The UK’s Best Outdoor Bar Table & Stool Sets For Home Entertaining

black bar tables with multiple wooden stools
Written by Melissa Chatterton

Outdoor bar table and stool sets can be the perfect addition to any home.

You won’t need a large garden or outdoor patio area to take advantage of an outdoor seating area that can be used throughout the year.

Most homeowners will purchase outdoor bar table and stool sets to give them and their guests somewhere to sit outdoors during the summer months. They’re used less in the winter when the weather is colder, but many outdoor seating features can withstand the cold with a decent covering.

We’ll be looking at a few basic elements that we believe every outdoor bar set should have. We’ll be comparing their price, the materials used and the unique features of each set.

Our #1 Top Pick
vidaXL Bamboo Bar Counter Set 2 Stools + 1 Table Shelves Outdoor Pub Garden Patio
1 Bar / 2 Stools
Bar Height
Rain Cover
Value Pick
lifetech Rattan Bar Table And Stools Garden Furniture Set Glass Top Black Wicker Outdoor Patio...
1 Bar / 2 Stools
Bar Height
Rain Cover
Also Consider...
Cheeky Chicks Recycled Solid Oak Whisky Barrel Guinness Patio Table | Pub Home Bar Table
1 Bar Table
Solid Oak
Bar Height
Rain Cover

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We compare five products for you below:

Best Pick: vidaXL Bamboo Bar Counter Set

An exotic beach bar set to remind you of your last visit to a sunny beach.

Cost: £563.67

The Bamboo Bar Counter Set is made from bamboo and has a height that stands just over two metres tall. The width of the entire bar, including the overhanging roof, is just one metre, making it a nicely sized bar to have in your garden area.

Obviously, with the addition of the chairs that are included in the set, you’d be looking at leaving a little extra room. We can see this bamboo amenity sitting on a patio during the summertime, perhaps near an outdoor grill or BBQ.

Both the bar and the accompanying chairs have a simple, yet effective design. They would work well in a themed garden or for a party during the summer. There’s no doubt about what the items are, and there’s enough storage space behind the freestanding bar for spirits etc.

Bamboo is a perfect material to use for this kind of outdoor amenity. It’s naturally waterproof, so the only problem might come from heavy and constant rain affecting the screws keeping everything together.

Besides that, if you’re on the hunt for pieces for a themed or very natural-looking garden, this is definitely the best outdoor bar set for you. The addition of the roof on the bar adds so much charm, too!


  • Waterproof bamboo design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Spacious storage built into the bar.
  • Bar has its own roof.
  • Set comes with two matching chairs.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Pricey for the design and included set items.
  • No storage for the chairs, so they’ll need to be stored separately or nearby.
  • Some reviewers have had issues assembling the bar.
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Value Pick: Lifetech Rattan Bar Table & Stools

For the minimalist household, a bar set with a simple design and plenty of space.

Cost: £129.90

Our value pick goes to the Rattan Bar Table and Stool Garden Furniture set. This design comes from the brand Lifetech, and combines rattan weave, glass, and steel to create an unintrusive design for your home or garden.

The beauty of the Rattan Bar set is that it’s made with all-weather rattan wicker weave. This material can be left outside all year without any worry of damage. Still, remember to care for your garden furnishings by covering them up with a waterproof sheet during the rainy season.

Though the rattan weave won’t be affected by the water, there’s still screws and steel framing to consider. There are also seat cushions supplied with the set, and they won’t do well being left outside and uncovered for the year.

This particular set is slightly smaller than the first one on our list. The design is more compact, giving a maximum height and width of 102cm for the bar, while the chairs are both 81cm in height and 59am in width.

In our opinion, this is a great value bar set for a homeowner with a smaller garden, or for anyone looking for a bar set to add to their kitchen or an entertainment room.

It’s well-made, and a great budget option for anyone that is lacking the space for a larger outdoor bar set.

You’ll also receive both the table and two chairs of the same rattan weave design. The wonderful thing about rattan is that it’s really easy to find in summertime furnishings. You could extend this range with other black rattan weave pieces in your garden and create a great bar area.


  • Compact design.
  • Waterproof all year.
  • Includes two chairs to match the bar table.
  • Great value.


  • Basic design.
  • Not very colourful.
  • Will still need a cover, despite parts of the design being waterproof.
  • No reviews at the time of writing.
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Cheeky Chicks Recycled Whiskey Barrel Table

For the Guinness drinker in your life who wants their own place to wind down.

Cost: £99.90

This bar table is a bit gimmicky and very unique. Cheeky Chicks takes old bar barrels and repurposes them into patio or bar tables. These barrels are solid oak wood, originally used to house some of the finest whiskies found in the distilleries of Scotland.

The beauty of these barrel tables is that they’re simple designs that can be used in a number of locations. Although this post is largely about bar sets for the home, this kind of table could easily find its way into a small bar or pub as part of the existing décor.

The appearance of the Guinness Barrel tables does vary, this is because the wood of the barrel comes from natural oak, so there’s no way of telling what oak design you’ll end up with.

Size-wise, you’re looking at a height of 88am and a width of 67cm. This is the shortest table on our list so far, though not the smallest in terms of width.

It should be noted that this table is heavy and feels solid but would still be hollowed out and is made of wood. Therefore, if you’re buying this barrel table for outdoor use, you may want to invest in a waterproof cover for it.

The main “issues” we find with this product are the lack of accompanying chairs/stools and tabletop space. However, in purchasing this barrel table, you could easily make or buy wooden high stools that would suit the style of the barrel, and an inexpensive wooden tabletop to extend it.

When you consider that you will receive a true whiskey barrel for the price you pay, this patio table is fairly priced. You’ll also be helping recycle more barrels, rather than seeing them go to waste.


  • Solid, heavy barrel.
  • Real recycled whiskey barrel.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use (with proper covering).
  • Easy to accessorise with wooden stools.


  • No official affiliation with Guinness as far as we can tell.
  • Doesn’t come with chairs or stools.
  • Design varies.
  • Not much surface area for use as a table.
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Azuma Marbella Garden Furniture Set

Sleek, stylish, and a great set for a family house looking to seat more people.

Cost: £500.00

This simple garden set from Azuma has everything you need for comfortable outdoor seating. Unlike the other products we’ve listed, this set comes with four tall stools to match the height of the table.

The Marbella bar set’s stools all have armrests and footrests for maximum comfort while you’re out in the garden for long periods of time. Each stool has a cushioned seat and backrest, while the stool and table are made from a sleek, black aluminium.

Aluminium is actually a great metal to make things like garden furniture out of. It’s known for being extremely hard-wearing and strong, so it’s likely that the Marbella set can withstand a lot of abuse before it would need to be replaced.

Additionally, because the set has four seats instead of the standard two that come with bar tables, you’ll be able to host for friends, or seat the rest of the family!

The cushioning material on the seats is comfortable, but they do retain water. That said, it seems very sensible to cover up any outdoor seating that has fabric on it. Grab yourself a large sheet and it’s sorted.


  • Comfortable seating with cushioning.
  • Chairs all have footrests.
  • Simple design that could suit a range of gardens.  


  • Seat cushioning will hold water when left uncovered in the rain.
  • Plain design only available in black.
  • Quite expensive.
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VidaXL Teak Outdoor Bar Set

This wooden bar set is foldable, compact, and full of surprises!

Cost: £446.77

Created using teak hardwood and rounded off with a waterbase finish, VidaXL are back on our list with their Teak Outdoor Bar set. This set is three pieces, but it’s quite different to their Bamboo Bar set we reviewed earlier in this list.

The Teak set, when unfolded, is just over one metre in height and around one and a half metres in length. For width, you’re looking at just 53cm. However, when folded down, it takes up a fraction of that space and folds enough to be stored almost anywhere.

The chairs, of which there are two, can be folded down and stored with the table. A unique feature is the footrest that the stools have built into them. They’re unique because the footrest also folds with the rest of the design! You can practically flat pack the whole product.

The price may feel a little expensive when compared to the cheaper bar sets on this list, but looking at the design and the product itself, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this bar set.

We mentioned some surprises in the heading for this item. As well as being completely foldable and having footrests, there’s also a parasol hole cut into the table to suit the sunny days you’ll be lounging outside.

Additionally, the table has removable shelves and a bottle holder that can safely hold onto three bottles for you. We love a table with space!


  • Foldable design.
  • Stool footrest.
  • Parasol compatible.
  • Removable shelves.
  • Bottle holder.


  • Not the cheapest product to buy.
  • Stools are folded and stored separately.
  • One reviewer received the chairs and the table at different times.
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How To Make An Outdoor Bar

As the last thing we’d like to talk about in this post, we thought we’d share some tips on creating your own outdoor bar at home. We’ve decided to choose a super easy DIY technique and guide you through making a bar using a wooden pallet.

Wooden pallets are fairly easy and cheap to find, with many people offering them for free on local selling pages or for cheap on Gumtree/eBay etc.

Attach two pallets together using some screws to secure them in place. Paint your pallets and maybe add a coat of waterproofing.

Top your pallet bar with any kind of paving slabs that you fancy. Maybe you have some leftover from the last time you customised your garden? These should be fixed to the top of the pallets with some landscape adhesive. By doing this, you’re making sure they won’t fall off and hurt someone.

Finally, decorate your bar with a nice outdoor lighting feature, grab a bottle and some glasses, and break out any seating you have.

To go the extra mile, you might consider making some stools out of pallets, too. Or even extending this design to include storage for your bar.

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