The UK’s Best Hot Tub Furniture Sets & Surround Features

a timber hot tub surround

A hot tub furniture surround set completes your bare and merely functional hot tub into an attractive and functional ‘one stop’ destination.

It lets you decorate and liven up your spa area and keep the essentials near at hand, thus adding both class and convenience.

If you have a hot tub and use it, at some point a furniture surround set will become a ‘must buy.’ In fact, a spa surround achieves multiple ends.  It adds obvious utility and convenience but a high-quality and well-decorated kit can help set the atmosphere for a classy evening.

A halfway decent surround set will make what was a bare-naked hot tub look complete and ‘dressed up.’ Finally, depending on how you have kitted out the surround set, it can add a touch of colour and beauty to the proceedings.

Unless they are exposed to inclement weather – which they should not be – most such sets are low maintenance. Just hose off dust and grime every so often, and on occasion wash it inside and out with a mild soapy solution using a power washer at a low setting.

You could conceptually divide a hot tub furniture surround into ‘countertop,’ mini-cupboard, open shelving, and step.

The step makes it much easier to get in and out of your hot tub without mishap. The elderly and the infirm in particular will appreciate not having to clear the hot tub’s edge straight off the ground. In addition, the ground may be uneven or slippery, not giving you a firm purchase when getting out of the hot tub. However, a spa surround’s hardwood step should never be uneven or slippery.

Towels, robes and even a stash of liquid refreshment can be stored in the built-in mini cupboard; spare hot tub filters, chlorine tablets, sanitisers, and such could go in the open shelf.

As for the ‘countertop’ that’s where you can use your taste and imagination to add that touch of colour and beauty, and perhaps even use it for conversation starters. Of course, you’ll have a bottle of your preferred poison and a glass or two, but what else? Hmm, a flower vase? Knick-knacks of sea-horses and mermaids? A bonsai tree? A couple of large seashells? A copy of Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies? That should get you started!

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So, in sum, a furniture surround set makes your hot tub really user-friendly and jazzes it up. Underneath we recommend a few options for you to transition from Ho-Hum Hot Tub to Jazzed-Up Jacuzzi!

Best Pick: UK Leisure World Rattan Hot Tub Surround

Though putting it together is a nightmare, UK Leisure World’s costly but feature-complete surround is as sturdy as it is pretty, and of top quality.

UK Leisure World’s surround is entirely in poly rattan, including step. But not to worry, for the whole thing has a steel frame. This well-designed kit also features a mini-cupboard and base shelf. The currently-available product is in grey. Actually, it is in dual shades of grey that run parallel in uneven stripes and bands.

This surround has an outer diameter of 263 centimetres and an inner diameter of 203 centimetres. It is 55 centimetres high and the step is 25 centimetres off the ground. It is designed for, and will fit around, various Lay-Z-Spa models including Palm Springs, Paris, St. Tropez, Miami, and more.

The poly rattan is weatherproof and, therefore, the surround is meant for the rugged outdoors – no mollycoddling necessary, says UK Leisure World, but a sensible buyer would protect such a fine asset. Besides being weatherproof, this surround is unusually strong and sturdy. You could even sit on it.

For one or two Lay-Z-Spa models, the pump and heater will either not fit through the opening at the back or will be in the wrong place, or there will be no bypass for the pipes. Be mindful of this quirk before you fully assemble this kit as leaving out one or two panels may solve the problem.

As for assembly, putting together this one just might do you in. You have to puzzle-piece together a number of panels which is hard enough, on top of which the assembly instructions are unclear and confusing, and tend to make a bad situation worse. To successfully complete UK Leisure World’s rattan puzzle, you need to be an accomplished DIYer with a skill for assembly . . . and also a ‘skill’ for patience.

Leisure World’s hot tub surround is admittedly rather expensive but once put together, it is absolutely first-rate in its quality, presentation and classy looks. “You can’t have it all?” Well, this kit does. It was a close run thing between this surround set and the Panana Garden Poly Surround, reviewed below, for the Best Pick nod but this excellent set is just a cut above.


  • The super looks – it’s very pretty.
  • The unexpected strength – it’s very sturdy.
  • Well designed and feature complete and also strong and pretty, once assembled and up, this kit’s a joy.


  • Assembling it may well have you pulling out your hair.
  • Lacks sufficient opening or bypass for pump, heater, filter, and/or piping of some Lay-Z-Spa models.
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Value Pick: VidaXL Rattan Spa Step Surround

Made of excellent materials and designed and finished just as well, for ‘only’ a step VidaXL’s affordable rattan-and-eucalyptus kit is a clever buy.

A starter set that won’t bust the budget, VidaXL rattan-and-eucalyptus step is quite excellent for what it is. It has an inner frame of powder-coated steel for strength over which the rattan is woven in an unusual and attractive pattern. The planks are of eucalyptus, a tropical hardwood.

The satiny black rattan, tan brown eucalyptus planks, and silvery aluminium feet make for a colour combination that is of neutral and muted tones yet catches the eye. For a mere step, it’s a pretty thing! And, not to forget, it’s ‘pretty’ robust too.

VidaXL’s step is 25 centimetres high. Its dimensions are 92 x 45 centimetres and it weighs 27 kilogrammes. Keep in mind that this is not a mix-and-match component-style product so it will not be easy to incrementally add surrounding pieces to this step.

The price may seem a little high for what is only a step 92 centimetres wide but the quality of both the materials and their build has to be acknowledged as very high. Also, this step can be put to additional duties. Use one side to put towels, robes, or a soft drink on. It is also sturdy enough for your partner to sit on and dry herself while you drain the tub. 

Never done any assembly? An ‘F’ in DIY? No prob – this one comes fully assembled. Just unpack and place it beside the hot tub!

If it’s not exactly cheap in price keep in mind that it is anything but cheap in quality or looks, while it is certainly budget-priced. VidaXL Rattan Spa Step should be everyone’s choice as a Value Pick.


  • Both the materials and build are of surprisingly high quality.
  • Rattan weave is in a distinctive and attractive pattern.
  • The reasonable price makes this small and limited but high-quality item a top value for money.


  • The price may seem high for what is ‘only’ a step.
  • What you get is a step by itself and it will not be simple to expand around it by adding components.
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Panana Garden Poly Surround

No two ways about it – Panana Garden’s feature-rich surround in chic black is striking and stunning, and, although it is not robust, it’s a top buy.

Panana Garden’s attractive surround is in a heftier looking PE rattan hand woven over a powder-coated steel frame. It is hard black with a slight sheen – chic and stylish. The step is made of well-oiled deep brown eucalyptus planks with noticeable grain patterns. Besides the step, it has a mini-cupboard and open shelving at the bottom.

This surround’s outer diameter is 283 centimetres and the inner diameter is 203 centimetres. It is 55 centimetres high while the step is 25 centimetres from the floor. It fits Lay-Z-Spa Vegas, Miami, Monaco, and other models. The rear component has an open section for the pump and pipes but it will not work out for all models. If you face a problem accessing your hot tub’s pump, filter, or pipe, simply remove one or two rear panels.

The PVC rattan may be ‘weatherproof’ as claimed but the product as a whole is not. If it is left outdoors, be sure to use a (really) weatherproof cover to protect it from the sun and rain. Though not fragile, this is not a robust surround set, particularly the upper rattan surface. Avoid sitting on it. Not that you would want to because Panana Garden’s surround set’s claim to fame is its lovely looks – your guests will be oohing and aahing over it.

Assembly is not exactly difficult but it does require basic DIY skills, is time-consuming, and needs some patience, particularly because of the sub-par threads. Although an Allen (hex) key is supplied you will be much better off using a ratchet and socket combo.

Panana Garden’s set is well designed, is compatible with various Lay-Z-Spa models, and is feature-complete; however, it’s this baby’s jaw-droppingly superb looks that nearly bagged it top spot in this set of reviews. 


  • Wins top prize in the Aesthetics category as this stunning set is the best ‘looker’ among surround sets.
  • Compatible with many or most Lay-Z-Spa hot tub models.
  • Putting together this feature-complete set is comparatively straightforward.


  • Not the most robust or sturdy piece of spa furniture.
  • On the expensive side.
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vidaXL Square Spa Surround – Grey Poly Rattan

This square-shaped surround from vidaXL lacks a mini-cupboard or extra shelf but it is quite sturdy and has a pleasing multi-hued grey rattan weave.

As newsmen say Stateside, “This just in!” And so it is with vidaXL’s Square Spa Surround, a new entrant to the niche field of hot tub surround furniture. This is an uncommon surround set in that it is square-shaped instead of the conventional and more common ‘doughnut.’ It bears noting that the outer corners are very well rounded.

A powder-coated steel frame strengthens this grey poly rattan surround. Although the rattan is grey, it is not a boring, monotone shade. Rather, the colour varies from silver grey to steel grey in striations and stripings in a do-up that is ‘Not-Quite-40 Shades of Grey.’ The wide steps are made of acacia planks in a natural finish; they are a very pleasing warm hue of brown.

Its outer measurements are 268 centimetres square and inner measurements are 188 centimetres square. The countertop is 55 centimetres from the floor, and the step, 25 centimetres. This surround set weighs 53.6 kilogrammes.

Although most Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are round, a few, like the Ibiza and Hawaii, are square. However, two or three other brands, chief among these being MSpa, are well known for their square-shaped spas. EvoStar and Aleko are two other companies that make high-quality square hot tubs. Make sure to compare your hot tub’s dimensions to the inner measurements of this surround furniture as it’s not exactly jumbo-sized.

vidaXL’s Square Surround is an open enclosure and has base shelving on both sides but – and therefore – lacks a mini-cupboard. At the very least, a mid-height shelf would have enchanced both the looks and utility of this surround. This kit drops points because of the absence of a useful and ‘standard’ feature, and more so because this is a costly kit. 

Assembly is a real drag and is best avoided by those who do not have solid DIY skills but even those who do will benefit from having a helper. Before you start putting together the panels and pieces, it will be helpful if you first map out just how everything fits. 


  • The grey rattan in stripes and striations of different shades is an eye-pulling design element.
  • A strong piece of surround furniture by virtue of its powder-coated steel frame.
  • If you have a square hot tub, this is one of the only games in town – and a good ’un too.


  • No mini-cupboard and not even a mid-level shelf.
  • For a kit that is not feature complete it is expensive.
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Lay-Z-Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Surround

So simple, so cheap – and so useful and well designed, Lay-Z-Spa’s inflatable one-piece unit can be used to relax on as well as put essentials on. 

A fine exemplar of the well-worn phrase ‘Cheap and Cheerful,’ here is another starter kit, this one from Lay-Z-Spa. It comprises of one simple inflatable surround. The light grey colour matches that of many Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs. As for the surround itself, it wraps quite neatly around nearly all circular Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs – Monaco, Paris, St. Tropez, the lot.

It is 2 metres long and is 40 centimetres square at each end. This is a spa surround whose surface is 40 centimetres off the ground and which has ‘give’ because the kit is filled with air, so it is not meant to be used as a step, nor should it.

It is made of ‘TriTech’ material and has an internal ‘I-beam’ structure to provide strength. Three of these set side-by-side will form a ring around and enclose a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub. These surrounds can be connected to each other with the built-in velcro tabs. Or you can get two of these surrounds and link them with a Lay-Z-Spa inflatable step (though we do not recommend inflatable steps).

The slightly concave ridged surface is a clever design element. It is comfortable to sit or lie back on; moreover, it protects against slipping – be it a bottle or your backside. And this is a relevant point because this inflatable ‘bench’ is very useful to sit on while you remove your shoes, or to sit on or stretch out on in between soaks. And why not? It makes for a comfortable seat.

The occasional unit is defective in that it has a virtually invisible leak somewhere or another resulting in it deflating, even within 24 hours.

Cheap and cheerful it may be but be aware that you don’t get anything to get excited about for your money. For those on a budget who want something functional that does the job, this is a sensible buy. 


  • The smart design of the upper surface makes it comfortable, and also fairly stable and slip-proof.
  • This kit can be velcro-connected with two other surrounds to encircle the hot tub.
  • The pocket-change price tag.


  • This functional kit is nothing to look at and nothing to show off.
  • Occasionally a unit turns out to be defective as it leaks air and deflates.
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What Can You Put Around A Hot Tub?

Let’s begin by saying a furniture surround set. That’s the best thing you can put around a hot tub because it ‘does things’ for the hot tub by enclosing it and setting it off so that it looks more complete and inviting.

So, now, with the surround in place, what can you put around the ‘dressed-up’ hot tub? Towels and gowns on the surround to begin with. A couple of cordial glasses and a bottle of Tia Maria? The wife may like to put decorative embroidered mats or covers, a vase of flowers, spa-side knick-knacks, or water toys for the children on the ‘countertop.’ You could put filters, disinfectant tablets, and such in the mini cupboards. Of course, you need a portable internet-connected stereo system upon the surround furniture or, better yet, a tablet with Deezer and TuneIn apps, and bluetooth speakers. 

Really, the answer to this question is best given by K.C. & the Sunshine Band: “What Makes You Happy”! 

What Is The Best Base For A Spa?

If your hot tub will be used outdoors, you can’t do better than concrete or gravel. Between the two, poured concrete slab will provide a more solid, firm, and long-lasting base but it will be more expensive and you will have to design drainage solutions with channels or pipes. A gravel ‘foundation’ will not be as firm and long-lasting but it will be cheaper and quicker to set up – all you need do is dig a shallow pit about 15 centimetres deep and with surface dimensions about 10 percent bigger than those of your hot tub and fill it with a medium gravel getting finer as you come to the surface. Drainage is ‘automatic.’

If your hot tub will be indoors, be sure that the chosen location is level, stable, and can support the very considerable weight of the water-filled hot tub with the adults that will be in it (the average hot tub filled with water and with four adults in it will weigh over 1800 kilogrammes!). Put the hot tub on the special groundsheet that would have come with it, otherwise use a couple of large foam sheets. You can also quickly assemble a base with interlocking foam tiles.

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