The UK’s 6 Best Gifts For Male & Female Gardeners

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Written by April Foot

We all love to give gifts that our recipients will love, and if you’re shopping for a keen gardener, it’s a safe bet that they’ll appreciate something for their plant-filled pride and joy.

Gifts for gardeners range from practical items such as clothing and tools, to funky flowers and novelty garden gifts – and everything in between. Whether you want something fun, stylish or practical, we promise there’s a perfect gardening gift out there.

You won’t need to break the bank either – at time of writing, all of our gifts can be purchased for under £30, and many under £15 – so you can treat the green-fingered guy or gal in your life, and still have enough left over to spruce up your own outside space.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our pick of the 6 best gifts for gardeners on the market today. We’ve based this on their thrill-factor and usefulness – and, to be honest, on how much we’d like to receive these gifts ourselves!

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Here are 6 of our best-pick gardening gifts:

Best Pick: Scott & Co Seed Sack

Our favourite gift for gardeners is a beautifully presented selection of 30 seeds, and will be loved by newbies and veterans alike 

Cost: £12.99

Topping our list of the best gifts for male and female gardeners is this stylish and practical Scott & Co Seed Sack. Consisting of a printed hessian sack filled with a selection of 30 different seeds, this unique gift will enable your gardener to add a huge range of plants to their garden.

Included in the seed selection are a variety of vegetables, salad greens, tomatoes, herbs, chillies and peppers, so your lucky recipient will be able to take a break from the supermarket, and enjoy their own, freshly-grown produce (after a short growing period, of course!)

Don’t worry if your recipient is a child, or is just starting out either, as the gift also includes full growing instructions for each of the plants, to guide even the most amateur gardener to green-fingered success.

All the seeds are presented in a stylish hessian sack, with a colourful image of garden produce, which makes it a perfect gift. Overall, we think this is one of the best all-round garden gifts, that is sure to delight gardeners of all ages and abilities.


  • Beautifully presented gift in a hessian sack.
  • Contains 30 different types of seeds, from courgettes to carrots, chillies to coriander.
  • Also includes growing instructions for each of the seeds.
  • Ideal gift for gardeners of all ages and abilities – including newbies and children.
  • Reasonably priced – one of our most affordable gifts.


  • Could be a case of ‘style over substance’ – some users report the seeds packets containing no or limited seeds.
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Value Pick: Down To Earth: Gardening Wisdom

Our best value gift is this book of wisdom from one of the world’s most famous gardeners – they’ll be an expert in no time!

Cost: £13.15

For the gardener who loves to read, why not pick up a copy of Down to Earth: Gardening Wisdom, by gardening legend, Monty Don. This is another option that’s suitable for all abilities, and could be a gift with a little more substance for experienced gardeners.

In the book, Monty Don shares his gardening knowledge and tips, gathered over 50 years of horticultural experience. He covers everything from garden design and colour, to growing your own edibles, and gives month-by-month advice on managing the garden.

Books make for excellent presents, as they are gifts that keep on giving – they can be read, re-read and referred to, and lent to friends, time and again. And, in the meantime, they will make a stylish addition to your bookshelf!

This is our most affordable gift – but it in no way feels cheap or unthoughtful. Want to make it even more affordable? If they’ve got a Kindle, consider buying them the compatible edition. Not only does it cost less and take up zero space, but it’s more eco-friendly too.

Ultimately, unless they’re a non-reader, or they already own a copy, we think any gardener would be more than happy to receive a copy of this book of gardening wisdom, from one of the greats.


  • Perfect for fans of Monty Don and Gardener’s World.
  • Packed full of informative gardening tips and expertise.
  • Suitable for all abilities.
  • Highly affordable – our least expensive gift.
  • Choose from hardcover or paperback edition.
  • Also available in Kindle format.


  • Not every gardener enjoys reading – some may prefer a more practical gift.
  • If they’re a Monty fan, you’ll have to check they don’t already own a copy!
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Plant Theatre Butterfly B&B

Everyone loves butterflies, and this gift will help your recipient attract more into their garden

Cost: £22.99

This Butterfly B&B is an ideal gift for any gardener concerned with conservation, or who wants to attract more of these pretty pollinators into their garden.

Included in the box is a wooden butterfly house with zinc metal roof, and slots to allow the butterflies to enter. This helps to attract butterflies, by offering them a safe place to shelter from adverse weather conditions and predators. 

The base of the house is removable, to allow for easy cleaning. Not only is this butterfly house super practical, but it also looks great too, and will make a stylish addition to a garden in its own right.

Also included is a selection of flower seeds, which have been specially chosen due to being attractive to butterflies. By planting these in their garden, your fortunate recipient will not only have new flowers to appreciate, but also more sweet nectar to bring in the butterflies.

By providing nectar and shelter for butterflies, this gift will also help with butterfly conservation. It’s therefore an excellent choice for wildlife lovers, and those concerned about the environment – as well as for children, who love to observe insects and animals.

All in all, this beautiful butterfly B&B is a thoughtful gift for both your garden-loving recipient, and Britain’s butterflies.


  • Includes butterfly house and specially-selected flower seeds.
  • Made from stylish wood, with zinc roof.
  • Designed to attract more butterflies into the garden, and give them shelter.
  • Helps with conservation.
  • Perfect for wildlife lovers.
  • Makes a great gift for children.


  • Finish on the butterfly house could be better – might need some sanding down.
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Esschert Textile Garden Stool

For the practically-minded recipient, this garden stool offers both a place to rest, and to store tools

Cost: No products found.

Our next gift is something a little more practical, for the more hands-on gardener. This Esschert Textile Garden Stool is a handy, multi-functional stool, packed with storage pockets for garden tools.

It consists of a durable, folding metal frame, with a canvas seat/cover. The cover has multiple pockets, which are perfect for keeping all manner of garden accessories close-to-hand, from trowels and garden shears, to seed packets and gloves.

The low height of the stool means the user can sit on it whilst undertaking common garden tasks, such as planting seeds or weeding, instead of kneeling down. This can make for a more comfortable gardening experience, and help to reduce strain on the hips and knees.

At 41 x 31 x 30cm, the stool is small, and folds away when not in use, so it’s ideal for those with limited space (no one likes a gift they don’t actually have space for in their home!) The only disadvantage of the size is that it might not be sturdy enough to support larger users – although the fabric does have re-enforced stitching, and it seems pretty strong.

Ultimately, we think this is an ingenious product that most gardeners would find useful, but wouldn’t necessarily think to buy for themselves – which makes it a perfect gift.


  • Practical, multi-functional garden stool.
  • Made from durable metal and fabric, with re-enforced stitching.
  • Can help to prevent discomfort caused by bending or kneeling down.
  • Lots of pockets for tool storage.
  • Great for keeping everything together.
  • Small and lightweight – easy to transport and store.


  • Small size might not be suitable for users of above-average height and weight.
  • One of our priciest gardening gifts.
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Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit

Growing your own veg is exciting enough, but this funky veg kit will make things even wilder for your lucky recipient

Cost: No products found.

If your gardener loves to grow their own veggies and herbs (or perhaps they want to start), this Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit will let them do it style. It comes highly rated by online users, and is a popular gift for gardeners of all ages and abilities.

Included in the box are 5 different sealed seed packets. These UK-sourced seeds are purple carrot, red Brussel sprouts, stripy tomatoes, yellow courgette and multi-coloured Swiss chard – so your recipient will be able to grow the rainbow in their garden. 

The kit also comes with everything required to kick-start growing those seeds, including peat-growing biodegradable pots, peat discs that expand when watered, and plant markers, so you can remember which seeds are which. 

For anyone who’s new to this, the pack also comes with growing tips, to advise how to get the best results from your colourful veg. This makes the gift suitable for beginners and children, as well as more experienced gardeners.

This is a fantastic present for any gardener who already grows their own edibles, or who wants to start, but also likes to stand out from the crowd. Their garden will soon be filled with colourful, unique veggies, that taste as good as they look!


  • A practical-yet-fun, novelty garden gift.
  • Enables them to grow their own colourful, funky vegetables.
  • Comes with everything needed to grow funky veg, including 5 sealed seed packets, peat discs, biodegradable pots and plant markers.
  • Also includes growing tips.
  • Suitable for all abilities – but particularly good for beginners.
  • Highly rated by online users.


  • Few reports of missing seeds on arrival.
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CT Garden Tools Set (10 Pieces)

This pretty floral tool set is the perfect gardening gift for mums, grandmas, flower-lovers and fashionistas

Cost: No products found.

Our final gardening gift is this pretty CT Garden Tools Set. This stylish tool set consists of a purple plastic carry case, filled with 10 common garden tools, in an attractive floral design. It would be perfect for any fashionable or floral-loving gardener.

Included in the box are a selection of small rakes, shovels, shears, a weeding knife and a spray bottle, as well as a range of colourful plant labels – so there’s everything your recipient will need for the most common garden tasks, from weeding and weed-spraying, to pruning and planting. 

The head of all the tools is made from iron, with a rust-resistant coating, for improved durability, and they feel robust and high-quality. The handles are designed to be lightweight and easy to grip, for all sizes of hands. Their pretty floral pattern in shades of blue, purple and green will make even the most mundane of garden tasks seem more glamorous and exciting. 

Everything is presented in a pastel purple carry case, with a slot for each tool. The case is lightweight and easy to transport, and the built-in handle can be hooked onto a hook in the shed or workshop, for convenient storage – so you don’t need to worry about the gift taking up too much space.

This is a lovely gift for any gardener with an eye for style, and would also make an ideal birthday or Mother’s Day gift, for a garden-loving mum. It could also work as a gardening gift for children – providing they are supervised when using the tools, of course.


  • Stylish floral tool, set in a convenient plastic carry case.
  • Includes 10 useful garden tools, for common gardening tasks.
  • Tools made from durable iron, with rust-resistant paint.
  • Case has a built-in handle, for easy transportation and storage.
  • Perfect Mother’s Day gift, or gardening gift for her.
  • Great for making gardening chores more exciting!


  • Our most expensive gardening gift.
  • An avid gardener will likely own most of these tools already.
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