The UK’s Best Litter Picker Tools To Grab Garden Waste

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Written by Dean Wilson

This guide contains a summary and review of each product mentioned. We’ve done our best to research the best litter picker tools available in the UK for delivery, so that you don’t have to spend time doing much of your own research.

Garden waste can be one of the biggest annoyances that a homeowner has to deal with.

On occasion, it may not be litter that has come from your property, either, but litter that has been tossed over your fencing, carelessly dropped on your front lawn, or has blown in with the wind.

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Each product review will include a comparison of the product’s affordability, quality, ease of use, and design.

Best Pick: The Helping Hand Litterpicker Pro

Comfortable, even with extended use.

An affordable product from a reputable company. This litter picker has plenty of reviews from satisfied customers, particularly elderly customers who were struggling to clean up their property’s exterior before purchasing The Helping Hand Litterpicker Pro.

The quality of the product is quite high. It’s durable, yet lightweight. However, it is the lighter weight of the litter picker that makes some customers believe that the product might easily break.

That, thankfully, is not the case. The Litterpicker Pro is crafted from aluminium, which is a well-known metal with a reputation for being strong, yet light.

This product boasts an effective pick-up grabber, which is still comfortable even after being used for a long period of time. Thanks to the aluminium make-up and the trigger-style handle, picking up litter with this grabber can be done with ease.

Design-wise, the angle of the grabber’s grip could make things difficult when picking up small items, such as paper or wrappers, from a flat surface.

The moulded handle is a nice touch, allowing for continuous use without discomfort. The product’s colour scheme is somewhat lacklustre but remains bold.


  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Suitable for elderly individuals.
  • Suitable for children to use.
  • Remains comfortable when used for long periods of time.
  • Grabber opens enough to fit large items (e.g. a glass bottle).


  • Cannot easily pick up flat items on flat surfaces.
  • Small pieces of litter may prove difficult to grip.
  • Feels flimsy.
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Value Pick: Straame Garden Litter Picker

An inexpensive litter picker with a magnetic finish.

With plenty of reviews, the Garden Litter Picker from Straame is one of the best value litter pickers available. Like the previous litter picker that we reviewed above, there was plenty of praise form elderly customers who were happy to be able to finally clean up their space.

That said, alongside the praise for price and ease of use, this litter picker seems to be a little flimsy. Some reviewers complained of damaged products, either from delivery or after using the product (presumably to pick up a heavy item).

Provided that your litter picker is delivered by a careful delivery person or company, we believe that this lightweight product is an example of an affordable litter picker that won’t break the bank.

An interesting feature is the ability for this Garden Litter Picker to be used by both left and right-handed people. Many litter pickers are designed for right-handed consumers, with the handle’s moulding and the grabber twisted in a certain way.

This litter picker benefits from a simple and streamline design, allowing any user to pick up litter comfortably. The arms of the grabber can even be twisted to make litter picking that much easier.

The colours of the design are very basic. At first glance, it looks like any other cheap litter picker on the market. Yet, with the addition of a magnetic tip on the grabber, this litter picker offers more than its competitors.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Responsive trigger mechanism.
  • Suitable for elderly individuals.
  • Value for money.
  • Magnetic tip.


  • Not suitable for very heavy items.
  • Not very strong.
  • Only for occasional litter picking.
  • Fragile.
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EZPIK 40” Grabber

A product of convenience, for all your litter picking needs.

Marketed as a litter picker and long-reach grabber that elderly and disabled people can use, the EZPIK grabber comes in two sizes. The first size, medium, is 32”. The second size is 40” and is the version of the product that we’re reviewing today.

Let’s start with the great features that this extra-long grabber highlights in its description. The fold and lock design of the grabber allows its user to easily lock the grabber into place at its full length or fold it down to half its length for better portability.

The grabber can also be attached to the tubes of walkers with a clip-on attachment that comes with the product when ordered. Additionally, customers can attach one flashlight that has a 1” width to the grabber’s tube.

Lastly, the tip of the grabber is magnetic. This allows users to pick up small magnetic items, such as coins, that may otherwise be difficult for them to bend down and gather up.

Looking at ease of use and quality, the EZPIK 40” Grabber doesn’t quite live up to its name in some aspects. There are several reviews of customers that have complained about the product’s latch breaking.

Unlike the rest of the product, the latch is strangely made of plastic, which is much more breakable than the aluminium tubes that the latch holds together. For such a unique litter picker/grabber, it’s strange that the design has a plastic locking mechanism.

Speaking of the design, the overall product is quite striking. Many litter pickers and grabbers usually stick to the original colour of the aluminium material, but EZPIK has chosen to colour their design black, and add a pop of colour with an orange trigger on the handle.


  • Can be folded down for better portability.
  • Convenient features.
  • Anti-slip grabber jaws.
  • Magnetic tip.
  • Rotating head.
  • Extra-long length.


  • Plastic latch is unstable.
  • Product prone to folding itself up.
  • Not heavy-duty.
  • Handle needs too much pressure.
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KY-Tech 32” Litter Picker

Rotating 360 degrees to help you pick up even the smallest piece of litter.

KY-Tech’s 32” litter picker is great value for money. For the price, customers will receive a foldable grabber with a fully rotatable head.

This litter picker is easy to use and easier to carry. Thanks to the folding feature, it couldn’t be simpler to store and travel with your grabber. Whenever you need assistance with litter or an item you can’t quite reach, KY-Tech’s litter picker is right there with you.

Based on that information alone, there isn’t much difference between the KY-Tech litter picker and the other litter pickers that we’ve already assessed for you. So, let’s look at the rest of its features.

This litter picker has anti-slip jaws fitted to its grabber end, where the inside of the grabber has been lined with silicone for a firmer grip. Thanks to this element of the grabber, customers can expect to pick up items that weigh up to five pounds.

For the rotation feature on the grabber’s jaw, simply pull the jaw to unlock the rotation. This is a great part of the design because the jaw will only rotate if you pull it down to unlock it.

The 32” grabber folds down to a space-saving 16 inches, while the simple design means that the whole product can be stored in some tight spaces.

KY-Tech definitely gave this grabber a bold design. It looks like a standard grabber, but the eye-catching black, yellow, and silver won’t be overlooked in a hurry.


  • Value for money.
  • Sturdy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Foldable.
  • Perfect for picking up tiny pieces of litter.


  • Has issues picking up heavy items.
  • Isn’t packaged well for delivery.
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Aptoper Reacher Tool (2 Pack)

Two tools for the family that needs some bargain reaching assistance.

Aptoper’s 2 pack reacher tool set looks uncannily like the KY-Tech litter picker we wrote about above. Despite this, we’re going to review it just the same way and treat it as an individual product because it’s produced and sold by a different company.

Both reacher tools in this pack of two are 32” in length. They’re lightweight, have a rotating head feature, and the jaw of the grabber is fitted with some great anti-slip material. All good thing so far!

This particular reacher tool is marketed for a range of uses. Some of these include the product being suitable for those who are disabled, elderly people, patients with arthritis, and individuals living with things like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Marketing like this is always interesting because it’s difficult to say that a product will truly be fit for all of these individuals. But, as the description points out, you could still use these items around a hospital, park, shopping centre, or… Well, anywhere, really.

Aptoper’s grabber has a non-slip, rotating head, a trigger handle, and a cool black/yellow/silver design. It folds easily, too.

The main difference is that this item is a twin pack at a bargain price, rather than a single product.


  • Can be used by a range of people.
  • Rotatable, anti-slip head.


  • Not for heavy items.
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How To Stop Littering In Your Local Area

Litter prevention is a vital part of any community, big or small. Without neighbours that are willing to work as hard as everyone else to keep the area clean, litter can quickly build up.

Fly-tipping, especially, is an awful act that happens in many communities. When trash is left on street corners or in alleyways by the original owner, it’s difficult to figure out who should then take responsibility for it.

Educating others about the effects of litter and what you can all do to prevent waste build-up is a great action to take.

Make sure that you and your neighbours keep your trash secure, particularly during the colder months when the wind is rougher, and no one wants to be outside the night before bin day for too long.

Ensure that you and your neighbours are using your recycle bins. If you notice a neighbour who doesn’t have one, ask if they’d like help procuring one.

You could even try scheduling a community clean-up day where some volunteers head into the streets with litter pickers and make the local area a bit more environmentally friendly.

Remember that it’s not your responsibility to pick up after your entire street. If the litter issue is getting out of hand, contact your local council for assistance.

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