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The UK’s Best Small Garden Sheds for Outdoor Storage

small storage shed in a tiny English garden
Written by Dean Wilson

Garden storage comes in many shapes and sizes these days. And no longer is it restricted to being the preserve of the allotment or weekend gardener either. Bicycles, general sports equipment, cushions for patio chairs, paint pots, pet food, wheelie bins, even a freezer… these are all items the great general public like to store outdoors in their back garden.

But what do they use for storage? Depending on how much storage is needed, or the height and bulk of the items to be packed away until required again, there are various suitable options on the market right now.

And if you’ve got a small garden, then you’ll be delighted to hear there are slim wooden sentry box style storage sheds, chest-style boxes and plastic sheds which can even fit on a balcony. So, your choice is definitely not limited.

In this guide, we’ve looked at a range of sheds specifically for small gardens. In doing so, we’ve considered size, robustness, storage capacity and wind/water resilience. Essentially though, buying garden storage for a small garden really comes down to how much space you have and how much you want to spend on it.

Our #1 Top Pick
Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, Grey, 4 x 3 ft
1,800 Litres
Value Pick
Keter Store-It Out Midi Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, Beige and Brown, 130 x 74 x 110 cm
845 Litres
Also Consider...
CHRISTOW Small Garden Shed, Tall Slim Wooden Outdoor Storage Shed, Compact Utility Sentry Unit,...

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To help you make your mind up we have compared plastic and wooden sheds, upright and chest storage models. Slim sheds – especially the attractive sentry box options – look great on patios and decking areas where they are in full view. Some of the chest-style options look bulkier but can be hidden out of sight under bushes.

But enough generalisation. Let’s take a look at the best small shed storage options for space-sensitive gardens right here:

Best Pick: Keter Outdoor Plastic Storage Shed

An attractive, durable, plastic storage hut for small gardens or even a balcony

Our top storage shed just has to be the Keter Outdoor Plastic Storage Shed. Small, but perfectly formed and with double walls for durability and weather resistance, this compact storage unit is ideal for small British gardens. There is a sturdy floor too, which helps keep dirt out and prevents dampness.

With an 1,800 litre capacity, this is a good size for storing garden tools, a barbecue, spare planters etc. It’s too small for an adult bike though (unless it’s laid upright) or patio furniture. Shelves can be added for additional storage space. Measuring 94 x 128 x 196 cm (L x W x H) externally and 88 x 111 x 193 cm internally, this shed is narrow enough to be adapted for a balcony.

There are disagreements over how easy is it to assemble this shed; some individuals can build it in less than two hours, others need four hours and insist it needs two people to fit the roof. There is consensus, however, over the issue of the need for an electrical screwdriver or drill.

The fact it’s made of plastic (with a timber effect appearance) means the Keter Storage Shed needs merely a wipe every now and again to keep it clean. Despite being constantly outdoors it won’t fade in daylight. Those worried about security will be heartened to hear that the single door, with its metal frame, has a hasp for a padlock.


  • Ventilation ducts allow air to circulate ensuring it’s not too hot in summer and dampness doesn’t build up when wet
  • Skylight allows in natural light
  • 100 per cent waterproof


  • Flat-packed so you’d have to assemble it – although this isn’t too difficult, despite a lack of pre-drilled holes. Assembly takes on average two to three hours with one person
  • No tapping for assembly holes where screws should be inserted
  • The door is displayed as three ft high on the box and advert but is actually four ft.
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Value Pick: Keter Store-It-Out

A neat, handy and easily-accessible storage unit for all gardens

Our economy (Best Value) option is the Keter Store-It-Out shed. This proves a very smart storage ‘box’ for those looking for somewhere handy and unobtrusive to store their garden tools, barbecue, lawnmower, patio cushions or even a chest freezer. With capacity for two 120 litre wheelie bins, it is also an idea place to store recycling bins. Some people have bought it specifically for the postman to deliver parcels from Amazon etc. in.

Made from highly durable and waterproof plastic with the appearance of timber, the Keter Store-It-Out is waterproof, ventilated and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance – just a wipe down every now and again. The box is also fade-proof so won’t lose its appearance over time, despite being outdoors. The contents are reached via either the lid or the two opening doors at the front of the box. There is also a padlock hasp for those concerned about security.

A big advantage of this storage unit is its size. Measuring just 130 x 74 x 21 cm (L x W x H) its compact nature allows the Keter Store-It-Out to be neatly stored under bushes and windowsills and to fit neatly into corners. Heavy-duty flooring means it can be located on grass without fear of dampness destroying the contents – which is handy if you plan on keeping pet supplies or other foodstuffs inside.


  • Easy-assembly and doesn’t require a lot of ongoing maintenance
  • Guttering at back to get rid of any rainwater
  • Good value for money


  • Lightweight so may need to be weighed down if empty in heavy winds
  • The lid has no holding hinge so has to be physically held up if accessing from the top of the box
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Christow Slimline Garden Shed

A handy wooden storage shed which is slim – and attractive enough – to place on a patio or decking area  

This Christow Slimline Shed, made from hardwearing Chinese fir wood, has been designed with a traditional tongue-and-groove fitting and comes already painted in a tasteful and contemporary green pastel shade. Measuring 179.5cm x 77.5cm x 54.2cm (H x W x D) it doesn’t demand a lot of space in your garden. Despite this, the shed can store an impressive number of useful gardening tools, compost, birdseed and a range of patio or outdoor sun items if so desired. These can be placed upright, if tall, or packed away in one of the three internal shelves.

The door to this Christow Slimline Shed has a latch to prevent it blowing open in strong winds, while the sloping roof has a waterproof asphalt felt covering in order to prevent rainwater getting through into the interior. The door can also be padlocked secure (you’d have to buy the padlock separately).

This shed is easy to assemble using a crosshead screwdriver and really doesn’t take up a lot of space regardless of where it sits – either on grass, concrete paving or wooden decking.


  • Attractive to look at and will ‘add’ to the appearance of a garden
  • Has a small roof hatch for additional storage


  • Have to remove roof shelving in order to store long-handled garden implements such as a rake, broom or parasol
  • Lightweight so may have to be ‘weighed down’ in high winds
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Coopers Storage Shed

A slim-line storage shed perfect for garden equipment and various smaller, light items

Coopers Storage Shed is an attractive and extremely handy storage shed for small garden items such as fertiliser, bug spray, plant pots etc. It’s also an excellent size for storing tins of paint, car washing equipment, kids sports gear etc. The upright design of this storage shed means it doesn’t ‘crowd out’ small gardens or space-compromised areas. In the style of a guardsman’s sentry box, inside it has three internal shelves for small items. A roof loft provides additional storage.

The felted sloping roof of this shed allows rainwater to slide off while the wood itself can be treated and painted to withstand unpredictable British winds and storms.

For those wondering about size, the Coopers Storage Shed is slightly smaller than the Christow shed. The former measures 179cm x65cm x46cm (H x W x D). It can easily be assembled at home in under one hour by just one individual.

For security reasons, it’s also possible to fit a padlock to this shed (and which must be purchased separately since it’s not supplied).


  • Nice ornamental feature for a small garden, patio or decking
  • Choose to paint it whatever colour you like to match with the setting


  • Wood could do with a treatment to make it more weatherproof and last longer
  • The shed may need to be weighted or strapped down in very windy weather to prevent it from blowing over
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Easipet Tool Storage Shed

Handy attractive waterproof storage shed with louvre doors for small garden or patio area

Measuring 950mm x 870mm x 565mm (H x W x D) the Easipet Tool Storage Shed doesn’t demand a lot of space but is perfect for all your garden tools, wellies and kids’ toys.

Produced from treated Chinese fir wood it has solid panels at the side, back and lid while the front two doors have an interesting and eye-catching louvred design. The latter doesn’t just look good but also has the important purpose of aiding ventilation. A shelf inside this waterproof shed maximises storage potential for smaller items such as plant pots, watering cans etc.

The louvre doors have magnetic catches, which allows for easy opening and closing – important for the elderly who may have arthritis, or for young children looking to get toys.


  • Feet can be adjusted to ensure the shed is level
  • Has a raised floor to prevent dampness, insects and rodents from entering
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Works well inside or out


  • Shelf isn’t adjustable so height is limited inside
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How to Maximise Your Garden Storage Options

Find out just how functional storage boxes are

Whether it happens to be a bench box that opens to reveal soft cushions to sit on or straw hats, towels and other sun-bathing paraphernalia, storage boxes are a great way of ensuring your small garden or patio areas remains tidy and welcoming for both the family and visitors. If it’s small enough your storage box may even fit neatly under a wall shelf in your decking area or a bush in the wider garden.

Go tall with a slimline shed

Sentry box-style sheds aren’t just a great idea for guardsmen. As we’ve mentioned above, they’re also perfect for a small garden, being narrow and tall, rather than wide and chunky. The height doesn’t detract too much from available garden space and, because it draws the eye upwards, actually adds to the illusion of the garden having more space. This type of shed will usually have plenty of shelving to make the most of all that height.

What’s wrong with wall space?

A metal grid with hooks displayed at different levels, or an old trellis (also with hooks) – both are a fantastic way of storing garden, DIY and car tools by hanging them up. Simply work out some sort of order and just start arranging. This way the tools are no longer lying around making your garage or current shed look messy; you’ve cleverly utilised some dead garage (or shed) space. 

Set up shelves to add interest

Kill two birds with one stone as it were by putting up shelves and filling them with your most attractive and colourful items so that it becomes a display. This could be brightly coloured plant pots or watering can sitting on ladder shelving, for instance.

Fix up your old furniture

Recycling (and upcycling) the likes of an old chest of drawers is a clever way of gaining storage for a small garden. And if you don’t have any of your own then go and buy some at a nearly-new show or garage sale. You might be pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive they can be. Once you get it home you can get started on varnishing or painting it with an oil-based solution. Incidentally, always opt for quality timber rather than MDF as the latter will fall apart when it rains.

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