The UK’s Best Rigger Boots To Keep Your Feet Protected

worman on site in rigger boots
Written by April Foot

Rigger boots are protective, waterproof boots, popular with construction, agriculture and oil rig workers – and they can make for great gardening footwear.

These sturdy boots are usually tan in colour and often include a fur lining. They have a slip-on style, which makes them easy to pull on and off.  Most rigger boots also have a steel toe cap and midsole, for added foot protection.

As well as being practical, rigger boots are considered by many to be a stylish footwear option. Some boots may even be more fashion than safety-focused, so make sure to check this before you purchase – all of the options featured here include built-in foot protection.

To help you choose the best rigger boots for you, we’ve selected our top 5 rigger boots currently on the market. We’ve based this on their design, durability, safety features, and value for money.

Our #1 Top Pick
Dickies Workwear Slip On Rigger Boots - Texan Size7 UKBrown
Steel Toe Capped
Price not available
Value Pick
Blackrock SF01B Fur Lined Safety Rigger Boot (Black) S1-P SRC,9 UK (43 EU)
Steel Toe Capped
Also Consider...
Tuffking 9050 S1P Mens Tan Fur Lined Steel Toe Cap Rigger Safety Boots Work Boot (9 UK)
Steel Toe Capped

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These are the boots we believe are perfectly designed to keep your feet warm, dry and protected.

Best Pick: Dickies Texan Slip-On Rigger Boots

Our best rigger boots are stylish, comfortable and offer great protection

Cost: Price not available

These Dickies Texan Slip-On Rigger Boots are our number one choice for rigger boots. They’re made from durable, abrasion-resistant waterproof leather, and feature a stylish, cowboy boot-look. They can be slipped on easily, using the strong side loops.

As well as looking great, these boots are also highly practical and packed with safety features. A steel toe cap will protect your feet from falling objects, whilst a steel midsole will prevent objects from puncturing your feet from below.

And that’s not all – there’s also a built-in heel guard, and a Goodyear welt constructed, slip-resistant and shock-absorbent rubber sole. This should keep you from falling over, and make it more comfortable for you to be on your feet all day.

For even more comfort, the boots have a waterproof lining, to keep your feet dry. As with most work boots, these are designed to leave enough space for the wearer to wear thick socks, so you needn’t worry about going a size up to allow for this extra warmth and protection.

You can use the side pocket to store essentials, such as keys, whilst you’re working – these boots are designed to withstand the toughest of conditions, so you can rest assured that your possessions, like your feet, are in the safest of places.

Although these aren’t the cheapest rigger boots on our list, considering their high-quality leather construction, great fit, and multiple safety features, we think they represent excellent value for money and are by far the best option available at this price point.


  • Stylish cowboy boot-look.
  • Made from durable, waterproof leather.
  • Steel toe cap and midsole for comprehensive foot protection.
  • Slip-resistant and shock-absorbent Nitrile sole.
  • Warm and comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to slip on and off.
  • Certified to EN20345 standard.


  • Not the most affordable option.
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Value Pick: Blackrock Fur Lined Safety Boots

These warm, safe and sturdy rigger boots represent incredible value

Cost: £25.46

These Fur Lined Safety Boots from Blackrock also feature a water-resistant leather upper, which is triple stitched, for added durability. As the name suggests, these boots are fur-lined, making them super warm and comfortable to wear. They’re easy to pull on, using the sturdy side tabs.

They showcase a good level of built-in foot protection – a steel toe cap protects your toes, and a reinforced midsole prevents penetration from objects on the ground. An energy-absorbing kick plate heel offers heel protection and reduces foot fatigue, as well as enabling you to easily remove the boots using your feet – perfect for when your boots are caked in mud.

The thick, double-density PU sole is anti-static, abrasion-resistant and shock-absorbent, making the boots appropriate to wear in a wide variety of conditions and working environments. It’s worth noting that some users have reported a problem with the sole coming away from the upper over time, compromising the integrity and water-resistance of the boot.

Being certified to the recognised EN20345: 2011 S1-P SRC safety standard, these boots offer top-level foot protection, as well as the highest possible slip-resistance, even on oily ground, thanks to the ladder grip on the sole. The boots are wide-fitting, so bear this in mind when selecting your size.

These might not have quite the quality or style of the Dickies boots, but they’re still aesthetically-pleasing, and at the end of the day, it’s not about looks – these boots offer you warmth, comfort and excellent all-round protection, for an extremely reasonable price. If you’re looking for the best rigger boots on a budget, these are the ones we recommend.


  • Durable, water-resistant leather upper.
  • Fur-lined for added warmth and comfort.
  • Built-in steel toe cap and protective midsole.
  • Kick plate heel makes them easy to remove.
  • Anti-static, shock-absorbent PU sole.
  • Certified to EN20345 standard.


  • Sole prone to coming away from the upper.
  • Water-resistant, but not fully waterproof.
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Tuffking Steel Toe Cap Boots

These durable leather rigger boots are an excellent choice – as long as you get the right size

Cost: £27.65

Next up on our list of the best rigger boots are these Tuffking Steel Toe Cap Boots. They’re a similar price and style to the Blackrock boots, and are also made from leather, but this time in a tan colour.

These ones again have a steel toe cap, and a steel midsole, to reduce the chances of the sole being penetrated. A synthetic fur lining ensures that the boots are warm and comfortable, as well as offering great foot protection.

The dual-density PU sole on these boots is anti-static and designed to resist oil, solvents and acids. As with the other boots we’ve featured, they’re suitable for use in a variety of environments, including construction and agriculture.

They feel well-made, and on the whole, users report them being comfortable – however, a few people have found that the front lip of the boots caused discomfort, bruising or chaffing to their shins. This issue doesn’t seem common, but we would recommend wearing long, thick socks to help prevent it.

The sizing is also a little large on these, so it’s possible you might want to order a size down or be prepared to wear an insole in your usual size. Other than that though, these are another excellent example of affordable rigger boots and will keep your feet warm, dry and protected whilst working outside.


  • Upper made from durable tan leather.
  • Steel toe cap and midsole for protection.
  • Synthetic fur lining provides added warmth.
  • Anti-static and oil-resistant PU sole.


  • Sizing comes up a little large.
  • Design on the front of the boot may cause discomfort on shins – it is advised to wear long, thick socks to prevent this.
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Dickies Super Safety Rigger Boots

These slim-fitting rigger boots are warm and comfortable – perfect for winter

Cost: No products found.

These Super Safety Rigger Boots are the second boots from Dickies that have made it into our top 5. As with their Texan boots, these are made from leather and are water-resistant. The design on these is simpler – the boot is finished in a light tan colour, and the only real detailing is the pull-on loops on the sides.

They are, however, just as sturdy and safe as the Texans. There’s a built-in steel toe cap to protect your toes from heavy objects, and this is rated to EN220345 safety standards.

As well as this, a steel midsole offers underfoot protection, and an oil and slip-resistant outer sole further helps prevent injury on slippery and uneven surfaces. Unlike some of the other boots here, there’s no steel or reinforced heel, to help you with removing the boots.

To keep your feet warm, as well as dry, there’s an internal faux fur lining, which makes them ideal for use in winter, and in cold, wet conditions. The sizing on these is pretty accurate, although they are quite a slim boot, so they may not be suitable for those with wider feet and calves.

These simple, slim-fitting boots are considerably cheaper than the Texan boots, so they could be a great option if you want the Dickies brand name and a high level of protection, but for a more affordable price.


  • Made from thick, waterproof leather.
  • Pull-on loops for easy on and off.
  • Steel toe cap and steel midsole for foot protection.
  • Non-slip and oil-resistant sole.
  • Certified to EN220345 safety standard.


  • Slim boots – may not be suitable for those with wider feet or calves.
  • Lack of reinforced heel also makes them harder to remove.
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Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Work Boots

An industrial, ankle-length work boot, from a reputable brand

Cost: No products found.

Last, but not least, on our list of the best rigger boots, are these Caterpillar Men’s Pelton Work Boots. These are by far the priciest option, but for certain users and situations, we think they might be worth it.

The main reason for this is that these sturdy boots are tested to withstand heat up to 300°C, making them ideal for industrial environments that deal with high temperatures. They also have a 2 cm heel, which offers protection against penetration from objects on the ground, and a steel toe cap, for further foot protection.

They are made from leather, with a synthetic sole. Some users have reported that the leather scuffs easily or wears away with use, which is a little concerning, especially given the higher price point, and might make them unsuitable for workers who spend a lot of time kneeling down.

As they’re an ankle boot, they don’t offer any protection to the lower leg, unlike the other boots on our list. This does, however, make them easier to get on and off than longer boots, using the tabs on the sides. Sizing comes up slightly large, so you may need to wear an insole or thick socks.

Overall, these are another great example of rigger boots, and if you’re specifically looking for ones which can resist high temperatures, or favour the ankle length, they might be perfect for you. Otherwise though, you’re probably better off with one of the more affordable options here, which are just as good at protecting your feet, and might even last longer.


  • Made from leather.
  • Can withstand high temperatures, up to 300°C.
  • Ideally suited to industrial work.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Easy to pull on and off.


  • No lower leg protection.
  • Leather is prone to scuffing.
  • Most expensive boots on our list.
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What Are Rigger Boots?

Rigger boots are protective footwear often worn by agricultural and construction workers. They were originally designed for use on offshore oil rigs, which is where they get their name, but are now considered by some to be a style statement.

These boots fall somewhere between a welly and a lace-up work boot – they are usually waterproof, reach the lower calf, and feature a slip-on style, with tabs to help get them on. They generally have steel toe caps and are often tan in colour.

Are Rigger Boots Banned On Building Sites?

Some companies believe that rigger boots pose an increased risk of injury compared to other safety boots. This is because there is often no ankle support to protect the wearer from sprains or breaks. Rigger boots can also sometimes have thinner soles than other work boots, leading to more incidents of foot injuries from objects penetrating the sole.

All the rigger boots here have steel toe caps and midsoles, and most meet EN20345 safety standards. It is usually rigger boots which are not CE certified that pose a safety concern. For this reason, some building sites have been known to ban the wearing of rigger boots that do not comply with PPE regulations, in favour of boots that meet higher standards.

Although there is no overriding rule banning rigger boots on building sites, it is recommended to check with the construction site on their individual policy. They may require you to wear boots with particular protective features, such as ankle supports. Make sure to follow the rules, and replace your work boots regularly, to ensure they’re in the best condition.

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