The UK’s Best Garden Wind Chimes For Outdoor Serenity

wind chimes in garden with trees in background
Written by April Foot

Wind chimes can make a pretty and environment-enhancing addition to your garden, filling the air with a calming, musical sound every time a breeze blows.

As well as creating a pleasant sound, wind chimes are said to bring positive energy into your home. They can also discourage cats and other unwanted animal visitors from entering your garden, and if placed near a door, can alert you to the presence of human intruders.

Wind chimes are most commonly made from either metal or bamboo. Both the material and size of the wind chimes will affect the type and level of sound created. It is important when installing wind chimes to be considerate of your neighbours.

To help you choose the perfect set of wind chimes for your garden, have a look at our selection of what we believe are 5 of the best wind chimes available. We’ve based this on their appearance, sound and value for money.

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Your outside space will soon be filled with beautiful music.

Best Pick: Wavraging Bamboo Wind Chimes

Our favourite bamboo wind chimes produce a soft, melodious sound that shouldn’t annoy the neighbours

Cost: £13.99

These beautiful Wavraging Bamboo Wind Chimes are our top pick of the best wind chimes on the market. As well as looking great, they are sturdy and high-quality, and being made from natural bamboo means that they produce a gentle, comforting sound.

The wind chimes consist of 6 hand-carved bamboo tubes, held together with durable nylon string, and with a hook at the top for easy hanging. They are ideal for suspending from tree branches, decking, or a porch beam. The windcatcher at the bottom ensures the wind chimes will create soothing sound, even in a soft ‘level 1’ breeze.

In Feng Shui, bamboo is particularly known for dispelling bad energy and creating a feeling of calm. It is also a good option for terraced houses and gardens with close neighbours, as the sound created isn’t as loud and jarring as metal – so you can maintain good neighbourly relations!

The wind chimes are weather protected with a clear varnish (although this will need to be reapplied annually to maintain protection) and can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. However, it is recommended to bring these wind chimes inside during periods of extreme weather and to hang them out of direct sunshine.

Overall, these natural wind chimes are perfect for those who want to fill their garden with gentle music, create a soothing ambience, or bestow upon someone a beautiful, hand-crafted gift.


  • Made from natural, eco-friendly bamboo.
  • Creates a soothing, gentle clacking sound.
  • Produces sound even when there is only a breeze.
  • The soft sound shouldn’t annoy your neighbours.
  • Weather-protected with clear varnish.
  • Easy to maintain – just wipe clean.


  • Hairline cracks may develop during periods of climate change (will not affect performance).
  • Not suitable for use in direct sunlight, or extreme weather.
  • Not the cheapest option.
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Value Pick: Nuosen Garden Wind Chimes

Our best value wind chimes are made from durable metal and produce a rich, clear sound

Cost: £9.99

If you’re looking for a more affordable set of wind chimes, take a look at these metal garden wind chimes from Nuosen. These are made up of 6 tuned aluminium tubes with a powder-coated finish. The tubes are suspended from a wooden top piece and have a wooden windcatcher at the bottom.

The high-quality metal construction of the wind chimes is waterproof and weather-resistant, and likely to be more durable than bamboo. These wind chimes are designed to be used year-round and, in all weathers, except in very strong winds. Sound is created even in the gentlest of breezes.

The sound produced by these wind chimes is clearer and richer than the soft notes created by the bamboo chimes. This might make them more suitable for larger gardens, or for users who are hard of hearing, or prefer the tinkling sound of metal.

However, this is likely to make them less ideal for small, overlooked gardens, as the sound created, although melodious, will almost certainly be more jarring to your neighbours – especially after several weeks or months of it being imposed upon them daily.

As these are our value pick, it should come as no surprise that they are the most affordable wind chimes on our list. If you prefer the sound of metal chimes, and you don’t have many neighbours too close by, these are an excellent choice.


  • Made from durable metal.
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant – can be used year-round.
  • Produces a rich, clear sound.
  • Creates sound even in a soft breeze.
  • Highly affordable.


  • Louder and clearer sound (compared to bamboo) might be more jarring to neighbours.
  • Not suitable for use in very strong winds.
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Woodstock Encore Bronze Chimes

These luxury wind chimes are hand-tuned to produce a superior musical melody

Cost: £27.44

Created by GRAMMY award-winning musician Garry Kvistad, these Woodstock Encore Bronze Wind Chimes are perfect for the musically-minded, offering more than just a random collection of tinkling sounds when the wind blows.

Each Woodstock wind chime is hand-tuned to create a superior melody. The sound produced is rich and bell-like, and louder than that created by many similar wind chimes. If you want to fill your garden with even more music, the sound harmonises well with the other wind chimes in the Encore collection.

Thanks to their superior sound, Woodstock wind chimes are some of the most in-demand and highly-rated wind chimes in the world. Not only do they sound great, but they also look great too – these attractive wind chimes feature anodised aluminium pipes with a bronze effect, and are held together with Bubinga finish polished wood.

The drawback of the louder sound is that they are likely to be more easily heard by your neighbours – although at least the melodious sound should be more soothing than the random tinkling of an inferior set. These are also our most expensive wind chimes and will set you back around 4 times as much as our value pick – but you’re paying for quality.

If you’re happy to invest a little more, these next-level wind chimes are here to fill your garden with actual music – and are perfect for those who want to create an inviting environment in their garden.


  • Attractive bronze and wood wind chimes.
  • Created by a GRAMMY award-winning musician.
  • Hand-tuned to produce a superior musical melody.
  • Harmonises well with other Encore collection wind chimes.
  • Highly-rated.


  • Our most expensive wind chimes.
  • Wooden hanger and windcatcher may require treatment.
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Yunlights LED Solar Wind Chimes

These hummingbird wind chimes make a stylish garden lighting feature

Cost: No products found.

It’s on to something a bit different now with these Yunlights LED Solar Wind Chimes. These pretty wind chimes showcase hanging hummingbird ornaments, each of which has a colour-changing LED bulb inside, that cycles through 7 colours. This makes the wind chimes into a unique lighting feature and creates a calming ambience.

The wind chimes automatically light up when the external light level falls in the evening or overnight, and will remain lit up for 6-8 hours when fully charged. Charging occurs during the day, thanks to the built-in solar panel on the top plate of the wind chime.

On cloudy days, the LED lights can also be charged via USB, so you can make sure your wind chimes light up when you need them. This also enables them to be used inside – these unusual wind chimes make for excellent home or garden decoration.

However, despite the name and appearance, they’re not technically wind chimes; they don’t make a sound in the wind, just light up. They’re therefore not suitable for anybody looking to add the musical sound of wind chimes to their garden.

If décor is all you’re concerned about though, these make for a super stylish option and will double as ambient outdoor lighting to extend your summer evenings outside. Add a touch of magic to your garden!


  • Light up wind chimes helps to create ambience.
  • Eco-friendly solar-powered LED lights.
  • Can also be powered by USB, so it works even on cloudy days.
  • Waterproof – can be left outside in all weathers.
  • Soundless wind chimes won’t annoy your neighbours.


  • Not technically a wind chime – doesn’t create sound.
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Bwinka Traditional Chinese Tubes & Bells

These musical wind chimes include tubes and bells, for a louder and more intense sound experience

Cost: No products found.

For our final set of wind chimes, we’re returning to some which create lots of sound. These Bwinka Traditional Chinese Tubes and Bells feature decorative metal bells which work in harmony with the copper-effect aluminium tubes, to create a rich, deep and crisp sound.

The tubes of these wind chimes produce a melodic sound when the wind blows. As there are a total of 10 tubes, and bells as well, the sound created by the wind chimes is fairly loud. They may therefore not be suitable for smaller gardens, or those with close neighbours.

The wind chimes come with an included stainless steel S hook, which allows you to hang the chimes in any suitably breezy location, such as under a tree, or on your front porch.

You can leave these wind chimes outside in all weathers – the wood top is weather-treated, and the braided nylon string which holds the tubes together is sturdy. However, be wary of leaving it out in strong winds, as the nylon is prone to getting tangled. This is also a reasonably common issue faced by users upon receipt of the wind chimes.

If you can muster the patience to untangle the strings though, you’ll be rewarded with a relaxing sound – these traditional Chinese wind chimes will add musical notes to your garden.


  • Includes high-quality aluminium tubes, and metal bells.
  • Bells add to the music created by wind chimes, making them sound crisper.
  • Tubes set to the pentatonic scale for harmonious notes.
  • Durable and hard-wearing – wood top is weather-treated, and the braided nylon string is sturdy.


  • Sound is fairly loud – may not be suitable for small gardens, or those with close neighbours.
  • Not suitable for use in strong winds – nylon strings may become tangled.
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Do Wind Chimes Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden?

Wind chimes can help to keep unwanted cats out of your garden, by creating a noise which might frighten them. It may also work to deter other unwanted wildlife visitors, such as squirrels. This is a more animal-friendly method than others, such as using sprinklers.

However, hanging wind chimes in your garden is not a guaranteed deterrent of cats, or any animal – the cat may not be scared, or may simply overcome their fear once they become used to the sound.

Where To Hang Outdoor Wind Chimes

You can hang outdoor wind chimes from tree branches, railings, or overhead beams. If you don’t have any suitable fixed point already in your garden, you could attach a bracket to a wall, or insert a freestanding post with a hook on the end into the ground and suspend your wind chimes from there.

In order for you to benefit from the soothing sound of wind chimes, it is preferable to place them in an area which commonly experiences a breeze – so not somewhere too sheltered, such as a porch. Larger wind chimes will be louder, so you might not want to place these too close to your door, or to your neighbour’s house.

If you want to use your wind chimes as a security feature, to alert you to the presence of a visitor or intruder, you should position them close to an entry point, such as a gate, door or window.

Wind chimes can also be used in Feng Shui. For example, if you hang your wind chimes near a back door that’s in line with the front door, it is said they will stop good chi (life force or energy) from immediately leaving your home. Similarly, wind chimes positioned near a window will keep chi circulating.

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