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The UK’s Best Gas BBQ’s For Instant Outdoor Grilling

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Get a Gas BBQ and meld Great Cooking and the ‘Great Outdoors,’ even if its only your backyard. A Gas BBQ is the healthy, easy, and convenient way to make mouth-watering barbecue while bringing together family and friends to feast al fresco under summer skies.

A Gas BBQ is the easy and convenient route to cookouts on the patio, the porch, or even the garden. And here’s why—

Some Charcoal BBQ devotees swear by the smoky flavour charcoal barbecuing is said to impart to steaks – but many of those devotees may not have had the good luck to have tasted tournedos and burgers fresh off a top-quality Gas BBQ.

On the other hand, Gas BBQ partisans will tell you that messing with coals and charcoal is a needless nuisance, on top of which you have to build the fire, and then wait – and wait – for the grill or griddle to get sufficiently hot. Correct, but what about post-dinner clean up? With a Charcoal BBQ, you need to clean up a pile of cinders and ash. But with a Gas BBQ . . . you don’t! A Gas BBQ is relatively cleaner to use than a Charcoal BBQ.

Another legitimate comparison may be made along a more modern consideration: healthy eating. Charcoal and charcoal-briquette barbecuing has been linked to increased risk of stomach and colorectal cancer. You can avoid this risk factor by grilling on a Gas BBQ.

Possibly the most obvious point of comparison is ease and convenience. Getting the heat just right using a Charcoal BBQ is an acquired skill and distributing the heat evenly across the cooking surface is even trickier. In contrast, Gas BBQs have temperature-regulator knobs and even temperature gauges so you can precisely control heat. Moreover, as most parts are constructed from metals and are even specially designed for even temperature distribution through a particular cooking zone, even heat distribution is a feature of Gas BBQs – no acquired skills needed. 

Our #1 Top Pick
Char-Broil Performance Series T47G - 4 Burner Gas Barbecue Grill with TRU-Infrared technology and...
Cooks For
6+ People
Cart Wheels
Temperature Gauge
Value Pick
Grill Chef by Landmann 12375FT 2 Burner Gas Barbecue
Cooks For
2 - 4 People
Cart Wheels
Temperature Gauge
Price not available
Also Consider...
Fire Mountain Elbrus 4 Burner Gas Barbecue | Premium Stainless Steel | Superior Cast Iron Grill and...
Cooks For
6+ People
Cart Wheels
Temperature Gauge
Price not available

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You can minimise the effort – and maximise the compliments! – by choosing one of the five high-quality Gas BBQs recommended underneath.

Best Pick: Char-Broil Performance Series T47G

Hard on the pocket but scoring higher on taste, Char-Broil scores high on all the essential features, and is the champion on what matters most: barbecuing.

Char-Broil’s vaunted ‘TRU-Infrared cooking system’ is one of those manufacturers claims that fully lives up to the hype. To begin with, it does ‘prevent flare-ups’ as fat drippings don’t get into the burners but even if a drop or two does get through an intervening metal tray that has tiny perforations, the tray prevents the odd flame from even reaching the food. Most importantly, the design results in effortlessly delicious barbecue that is never dry or burnt but is consistently juicy and flavourful. 

This Gas BBQ is one of those that really must be cleaned after each use but only to the extent of the metal tray and cast iron grill and griddle.

The stainless steel burners are particularly solid and durable (and covered by a 10-year guarantee) while the overall build quality is acceptable; however, those who are used to a few other brands renowned for sturdiness and durability may feel that Char-Broil’s Gas BBQ is delicate.

Noteworthy features include four grate-level temperature gauges to monitor and control the different cooking zones, an additional burner on one side, and warming rack on the other. 

The ‘cold-rolled’ stainless steel hood makes for excellent heat retention. On the essentials, it is a very complete Gas BBQ.

This one doesn’t win any style points nor does it score high marks in durability. But where cooking and barbecuing are concerned, Char-Broil Performance Series T47G has no rivals; on this score, this Gas BBQ is in a class of its own.

The T47G requires a goodly bit of assembly that will take from two to three hours; those who are not used to putting things together will find it hard going.

Bear in mind that a full-size British gas cylinder will not fit in this American kit’s compartment but can be forced in. It will also be far too close to the heat source.

It has four casters of which two are locking casters.

This is a big, bulky unit at 1500 (width) x 1200 (height) x 550 (depth) centimetres.

For those who can bear its high cost and are willing to spend top dollar, Char-Broil’s T47G delivers top taste – in cooking capabilities, it excels and, therefore, is our Best Pick.

Char-Broil provides a warranty of 10 years for the stainless steel burners, 3 years for firebox, lid, grills and emitters, and 1 year for other parts.


  • Grilling and barbecuing is as if easy and automatic – do moist, juicy steaks like no other Gas BBQ.
  • Annoying flare-ups are virtually non-existent and nothing gets dried or burnt.
  • Not only does it have all the essentials, it is on the essentials that it scores the highest.


  • Burns a hole in the pocket.
  • Among the more difficult ones to assemble.
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Value Pick: Landmann Grill Chef 12375

Landmann’s Gas BBQ has some surprising features, fits in constrained spaces, and cooks well and reliably, yet is very easy on the pocket – a top value buy.

For a budget-friendly Gas BBQ, Landmann Grill Chef 12375 has several appealing features. 

The burner has step-less, continuous adjustability, the lid has a window, the cooking grill is chrome-plated, and the flame tamer keeps flavour in and flames out.

On the downside, the grill doesn’t have a lip to keep food secure, and the drippings tray is small and shallow and fills up quite quickly. The side shelves are removable but they are fixed and do not fold down.

Negatives out of the way, the Grill Chef 12375 cooks very well, and does it reliably.

It can be tipped up from one end and rolled along on two wheels. However, as it has wheels at only one end, the other end could have had a handle for easy pulling.

Putting it together is a Herculean Labour. Those who are impatient or lack DIY skills should think twice before trying to assemble it. 

The parts are somewhat flimsy but after assembly, the whole thing is less so. Still, it cannot be called robust or sturdy.

It uses propane cylinders. A gas hose and regulator are included.

Measuring 95 x 99 x 51 centimetres, by Gas BBQ standards this two-burner rig is a compact one and ideally suited to limited or cramped outdoor areas such as smaller verandahs, balconies, etc. 

Landmann’s Grill Chef is not an exceptional Gas BBQ but it is a very good one. However, the price is so very low – a small fraction of the price of premium 4-burners – that in the value for money equation, it is exceptional. It is just the right choice as a Value Pick on any set of reviews.


  • Chrome-plated grill and other pleasing features are welcome surprises on a budget model.
  • Very good and compact Gas BBQ ideally suited to constrained spaces.
  • Costs a fraction of the price of many other Gas BBQs.


  • Assembly is unusually difficult.
  • The drippings tray could be bigger and deeper.
  • Some individual parts are flimsy and the whole rig is not the sturdiest or most durable.
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Fire Mountain Elbrus 4 Burner

Excellent at grilling and cooking, and manifesting excellent build quality, Fire Mountain’s Gas BBQ is remarkably stylish; it is a kit for persons of ‘taste.’

Fire Mountain’s Elbrus Gas BBQ is constructed from powder-coated steel and solid wood. 

Other highlights include piezo ignition, stainless steel burners, and steel-domed roasting hood with a temperature gauge. 

Apart from stainless steel and solid wood, this rig also boasts cast iron components: the cooking area is equally divided between a cast iron griddle and grill plate. The removable drip tray is comparatively deep.

Fire Mountain’s Elbrus has no cupboard or cabinet but this very unusual Gas BBQ has stylish wooden side trays, frame, and lower shelf. The net effect is that this classy rig does not look entirely like kitchenware or an outdoor BBQ, as it combines the elements of a fine piece of furniture.

Gas output is very good, the grill heats up quickly, and cooks evenly though it gets slightly more hot in the middle and the rear. It cooks wonderfully well time and time again.

The lid is not robust – when you open it, it flexes and wobbles coming up and going over. 

Otherwise, this is one of the sturdier and more solid Gas BBQs.

Except for the griddle, the Elbrus 4 Burner is easy to clean.

It uses propane cylinders. A gas hose and regulator are included.

Assembly is difficult; novices attempting to put it together may run into a dead end. 

Experienced DIYers should be able to assemble it in about two hours.

It measures 151 (width) x 108 (height) x 56 (depth) centimetres. The cooking area is 77 x 42 centimetres.

Winning a lot of points in grilling and barbecuing, and also in build quality, Fire Mountain Elbrus takes all the points in stylishness.


  • Heats up quickly and grills and barbecues wonderfully well.
  • One of the sturdiest and most robust of Gas BBQs and of excellent build quality.
  • Exceptionally stylish, this Gas BBQ could almost pass muster in your Drawing Room.


  • Rather difficult to assemble.
  • Although the lid is not flimsy, it does not match the rest of the rig in solidity and robustness.
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Campingaz 4 Series Gas BBQ

Campingaz’s costly Gas BBQ is one for the gourmet; it covers all the essentials and also has interchangeable cooking surfaces ideal for varied cooking styles.

The strong selling point and very attractive feature of Campingaz’s Gas BBQ are the numerous cooking options and surfaces. Included are an enamel-stamped steel grill, a similarly-made griddle, and an enameled warming rack. On top of this, the optional ‘Culinary Modular System’ allows other cooking surfaces and utensils, such as a wok, pizza stone, paella pan, rotisserie, etc., to be swapped in and out. (These surfaces/utensils are not included and are available as separate add-ons.)

Cooking surfaces are heated by four individually-controlled high-powered stainless-steel tube burners with piezo ignition. It also has a smaller additional side burner for heating sauces and such. On the other side is a chrome food-warming shelf. The steel lid has a thermometer.

The four burners and inter-convertible cooking surfaces make Campingaz 4 Series the most adaptable and versatile Gas BBQ on which very different kinds of foods can simultaneously be cooked in a variety of ways. 

Heat distribution is even, and from direct grilling to prolonged baking using indirect heat, and whether you grill sirloin or bake cod, the final results are as delicious as can be.

So long as you wash the removable dishwasher-safe parts promptly after use and do not wait and try to wash them after drippings and food have congealed and solidified, the claimed ‘InstaClean System’ that lets you quickly remove parts and wash them in the dishwasher really works. This is another attractive feature.

Assembling it is no walk in the park but it’s not as difficult as most others.

If a Gas BBQ could be called ‘heavy duty,’ this one’s it.  It’s remarkably solid and sturdy yet can easily be moved on four large locking casters. It has a roomy two-door cabinet.

It measures 89 (length) x 65.5 (depth) x 50.5 (height) centimetres and the cooking surface is 78 x 45 centimetres.

It uses propane cylinders. Regulator and/or gas hose are not included.

This is quite a costly Gas BBQ but those who cook in a variety of styles and enjoy different kinds of foods will score a bulls-eye with Campingaz 4 Series.


  • Not only a grill and a griddle but a variety of interchangeable cooking surfaces and styles.
  • Even heat distribution and excellent cooking results no matter the foodstuff or style.
  • Solid and sturdy, manifesting high-end build quality.


  • Rather expensive.
  • Regulator and/or gas hose not included.
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CosmoGrill 4+1 Gas Burner

Four burners and full-featured yet compact and inexpensive – this is the draw of CosmoGrill’s Gas BBQ; well-designed, robust, and a super value for money.

CosmoGrill’s 4+1is a compact rig yet has four main burners, each with its own piezo ignition and temperature knob, plus a side burner for pan cooking and warming sauces. On the other side, a warming rack can pre-heat food or keep cooked food warm. The double-walled lid is effective at locking heat and features a temperature gauge.

For a budget-priced Gas BBQ, this small-sized rig has some amazing features. The drip tray catches fat as well as bits of food, lets nothing slip through the edges, is deep enough, and easy to remove. The grilling surfaces have a non-stick surface. And what CosmoGrill doesn’t say but really should is that after-barbecue clean-up is quite easy, for all removable cooking parts are sized to put into the dishwasher.

Assembly is a two-person task and a fiddly business as some parts do not fit together easily or well. Though it is a long chore, actually it is not a major headache as is the case with many other BBQs.

To move it, tip it up from one side and pull it along on the two little wheels on the other side.

It can take both propane and butane cylinders. Regulator and/or gas hose are not included.

Made from enameled and stainless steel, CosmoGrill is fairly robust and rugged. By Gas BBQ standards it is definitely one of the more solid and durable ones and even has a touch of style about it. It is just about the least expensive four-plus-one-burner Gas BBQ you will find.

For what you get at the price, this one’s a top choice if you have a large family and are on a budget.

It has dimensions of 126 (length) x 50 (depth) x 103 (height) centimetres. The cooking area measures 61 x 32 centimetres.

CosmoGrill provides a one-year warranty.


  • Has four burners and all the essentials yet so little in size and so low in price.
  • More robust and rugged than most others.
  • Its cooking capabilities and features in view of its price make it a super value for money.


  • Has two wheels on only one side.
  • Though assembly is not as bad a chore as some others, some parts do not fit well or easily.
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What Gas Should You Use For A BBQ?

It is best to use the type of gas the manufacturer stipulates. Refer to the instructions to see whether you must use propane or butane, or can use either. The majority of modern Gas BBQs run on propane. However, you must match the type of propane cylinder to your regulator which comes in two types: screw-in and clip-on. If you have a screw-in regulator, you must use a red-coloured standard propane cylinder; if a clip-on, then a green-coloured ‘patio gas’ propane cylinder.

How To Use A Gas BBQ

One may need to learn how to use a Charcoal BBQ but modern Gas BBQs are so simple and convenient that there’s nothing to it. That’s because, as opposed to a Charcoal BBQ which requires operational skills, a Gas BBQ ‘just works,’ leaving you free to focus on the food and the cooking.

You need to connect your gas cylinder first and open the valve. After that, it’s virtually ‘press and play.’ Half-a-minute or so after opening the gas supply, push the piezo button and fire up the burners. Use the temperature-control knobs as necessary to heat the different cooking zones to the desired levels. When you are confident that the burners are fired up and the cooking surfaces are getting warm, close the lid and monitor the temperatures. When the cooking surfaces are sufficiently heated up, the part about ‘How to Use a Gas BBQ’ ends and ‘How to Cook, Grill, and Barbecue’ begins!

How To Clean A Gas BBQ

It is a good idea to clean all cooking surfaces promptly after use before fat, drippings, carbonisation, and bits of food get congealed and caked. First, hold all components under hot running water. As necessary, give all components that are strong and durable and do not have non-stick coatings a quick scrub with a brush to loosen and remove whatever may be stuck to the surface. Then simply pop everything into the dishwasher.

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