partial protection from the elements.

One thing that’s certainly worth doing is to move it off your lawn and onto hard ground. This will prevent the moisture from the grass from seeping into the wooden feet and causing it to rot.

You also don’t want to allow water to collect on any part of the swing seat, including the canopy. If there’s a heavy downpour then it’s always worth going out to see if any rain has collected on it and remove it if so.  

Treat it

Anything made from wood is going to require treating every now and then in order to preserve it. This is especially true when the wood is exposed to harsh weather conditions like frost and rain.

Although a lot of wooden swing seats will come pre-treated with a preservative, you’ll still need to re-apply it yourself if you want it to last. The best time to treat the wood on your swing set would be before you store it away from winter. It’s highly recommended that you clean it first to remove any dirt or stains.

Use furniture covers

Another way you can protect your swing seat in the winter is by using furniture covers. Furniture covers will help to protect it from the harsh winter weather and prevent any damage that might occur as a result.

In fact, it’s a good idea to use furniture covers for a swing seat even if you can store it in a garage or shed. Covering your seat will help to prevent a build-up of dust over the months it’s not in use and means you need to spend less time cleaning it when you start using it again in the spring/summer.

Clean it thoroughly before storing

One of the biggest things that people neglect when it comes to looking after their garden furniture is to clean it before storing it for the winter. It’s an easy thing to overlook since it can seem pointless to clean something you’re not going to use for a good long while. However, by neglecting to do this, mould and mildew can easily build up over the months and mean you’ll need to restore it or even possibly need to buy new furniture.

When it comes to cleaning a wooden swing seat, you should take the time to clean it thoroughly and avoid the temptation to use a pressure washer. Although it might remove any stains, you also risk stripping away and damage the wood. Instead you should use a sponge and warm, soapy water – carefully being sure to remove any dirt or stains.

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