The UK’s Best Rattan Furniture Sets For Outdoor Seating

rattan furniture on garden decking
Written by April Foot

Rattan furniture for your garden is practical, stylish and right on-trend.

Modern rattan garden furniture is usually made from a synthetic PE rattan, rather than ‘real’ rattan, which is made from natural woven palms. What this PE version lacks in traditional charm, it more than makes up for in durability and practicality.

This type of garden furniture is affordable, requires minimal maintenance, and can often be left outside year-round, so you don’t have to worry about storing it over winter. Rattan offers a timeless look, that can be easily updated with outdoor cushions and accessories.

If you’re looking to add some new seating to your garden, take a look at our pick of 5 of the best rattan furniture sets on the market.

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We’ve based our selection on their durability, style, amount of seating on offer, and of course, value for money.

Best Pick: Abreo Garden Furniture Set

Our favourite rattan furniture set comes with multiple chairs, a coffee table and cushions, and is excellent value

Cost: £399.99

Topping our list of the best rattan furniture sets is this Abreo Garden Furniture Set. This one comes in a stylish brown finish, with lighter coloured cushions, although other colours are also available.

This comprehensive furniture set includes a 2-seater sofa, 2 chairs and a coffee table, as well as cushions for all seating. The cushions are dirt-resistant and showerproof, and have removable covers, so you can easily take them off for washing.

The glass on the coffee table top is a stylish high gloss black and is tempered, to alleviate safety concerns. All furniture is fully certified, and complies with UK fire safety regulations for furniture and furnishings.

As well as all this, the set also comes with a free rain cover, to protect your rattan furniture from the elements, and enable you to leave it outside over winter. The furniture does require some self-assembly, but this isn’t difficult, and shouldn’t take much more than a couple of hours.

Considering everything you get for your money, this furniture set is extremely reasonably priced, and we think it’s the best all-round option on the market at the moment.


  • Made from premium, durable PE rattan.
  • Comes with 2 chairs, 1 sofa, and 1 coffee table.
  • Also includes cushions and covers.
  • Stylish brown and cream colour, with other colours also available.
  • Weatherproof cover helps to protect your furniture from rain.
  • Glass on table top is tempered, to make it safer.
  • Complies with UK fire safety regulations for furniture and furnishings.


  • Requires some self assembly (although this is not difficult).
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Value Pick: Corfu 2 Seater Rattan Set

Our best value rattan furniture set is compact, modern and stylish, and is ideal for small gardens and balconies

Cost: Price not available

If our top pick furniture set just isn’t quite cheap enough for you, check out this Corfu 2 Seater Rattan Set by Keter, which is even more affordable.

This one comes with 2 chairs and a coffee table, so you don’t get as much seating as with the Abreo, but for a household with 2 people, this might be all you need. It’s also the perfect size for small patios and balconies.

The set comes in a stylish and modern graphite colour, with contrasting cream cushions. Seat pads are included, but there are no back cushions, so you’ll need to provide your own if you require them.

All the furniture and fixings are made from durable synthetic rattan, which is weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about leaving it out in the rain. There are no metallic frames, bolts or screws that could be vulnerable to rusting either.

Although it’s cheap, the quality and aesthetic is there, and it comes with a 3-year guarantee from the manufacturer on the furniture (cushions not included). Overall, we think this set represents unbelievably good value, and is the perfect choice for smaller outside spaces.


  • Made from durable, weatherproof synthetic rattan.
  • Includes 2 chairs and an accent table.
  • Stylish graphite colour, with cream cushions.
  • Perfect for small gardens, balconies and 2-person households.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around.
  • No metal parts that could be vulnerable to rust.
  • Comes with 3-year guarantee on furniture (excludes cushions).


  • Seat pads are quite thin.
  • No back cushions included.
  • Some self-assembly required, and care must be taken not to damage the furniture in the process.
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Britoniture Rattan Garden Furniture Set

This modular rattan garden furniture set can be arranged in a corner sofa, or split into separate seating units, offering you flexibility

Cost: Price not available

Our next choice is this Britoniture Rattan Garden Furniture Set. This one showcases a different style to the previous models, and consists of separate units that can be arranged into a corner sofa, or the layout of your choosing.

It comes with seat and back cushions for all the units, and these have removable covers, allowing them to be hand-washed if necessary. The cushions are showerproof, but not waterproof, so will need to be brought inside during storms.

The main seating units are made from durable PE rattan, which is weatherproof and UV-resistant, to prevent fading. There is also a coffee table, with a 5mm thick tempered glass table top, which is both stylish and practical.

This one will also require self assembly on arrival, and the instructions are not the best, so this may take some time. Another common problem experienced by online users is that the cushions tend to move around and slide off, so you might want to add some ties or Velcro to prevent this.

Ultimately, this is another well-priced and good quality synthetic rattan furniture set. The modular style offers you flexibility in the set up, and means it will be suitable for most gardens. 


  • Made from durable PE rattan.
  • Weatherproof, UV and fade-resistant.
  • Includes modular units that can be arranged as a corner sofa, and a coffee table.
  • Table top is made from 5mm tempered glass, for safety.
  • Also includes cushions, with removable covers.


  • Requires self-assembly, and the instructions are not the best.
  • Cushions prone to moving/sliding off.
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Angelis Rattan Sofa Furniture Set

This rattan sofa set offers the most seating space of any of our furniture sets – but it comes at a price

Cost: No products found.

This Angelis Rattan Sofa Set is by far the most expensive option on our list – but it also includes the most furniture.

It comes with a 3-seater sofa, 2 recliner armchairs, a rectangular coffee table, and 2 stools, which fit under the coffee table for storage. With all this on offer, this is the furniture set to choose if you have a large family, or enjoy hosting summer garden parties. 

The furniture comes in a brown finish, with beige cushions for a natural look. It’s made from synthetic rattan, which is durable, waterproof and UV-resistant, so you can leave it outside year-round, and rest assured that your new furniture set will stay looking fabulous for years to come.

As with all our other furniture sets, you will need to put this one together yourself on arrival. Assembly of most parts isn’t too difficult, but the recliner chairs can be a little tricky, thanks to the mechanism. Still, it’s got to be worth it to have the option of reclining in your outdoor chair!

Overall, this is a pricier option than the others we’ve featured, but when you consider all the seating on offer, it’s still good value. We’d recommend this large outdoor furniture set for users with lots of outdoor space, and who like entertaining.


  • Made from waterproof, UV-resistant PE rattan.
  • Our biggest furniture set – includes a 3-seater sofa, 2 armchairs, a rectangular coffee table, and 2 stools.
  • Armchairs are reclining, for comfortable lounging.
  • Table top is made from 5mm tempered safety glass.
  • Also comes with cream-coloured cushions.


  • Our priciest furniture set.
  • Can be a little difficult to assemble the recliner chairs.
  • No cover included, which you might expect for the price.
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Frankfurt & Co Rattan Cube Set

This space-saving rattan dining set can accommodate up to 8 people – and when the party’s over, everything packs away neatly into a compact cube

Cost: No products found.

Last, but by no means least, on our list of the best rattan furniture sets, is this Cube Set from Frankfurt & Co.

With a total of 9 pieces – 4 armchairs, 4 stools and a dining table – this is another set that’s capable of accommodating lots of people and is ideal for large families and groups of friends.

What’s great about this set is that everything can be stored in a compact cube, by slotting all the seating underneath the dining table. This means it takes up very little space when not in use, and is perfect for storing everything neatly over winter.

The furniture is made from a brown PE rattan, which is durable, weatherproof and UV-stabilised, so you can leave it outside year-round. The material requires minimal maintenance – simply wipe it with a wet cloth to remove dirt.

The set also comes with seat cushions in a cream colour. The cushion covers have convenient zip fastenings, allowing you to remove and wash them when required.

Ultimately, this is a cleverly-designed outdoor furniture set that saves on space, but is still able to accommodate up to 8 people when required. It’s also the only rattan furniture set on our list with a proper dining table, so if you like to dine al fresco during summer, this might be the one for you.


  • Made from durable PE rattan.
  • Weatherproof and UV-stabilised – can be left outside year-round.
  • Includes 9pcs (4 armchairs, 4 stools and a dining table), so it’s perfect for larger households.
  • Dining table means it’s also great for BBQs and outdoor dinner parties.
  • Removable cushion covers for easy washing.
  • Table top is made from tempered black safety glass.


  • Not the most affordable option (although still good value).
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Does Rattan Furniture Last Outdoors?

Most modern rattan furniture, including those sets we’ve featured here, is made from PE rattan, rather than natural wicker. PE rattan is a synthetic plastic material that is highly durable, weatherproof, and resistant to rust and UV damage.

Providing you choose high-quality PE rattan furniture (not all PE is made the same!), you should be able to leave it outside year-round, without needing to worry. If you want to be extra-certain, you can cover it with a PVC sheet, or bring it into your garage or shed over winter.

If you choose furniture made from natural woven rattan, it will not be as hardwearing as the synthetic version, and we do not recommend that you leave it outside. 

How To Clean Your Furniture

Occasionally, your rattan furniture may require cleaning, to keep it looking its best. Again, the best way to do this depends on whether you have synthetic or natural rattan. For both types, make sure you remove any outdoor cushions first.

For PE rattan, the first step is to use a brush to remove any loose dirt. Then, mix up a bucket of washing up liquid and warm water, and use a cloth or sponge to clean your furniture thoroughly with the soapy water.

Once you’ve covered it all, use a garden hose (or another bucket of clean water) to rinse the soap suds and dirt away. This type of rattan is highly durable and weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about getting it soaked.

For natural rattan, you will need to take a little more care. Mix washing up liquid into warm water, and then dip a cloth into the bubbles – not the water, as this can lead to too much moisture in the rattan. Gently wipe your rattan furniture down with the bubbly cloth. If you have stubborn dirt in crevices, use a soft-bristled toothbrush, again dipped in bubbles, to remove it.

If your natural rattan is dry or cracked, you can also revive it with boiled linseed oil. Apply this with a brush, leave for a few minutes, and then wipe it off, and allow to air dry thoroughly.

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