The UK’s Best Children’s Gardening Tools For Tiny Hands

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Written by Evie Graham

Getting the kids involved in gardening from an early age is greatly beneficial to them. And, there are lots of ways to help little ones get stuck into all sorts of activities in the garden…

From helping water the flowers to learning how to plant their very own plants, kids can get busy with their tiny Greenthumbs too! A great way to introduce children to gardening activities is to equip them with their very own set of practical tools that they can use to assist and learn.

We’re going to take a look at the top children gardening tool sets so that you can get your own child’s tiny hands involved, no matter their age. As well as reviewing these items, you’ll better understand how your child can benefit from engaging themselves in the garden and the types of skills they’ll learn along the way too.

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Best Pick: deAO Fairytale Play Set

Enchanting and encouraging – a gardening toolset of dreams…

First up in our list of children’s gardening tools and taking the title of the best pick is this magical-themed set which is a wonderful gift for any child. Including everything that a little one needs to create their very own enchanted forest, kids can get busy with planting their very own pots with the included seeds and watering can. They’ll also be introduced to a number of gardening tools such as rakes and hand shovels too.

Great for encouraging outdoor playtime, the set is colourful and unique with its style. Ideal for both boys and girls, engaging with this toolset will help a child strengthen skills such as hand-eye coordination. Children will love the theme of this toolset and becoming responsible for their own plant’s growth and health.

The set included soil, seeds and a handy-tips leaflet which is great for teaching kids gardening terminology. Note that this set isn’t suitable for children under 3 year of age.


  • A fun and colourful theme
  • Includes lots of different tools and comes ready with soil and seeds


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age
  • Needs to be assembled which may not suit every child’s learning style.
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Value Pick: Small Foot Play Tools Set

Affordable and entertaining in one – a great children’s garden tools set!

Kids will have plenty of fun with this affordable garden tools set that comes with a bag for handy storage. A great introductory step into the world of gardening, the bag includes shovels, rakes and a watering can, of course. Made using top quality materials, wood, metal and plastic, the tools are durable and safe the use for little hands.

Exact replicas of real garden tools, the set will help children to learn about how each work while improving hand-eye coordination too. A great gift idea, these tools are suitable for children ages 3 years and above.

Comfortable to hold and use, the tools are guaranteed to last thanks to their robustness. Kids can mimic adults as they learn about the different activities that go on in a garden. From watering plants to raking soil, there is lots of fun to be had with this Small Foot Play Tools Set!


  • This set comes at an affordable price, making it particularly popular
  • Each tool is made using robust wood, plastic and metal ensuring that they are durable and can be used comfortably


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age
  • Some buyers have described the tools as ‘too small’
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NOUVCOO Children’s Gardening Set

A colourful and practical kid’s gardening set that comes packed in a handy bag!

Next on our list is this NUOVCOO Children’s gardening set. Great value for money, colourful and high-quality, the set is a great choice for parents searching for a suitable toolset for their little amateur gardeners…

Made using safe, highly-durable materials, the set includes an array of brightly coloured tools including a shovel, rake, fork and even gardening gloves to protect mini green thumbs. The set is both affordable and top-quality making it exceptionally great value for money.

Whether you’re looking for a suitable gift idea or simply want to introduce your child to the activity, consider this set that comes with a handy veggie and fruits book guiding kids on how to grow their very own.


  • Made using top-quality materials that are guaranteed to be durable
  • Colourful and fun looking
  • Comes with a handy veggie and fruits book


  • Fewer tools included when compared with other similar products
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age
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Little Pals Gardening & Growing Kit

An exciting gardening and growing kit for kids packed full of goodies!

This gardening tools set by Little Pals is sure to bring about plenty of fun, learning and comes with a wide range of accessories too. Included in this colourful set is a bag, pot, planting saucer, hedgehog plant marker, wildlife seed mix, fork, trowel and watering can, ensuring that a little one has everything they need to get busy with gardening activities.

The convenient holdall bag is excellent for transportation of the tools with ease and provides great storage space for them, when not in use. All the tools included in this set are made using only top-quality materials such as metal and wood, meaning they’re highly durable and practical.

As part of this set a wildlife mixed bag of seeds in included which makes an excellent first gardening project. Suitable for children ages 3 years and above, the growing kit will provide children with their very own project to get stuck into (with gardening gloves of course!).


  • Varied tools and accessories for a realistic gardening experience
  • Comes with a handy storage bag that is convenient for transporting items and keeping things tidy


  • Only includes a shovel and rake whereas other similar products contain more tools at similar prices
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deAO Pull-Along Gardening Play Set

Full of fun tools and accessories, this pull-along set is convenient for any kid’s gardening task.

This kid’s gardening tools set by deAO is a great way to encourage children to get outdoors more and learn about the trade. The set comes with various different tools including a rake, shovels, trowels and a watering can, all of which are stored in pull-along wheels, making it easy to transport across any area of the garden.

Brightly coloured and made using plastic, the tools are practical and durable for all sorts of activities. Children can grow their own seeds using the plant pots provided and take care of them by using the spray bottles, ensuring hydration. An excellent choice for improving hand-eye coordination, the pull-along teaches children about spatial awareness too.

Little ones can bring their gardening tools around with them easily with this convenient set. It’s excellent value for money and stands apart from other similar sets thanks to its pull-along container.


  • Comes with a pull-along container to keep tools neat and tidy as well as provides ease when it comes to transportation
  • Excellent value for money with lots of varied tools included


  • Only suitable for 3 years and above
  • Tools are made of plastic only, while durable they’re not as robust as their wooden/metal counterparts.
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Tips On Teaching Kids To Garden

Gardening is an extremely rewarding and educational activity for any child. There are lots of ways in which a child can benefit from getting involved in garden activities. Through the use of tools, kids can improve their fine-motor skills as well as learn how to improve other skills such as patience, communication and spatial awareness.

A relaxing activity that promotes wellbeing and encourages little ones to get outdoors, there are tons of reasons to involve children in the garden.

If you’re hoping to get your child involved in gardening activities, there are lots of ways in which you can do this. Let’s take a look:

  • Gardening tool kits – a great and fun way to introduce children to the world of gardening, by equipping them with their own tools, they can be fully involved. As seen from our selection above, there are lots of different types of affordable tool kits that come with replicas of real tools that are used across garden activities. Be sure to choose a set that is durable and comfortable to use for the age range that you’re buying for. Lots of the sets come with handy project books too and in some cases seeds, ready for planting.
  • Allow them to choose seeds – by personalising gardening tasks, a child is far more likely to want to be involved. Why not allow your child the freedom to choose which type of plant they’d like to grow? This will make them feel truly involved and will maintain their interest as they watch their chosen plants grow and flourish. Growing plants equips children with a sense of responsibility which is a beneficial, transferable skill.
  • Assign them their own space – give your child their own gardening space for their projects. Through having their own little section of the garden, children will have the freedom that they require to explore with tools and make it their own. With their own space, children can decide lots of things including the type of plants they want to grow. This concept will reinforce responsibility as they have a set area in which they need to tend to.
  • Carry out activities with them – gardening is a fantastic cooperative activity, that’s no secret. So why not set aside some time each week to work on gardening projects with your little one? There are lots of opportunities to get your child involved. Whether it’s simply watering the plants or, working on planting new seeds, working together will help a child to further their interest and teaches them new skills along the way. This is a perfect way to broaden a child’s vocabulary as they learn the names of tools, plants and much more!

Skills Children Can Learn From Gardening

Are you wondering exactly what your little one can learn when outside in the garden? Gardening activities can equip children with a wide range of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills, which are immensely valuable. It also helps to reinforce responsibility, engages all senses, encourages healthy eating and much fosters family bonding.

Here are 3 skills that your child can learn from gardening:

Refining motor skills

Through simple tasks such as scooping up dirt, children become more confident with using their hands. This is also applicable to planting seeds and watering plants. Kids can then apply such skills to classroom activities which may involve cutting paper, writing and typing.

Developing math skills

From counting seeds to measuring soil depth, there are lots of ways in which children can improve their math skills while in the garden. Think of fun activities such as measuring a plant’s growth – this can be extremely rewarding and a creative way to introduce math practice.

Math skills are an important aspect of any child’s development, give them the head start that they need by introducing garden tasks.

Scientific conceptual skills

There is so much about science to be learnt from engaging in the garden. Kids can be introduced to the world of chemistry, botany and biology through various different activities. When planting their very first seeds, children are learning about the life process of any plant and will be naturally curious as to what happens next.

Through making their own hypnosis they can monitor progress each day as they learn. At an older age, kids will begin to learn about how both water and light is required for the growth of any plant. Children can learn about the different requirements of each plant and understand how fruit and vegetables are grown too.

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