The UK’s Best Rattan Planters For Stylish Garden Growing

3 rattan planters sat on a garden lawn
Written by Sophie Lorford

Unearthing the complexities of using rattan in the garden, so you don’t have to!

While spending more time than ever before at home this year, many of us have turned to a spot of outdoor gardening and horticulture to keep us sane!

Growing your own garden has a range of benefits: from family bonding time to increasing our fitness and mental wellbeing. But how can you create a garden that doesn’t just make you feel great, but looks modern and stylish? We think we’ve got the answer: rattan planters.

Rattan is the ideal material for planters because it’s largely weather-resistant, very easy to clean and brings a modern feel to gardens.

Rattan planters are a durable, simple and flexible tool to accompany your garden growth plans. Perfect for small balconies and large gardens alike, these planters come in a range of sizes and styles, and can be easily picked up and moved – perfect for rotating your plants based on the outdoor temperature and seasons. 

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Choosing the right planter for your garden can feel like a real headache! Below, we’ll take a look at the UK’s best rattan planters for stylish garden growing, looking at the pros and cons of each including drainage, dimensions and weight, and ease of use.

Best Pick: CURVER Large Rattan Planter

A large and durable option that packs a punch for the price.

Cost: No products found.

As our top pick, the CURVER large rattan planter is an elegant and unique solution to your planting requirements. With its range of colour and size options, this large, curved design comes in with 7L, 18L and 39L options, all at very cost-effective prices.

While only available in brown, this planter fits in seamlessly with all kinds of garden furniture and outdoor decor styles. Using a high-quality and strong structure, this planter is one with built-in drainage holes for regular irrigation and to protect your plants, with its hand-woven wicker style.

With many customers saying they were surprised at the size, this planter has been used for everything from small trees to tall plants, and used everywhere from balconies to garden steps!


  • Easy to move at 3.15kgs
  • Very durable and weather-resistant
  • Can hold large pots within them
  • Suitable for plants and small trees alike
  • Built-in drainage holes to regulate moisture levels.


  • We struggled to find any cons: this rattan planter is our top pick!
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Value Pick: Prosper Plast Low Flowerpot

A large and stylish option for gardening bargain hunters.

Cost: No products found.

A large rattan-style planter that comes square in shape, the Prosper Plast Low Flowerpot makes a lovely and cost-effective addition to any garden. 

Coming in a range of dimensions from 17 x 17 x 17cm to 32 x 32 x 32.5cm, its size and shape means it can be used in a range of areas throughout the garden – even in snug corners! Because it doesn’t come with drainage holes in the outer planter or inner pot (more on that later!) it can also be used safely indoors in conservatories and well, wherever you want!

For gardeners who frequently make updates to their garden layout, the good news is that this rattan planter has a handy inner pot to help. So, instead of dragging the entire plant, pot and planter around, you can simply remove the inner pot and place it somewhere else, or repot your plants with ease. In more good news, the plant liner has handles and a sliding mechanism to facilitate movement, making it a flexible and portable addition to any garden.

While advertised as a two-piece set, it’s easy to think that you’re getting two planters for the price of one, but this isn’t the case – the two-piece refers to an inner pot (or the plant liner) and the rattan planter, rather than two planters.

One of the main issues of this particular planter for avid gardeners is that there aren’t any built-in drainage holes. While this is easily fixed with a drill, it’s not ideal for a piece of equipment that’s supposed to facilitate the growing of flowers and plants, or for those who may struggle with mobility.

The other major drawback that many customers have mentioned is that, if you order more than one pot and they’re shipped together, it can be really difficult to take them apart – with some customers mentioning using a hammer or a mallet and it taking up to an hour to separate two pots from each other!


  • Comes with an inner box for planting
  • Very sturdy and weather-resistant planter
  • A large planter that can hold trees 
  • Stylish and chic in look, can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors.


  • Multiple pots can be tricky to pull apart 
  • No built-in drainage holes in the bottom
  • Some miscommunication in the communications: two-piece refers to inner pot and outer planter, rather than two planters!
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Casaria Poly Rattan Planter

Three pot planters with a modern feel; doubling as a partition wall.

Cost: No products found.

Made with handwoven poly rattan wickerwork, this beautiful rattan planter doubles as a gorgeous garden centrepiece. With a back wall of trellis and three individual planters, this planter works just as well as a partition wall as it does as a multi-purpose planter for indoor and outdoor use alike.

As one of the largest and heavier planters on our list at 9kg, the whole thing comes in at dimensions of 146 x 83 x 30.5cm, with the three inner flower boxes measuring 25 x 25 x 20cm each. Using poly rattan which is known as an especially sturdy synthetic fibre, this planter has been built with gardens and outdoor use in mind, using the same material as many of the outdoor furniture pieces that we see. It’s also particularly durable with weatherproof and UV-proof properties – meaning it will last outdoors for the long-haul – and a frame built from galvanised steel.

With its sleek design and built-in water drainage holes, the Casaria planter comes in a range of colours to match your style: black, brown and cream. Customers say that it’s very easy to put together, and the removable inner pots make it really easy to plant and rotate your plants.

On a final note, while the trellis does (in theory) facilitate climbers, avid gardeners suggest that the individual planter pots are too small for successful climber planting and growth.


  • Easy assembly process
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • A range of modern colour options: black, brown and cream
  • Made with durable poly rattan and galvanised steel frame.


  • The planter inserts might be too small for climbers, or larger plant growth
  • Some customers experienced receiving broken trellis, which is disappointing for a rattan planter at this price point.
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Simpa 27L Square Rattan Pot

A square rattan pot with a stylish, chic and minimalist feel.

Cost: No products found.

This lightweight what-you-see-is-what-you-get planter is an ideal option for modern family homes and gardens. At 51cm in height, the planter is designed for indoor and outdoor use alike, coming in seven matte colour options: black, brown, white, cream, grey, moss green or red.

These planters can be bought individually or as a set of two or four, and they look great on patios, terraces and balconies as well as in gardens. As a set of two, they can be used on either side of your front doors, back gates or conservatory doors!

However, one of the main drawbacks of this particular model is that lack of inner pots and the absence of in-built drainage holes. As they were created with indoor and outdoor use in mind, the lack of drainage holes makes ‘sense’ (for indoor use only) but is very inconvenient – customers will have to drill their own holes if they intend to use these outdoors.

Without inner pots, the planters will need to be filled to the top with your choice of soil or sand, but customers have been crafty with this, using stones at the top of the rattan pot (for topiary displays) to create a fresh look.


  • They look stylish; giving an expensive feel to a good-value planter
  • Multibuy discounts available for sets of two or four
  • They come in a range of modern colours
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use alike.


  • They don’t come with inner pots, making planting a little more difficult
  • Without inner pots, the entire planter can be tricky to move and very heavy once planted and filled with soil, sand or stones!
  • Lack of drainage holes may cause a problem for gardeners.
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Deuba Poly Rattan Plant Pot

A large and stylish multipurpose addition to your garden.

Cost: No products found.

This three-piece rattan plant pot from DUEBA works as well in the outdoors as it does in the indoors. Made from hand-woven poly rattan wickerwork, this planter will quickly become the centrepiece of your garden or balcony.

Using a strong, durable and dirt-repellant material, this planter has everything you’d expect as a gardening pro: stylish look, suitable materials, removable inner pots and easy-access drainage (or temporary water runoff).

The ideal match for garden furniture, the DUEBA piece comes in black, brown or cream colour options, creating a fresh and modern feel. The plain styling also helps to centre the focus on your plants, rather than the planter itself. The rattan/wicker look also makes it easy to pair with other complementary pieces, such as smaller or rectangular rattan planters.

With three removable inner pots and an alloy steel framework, the whole piece comes in at a dimension of 80 x 30.5 x 60cm, with the inner pots at 25 x 25 x 20cm. This makes it suitable for a wide range of plants, with many customers choosing to grow summer fruits such as strawberries in their planter!

The only key drawback we could find was that although heavy and sturdy when filled but, because this piece is quite tall, it may sway in strong winds.


  • Has a very modern, stylish and expensive-looking feel
  • Made of sturdy and durable poly rattan – perfect for outdoor use
  • Comes with a reclosable water run-off in each pot, or leave it open for permanent drainage
  • Ideal for gardens, balconies or for matching with outdoor furniture. 
  • You only need to fill the inserts with soil or sand!


  • Prone to swaying in strong winds or harsh weather conditions
  • Some customers have reported the corners of the product arriving chipped or broken.
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CrazyGadget Tall Rectangular Rattan Planter

A tall, elegant and sturdy rectangular rattan trough-style planter.

Cost: No products found.

As the only planter on this list to come with ‘with legs’ and ‘without legs’ options(!), the CrazyGadget Tall Rectangular Rattan Planter is a large trough-style planter with a price to suit any budget. Dimensions come in at 43 x 59 x 24 cm for the leggy version, and slightly shorter to 23 x 59 x 24cm if you choose not to use the legs.

With a premium look and customisation options, this lightweight (before filling) option gives you a lot of flexibility with your planting. It comes as a large trough, but the inner three sections aren’t entirely separated which gives you the choice of planting several different plants or one large soil bed.

When filled, the planter is very sturdy and has been known to facilitate the growing of vegetables and herbs. Interestingly, more than one customer has mentioned using it as a pond – but it’s not recommended for this use, and is purpose-built as a planter! Also important to note that it doesn’t come with inner pots, just supporting beams on top to ‘separate’ the sections.

Unfortunately, the CrazyGadget is one of those pesky planters that doesn’t incorporate drainage holes, instead suggesting that customers drill them themselves. However, it makes up for this with its weatherproof and UV-resistant properties and should last for the long-term. Choose from its black, brown, beige or grey options to suit your outdoor decor.


  • Technically speaking, can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Stylish and flexible, with the design giving you plenty of options
  • Weatherproof and UV-resistant
  • Flexible and easy to assemble, with leg and no-leg options available at assembly – and you can change your mind!


  • No inner pots – which makes it tricky to plant smaller plants
  • Very difficult and heavy to move once filled
  • Again, another pot with no drainage holes. Will need drilling in manually to the bottom of the planter if needed!
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What are the benefits of using a rattan planter?

The rattan planters in this guide all give a modern and fresh feel to your garden, patio or balcony. With a range of colour and size options, choosing rattan as a material for your planters generally means strength, durability and weather-proof treatments to keep the colours looking their best.

rattan armchair
Rattan is the perfect material for a stylish planter, both indoors and outdoors.

While generally reinforced with stronger materials for the frames – such as galvanised steel – rattan planters give you the option and flexibility to grow a range of plants such as vegetables, plants and trees, while doubling up as centre-pieces to hold topiary or other decorative garden features.

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