The UK’s Best Netball Hoops For Garden Play

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Written by Sophie Lorford

From affordable options to regulation-sized hoops, we’ve got netball hoops covered.

Netball is one of those sports that can be enjoyed by all the family, and practising your shots is a great way to bond and blow off some steam! Netball can also be practised and played on your own, where you can try various techniques for shooting and defending.

Netball hoops differ from basketball hoops in the sense that they’re usually shorter and lighter, they don’t use a backboard and the diameter of the netball ring itself is usually a little smaller (by about three inches). So, if you’re serious about netball, it’s important to get a regulation-size hoop that’s specific to the sport.

Try and think about what works for the space you’ve got; consider whether you want to purchase a 10ft high netball post, or whether you can get started with a wall-mounted hoop. Many of the posts that we’ve found are height adjustable, portable and don’t require installing into the ground, so don’t get put off by the thought of a full-sized outdoor netball hoop!

Our #1 Top Pick
Deal Package Strong Netball Hoop INCLUDES size 5 netball and Pump Robust Hoop made in Britain,...
Hoop Diameter
Ball / Pump
Base Included
Value Pick
Mitre Netball Training Hoop Ring Set With/Without Ball
Hoop Diameter
Base Included
Also Consider...
Bee-Ball Freestanding Netball Post, Full Size Training Set, Adjustable up to 3.05 Meters with...
Hoop Diameter
Base Included

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From a flurry of options including adjustable heights, water-resistant bases and various hoop sizes, choosing the perfect hoop for outdoor practice can be difficult. But, we’ve done the hard work for you and summarised some of the best picks for affordability, ease of use, product assembly and durability below.

Best Pick: Avonstar Strong Netball Hoop

An affordable package deal that packs a real punch

Our favourite netball hoop pick is the Strong Netball Hoop from Avonstar. A robust wall-mounted hoop, the Avalon Strong is perfect for environments where installing a 10-foot stand wouldn’t be suitable.

With a hoop diameter of 15 inches, a competition-spec net and weighing in at a total of 1.5 kg, the hoop is easy to install to exterior walls; the perfect solution for homes with limited storage space. This hoop comes with wall fixings and simple instructions, making it very easy to install.

Beyond the hoop itself, this particular product also comes with a ball and a pump, making it the ultimate package for those just getting started with netball. 


  • Regulation sized hoop and netting
  • Relatively lightweight yet sturdy
  • Easy home installation
  • Saves outdoor space
  • Comes with a ball, a pump and wall fixings
  • An affordable option for beginners and juniors


  • Not height adjustable
  • Height measurements need to be calculated manually
  • Requires a drill bit to install
  • Not a portable unit, it stays where it is!
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Value Pick: Mitre Netball Training Ring Set

A good value hoop that’s perfect for netball novices

The Mitre Netball Training Ring Set is another solid option for those with a little less outdoor space. It can be purchased with or without a ball, and the Mitre balls that they use are training quality: the official size and weight required for the sport.

With a package weight of 1.2kg and a hoop diameter of just over 14 inches, this training set can be installed at any height to work for your family, although it does fall slightly short of the recommended 15 inch hoop size.

Another hoop with easy assembly, the Mitre Training Ring is a cost-effective option for those getting started with their netball practice. The no-fuss installation means that the hoop comes with the net attached and screws included, making it really simple to attach to your outer walls.

Overall, this pick is the perfect value option for juniors and those who are just getting started with their netball practice.


  • Comes with all fixtures, fittings and net already attached
  • The ball itself is training quality, shipped flat ready to inflate
  • Includes a durable ball with a soft outer shell
  • Simple installation with all fittings included


  • Slightly smaller than a regulation-sized hoop
  • Some buyers have commented that it’s not weather-resistant: with the bar and net getting rusty after 6 months
  • Not portable or height adjustable
  • Doesn’t include a pump for ball inflation
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Bee-Ball Freestanding Netball Post

A freestanding, durable, regulation-sized post that’s designed to last

The Bee-Ball Freestanding Netball Post is the first adjustable netball hoop in this list with a stand. While others in the list need tools or assembly to tweak the height of the stand, this stand uses a turn-style wheel to adjust. With a range of heights from 2.4 – 3.05 meters, this sturdy netball post can grow as your family does.

The stand and hoop meet the netball regulations for size, as well as being and durable with weather-proof coating. The Bee-Ball post’s portability and no-fill base give you the option to move the stand indoors after each practice, or to store it in the garage in the colder months. One of the best things about this netball post is that it requires no tools when it comes to adjusting the height, although there is an initial set-up process which does need tools. The entire unit comes in on the heavier side of the scale at 9.5kg.

One of the frequent pet-peeves with freestanding netball hoops is that sometimes the ball can land on the legs or base (after a successful shot!) and fly off in another direction. But with the Bee-Ball post, the legs can be adjusted to avoid the landing area directly under the hoop, without compromising on overall sturdiness.


  • A sturdy and portable option for outdoor practise and play
  • It doesn’t necessarily require the use of sand or water to weigh down
  • Tool-free height adjustment, making it perfect for junior and family practise
  • Weather-resistant, withstanding cold and wet conditions
  • Regulation size base, netting and hoop diameter


  • Although technically portable, it’s quite heavy at 9.5kg
  • At full height, it can feel a little less sturdy especially in the wind. Consider using a bag of sand to stabilise if it begins to rock
  • Requires 75kg of sand or 42 litres of water to fill the base
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Jumpstar Sports Netball Stand

An adjustable junior netball stand with a lightweight and water-resistant base

The Jumpstar Sports Netball Stand is perfect for juniors and adults alike. With 8ft, 9ft and 10ft adjustable heights available, this portable netball stand is the ideal professional size regulation hoop.

Made from durable steel, the hard-wearing hoop is 15” in diameter – perfect for practise and match play. This stand comes with a red, white and blue netball net already attached, meaning you can set up and get started in moments!

Built with outdoor use in mind, Jumpstar Sports have powder-coated their stand to make it rust-resistant and perfect for all weathers; so you can leave it outdoors in the garden or driveway all year round without worrying about rust.

The base of the stand is lightweight and small at just 33cm, meaning it won’t get in the way of those ambitious trick shots! The base can be filled with sand or water to reduce swaying, as required.


  • Regulation size height and hoop diameter
  • Weather-resistant, rust-resistant and durable
  • Easy to dismantle and store
  • Can be kept outside year-round
  • Uses a small base that doesn’t interfere with play


  • The Jumpstar hoop doesn’t come with a ball
  • It may need to be weighted with water or a sandbag for sturdiness
  • Some buyers have had trouble with the instructions supplied, with one buyer calling them ‘indecipherable’
  • Bolts need re-tightening every so often, particularly if it’s been kept outdoors
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NET1 Portable Netball System

A portable and regulation-size netball system with five adjustable heights

The NET1 Black Pole Pad Netball System is another solid choice, with two models (2012 and 2018) where the base differs. Portable and freestanding, this tall netball hoop meets official netball regulations, and comes with five adjustable height settings from 2.44m to 3.05m; the biggest range in this list.

Suitable from age 8 and above, the NET1 is ideal for juniors and adults alike. Built with in-built padding portability in mind, the base of the stand has wheels underneath, making it easy to transport.

The design of the NET1 Portable System is such that the small base sits behind the hoop, staying out of the way during practice and games. It also has the capacity for 37 litres of water, or 62kg of sand for additional sturdiness.

Whether you choose the 2012 or 2018 model,  the NET1 system is the heaviest of our picks at 10.76kg. While both models mention a simple and tool-free assembly process, there are nuts, bolts and screws involved in the initial installation. However, if DIY isn’t your thing, the 2012 version comes with an option to upgrade with expert assembly (if you purchase from Amazon).

One critical note is that users have complained about the net. It’s advertised as an ‘all-weather’ net, but there have been multiple reports of it disintegrating within weeks of setting up. However, replacement nets are available via NET1 if required, although unfortunately, the design of the hoop means that you can only source spare parts form NET1, as nets from anywhere else won’t fit properly.


  • 5 adjustable heights available
  • Suitable from the age of 8
  • The stand itself comes with black padding
  • Easy tool-free installation with video assembly instructions available on Amazon
  • Comes with the option to pay for expert assembly, if needed
  • The base sits behind the hoop, staying out of the way during game play
  • Portable despite the weight with wheels underneath the base


  • Requires a good deal of water or sand to stop it swaying
  • The quality of the net itself seems to vary, and may disintegrate in wet weather
  • The fitting of the net makes it difficult to source a replacement from anywhere other than NET1
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How High Is A Netball Hoop Meant To Be?

For adults, the regulation height for a netball hoop is 10ft or 3.05 metres. If you’re looking for a hoop that’s suitable for all the family, start with an adjustable hoop that’s 8ft or 2.44m. Regulations suggest that from the age of 10, a hoop eight of 9ft or 2.75 is appropriate.

Are Basketball & Netball Hoops The Same Size?

Regulation netball hoops range in size from 2.44m for juniors to 3.05m for players aged 12 and above. Adult basketball regulations require the hoops to be at a height of 10 metres but, if you include the height of the backboard, the total height usually ends up coming in at about 11.1 metres, adding another 3.5 feet to the size of a netball hoop.

Are Basketball Hoops Suitable for Netball Practise?

In short, no. There are a number of key differences between the two. The main one being the addition of a backboard on basketball hoops, which are not commonplace in netball. For juniors in particular, practising with a backboard can create a reliance on bouncing off the backboard in shots, whereas in professional netball play this won’t be possible.

netball hoops against a clear sky
Netball and basketball hoops have some key differences.

Interestingly, the hoop sizes also differ in diameter. Regulation netball hoops are 38cm or 15 inches in size, whereas basketball hoops are much larger, coming in at a diameter of 46cm, or 18 inches. Again, this will affect your netball practice, if you’re used to shooting into larger hoops.

Finally, there are also differences between the weights and sizes of netballs and basketballs. Netball guidelines suggest using a soft-touch ball that weighs between 14-16 ounces, with a 27-28 inch circumference. Basketballs are much bigger and heavier, coming in at a weight of up to 22 ounces, and a circumference of 29.5 inches.

For the most accurate practise possible, we recommend using a fit-for-purpose net and regulation-sized ball based on the sport you want to excel in!

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