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The UK’s Best Garden Sprayers For Spraying & Misting Plants

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Written by April Foot

A garden compression sprayer can allow you to quickly and easily water your plants or spray large areas of your garden or allotment with fertiliser, pesticides and other chemicals.

These handy garden tools feature a large container that is filled with the liquid you want to spray on your plants. This container is pressurised using a pump handle, and the connected lance and nozzle are then used to apply the liquid, in spray or mist form. This can improve coverage and make it easier for you to reach plants at all levels.

Using a garden sprayer can save you money on herbicides, fungicides and pesticides, as it allows you to buy these in bulk – which also reduces the amount of plastic waste created. Bear in mind that you will probably not want to use the same sprayer for fertilisers and herbicides, so you may need more than one.

To help you choose the best option for you, we’ve put together our selection of the best garden sprayers on the market, based on their size, quality, usability and value for money.

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Say ‘goodbye’ to filling the watering can hundreds of times, and ‘hello’ to quick and easy spray application.

Best Pick: Hozelock 7L Pressure Sprayer

Our best garden sprayer has lots of user-friendly features

Cost: £44.77

This Hozelock Pressure Sprayer has been designed with the user’s comfort in mind; the 3-in-1 harness offers you full versatility in how to hold and use it, and there’s a wide filling aperture to make it easy to fill. The integrated dosing cap and translucent body with graduated markings help you to add exactly the right amount of chemicals.

A wide pump handle and built-in pressure release valve make it easy to pressurise the sprayer, and the grips on the wide base of the bottle ensure it remains stable while you do so. Be aware that, although it has a 7-litre volume, the maximum amount of liquid you can put in the container is 5 litres, to allow it to pressurise properly.

When in use, the lockable flow control means you can spray continuously, reducing user fatigue. If you want to switch to a more concentrated flow, simply adjust the nozzle to take the spray from a mist to a jet stream. Once you’ve finished your spraying, the compact bottle is easy to pack away, as the hose and all accessories can be stored on-board.

The lance is made from a durable fibreglass, so you won’t need to worry about breaking anything, and if you do run into any problems, a 3-year guarantee from the manufacturer offers peace of mind.

This is one of the most expensive garden sprayers on our list, and it is pricier than other products of a similar volume – but we believe the quality and user-friendliness of the design makes it more than worth it.


  • Durable fibreglass lance.
  • Translucent bottle with graduated markings makes it easier for you to add the right amount of liquid.
  • 3-in-1 harness offers flexible wearing options.
  • Adjustable nozzle for jet and mist modes.
  • Lockable flow control enables continuous spraying.
  • Last drop technology ensures all the contents is used before refilling.


  • Pricier than some similar-sized competitors.
  • Lance is fairly short – you may want to purchase an extension.
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Value Pick: Defenders 2L Sprayer

This compact garden sprayer offers unbeatable value for smaller areas

Cost: £5.99

Our next garden sprayer is a smaller option from Defenders, with only a 2-litre capacity. It’s the perfect size for spraying a few plants and targeted areas, but isn’t so suitable for large gardens, as you will need to refill the sprayer often.

Apart from being smaller, the sprayer has many features to rival the Hozelock; it’s translucent and has measurements in gallons and litres, so you can easily fill the bottle to the ideal amount. The pressure release valve allows you to pressurise the bottle for more effective spraying (although it doesn’t do this as well as the Hozelock).

The nozzle on this sprayer is adjustable, enabling you to switch between a stream and a spray, and there’s also a trigger lock for when you want to spray continuously – although this is a little prone to unintentional activation.

This isn’t the highest quality option on our list, but that’s hardly surprising considering the price. The spray is narrower than others, and the pressure can be pretty low. However, considering the price, the quality is better than you’d probably expect, and if you only have a small area to spray, this will get the job done, for the least amount of money.


  • 2-litre capacity is good for small gardens.
  • The translucent bottle allows you to easily measure contents, in litres and gallons.
  • Adjustable nozzle allows you to change from a spray to a mist.
  • Trigger lock for continuous spraying.
  • A pressure release valve allows for effective coverage.
  • Highly affordable.


  • Low pressure and narrow spray, not suitable for large areas.
  • Smaller capacity than many competitors –  you will need to refill it more often.
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Oregon Knapsack Pressure Sprayer

Our largest garden sprayer has an impressive 20-litre capacity

Cost: £37.50

If you’ve got a large area to cover, and a 2-litre sprayer just isn’t going to cut it, then take a look at this Oregon Knapsack Pressure Sprayer. With an impressive 20 litre capacity, you won’t need to refill this one anywhere near as often, and you’ll be able to enjoy uninterrupted spraying.

The drawback of the large size is that it weighs much more when full (around 20kg), and therefore isn’t as easy and comfortable to move around. It does, however, come with a shoulder strap, to allow you to carry it on your back if you’re feeling up to it – you might find it difficult to lift into position though.

The sprayer is functional and easy to use, and it includes 2 adjustable nozzles, to allow you to control the spray pattern. The non-pressurised main tank means less pumping is required, as the pressurised chamber is only 0.9 litres, and unlike other designs, you don’t need to pump more as the liquid level drops.

Some online users do report a problem with the bottle leaking from the pump handle when in use – although this seems to be the exception, rather than the norm. Be aware also that this sprayer requires some self-assembly, and the instructions on how to do this are not the best.

However, once you’ve got it together, the common consensus is that this is an easy to use, professional-grade garden sprayer, that’s ideal for dousing large areas with pesticides or weed-killer.


  • Large 20-litre capacity is ideal for covering bigger areas.
  • Includes 2 adjustable spray nozzles, for versatile spraying.
  • Non-pressurised tank means less pumping is required.
  • The shoulder strap allows you to carry it on your back.


  • Not the cheapest option.
  • Heavier and less portable than smaller sprayers.
  • Poor assembly instructions.
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Spear & Jackson Pump Action Pressure Sprayer

This 5-litre garden sprayer is functional and affordable

Cost: No products found.

This award-winning Spear & Jackson Pump Action Sprayer offers a manageable-yet-functional capacity of 5 litres, for a highly affordable price. As with all of these sprayers, it’s suitable for use with water, as well as soluble fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides – just avoid any viscous liquids.

The bottle is translucent, and features graduated markings in both fluid ounces and litres, so it’s easy to fill and mix your chemicals, whichever measuring system you prefer.

Although you will need to refill this more often than the 20-litre model, the clear advantage of a smaller sprayer is that it’s much lighter – this one weighs approximately 5.4kg when full, so it’s not difficult to carry, and can be transported easily using the included shoulder strap. You can also store the wand in the slot on the handle when it’s not in use.

The 560mm wand extends your reach, and the 1.3m hose is perfect for accessing awkward places. The nozzle can be adjusted to take the spray pattern from a spray to a mist, offering you wider coverage when it’s needed. If you want to spray continuously, simply engage the lockable trigger, and give your hand a rest.

In fact, there aren’t really any features missing from this sprayer – it’s got pretty much everything you need. If you’re spraying an average-sized garden, this is an excellent choice and is one of the best value options available.


  • Translucent bottle with graduated markings in litres and fluid ounces, for accurate filling and mixing.
  • Adjustable nozzle to change from a spray to a mist.
  • Lockable trigger for continuous spraying.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry using the included shoulder strap.
  • Slot in the handle allows for easy storage of the wand.
  • Affordable.


  • Not high-pressure enough for blast cleaning of decking etc.
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Polar Premium 5L Pump Action Sprayer

This bright yellow garden sprayer offers good quality for the price

Cost: No products found.

Our final product is this Polar Premium Pump Action Sprayer. This is another 5-litre model, with a slightly higher price tag than the Spear & Jackson, but still significantly cheaper than the Hozelock model.

This one has a very similar design to both of these sprayers and includes several user-friendly features, such as a built-in pressure release valve, and a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

There are also graduated measurement markings on the side of the bottle, in both litres and fluid ounces – however, due to the opaqueness of the bright yellow bottle, it is very difficult to see the internal liquid level, making mixing chemicals inside the bottle tricky.

Other than this drawback, the sprayer functions well and feels sturdy. The 1.3m hose and 560mm lance make it easy to spray your chemicals onto harder to reach areas.

Overall, as long as you’re prepared to measure your quantities prior to pouring them into the container, this is another high-quality garden sprayer, that represents good value for money.


  • Shoulder strap for easy portability.
  • Built-in pressure release valve.
  • Graduated markings in both litres and fluid ounces.
  • Pictographic usage guide on the container.


  • Limited instructions, other than the pictographic.
  • Difficult to see the liquid level, due to the opaqueness of the container.
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How Do Garden Sprayers Work?

Garden pressure sprayers generally consist of a container with a pump, attached to a lance and nozzle. They can be filled with water, or chemicals such as pesticides, and used to spray these chemicals onto plants.

This type of sprayer works through the use of a pressurising system. This is usually done with a handle, which is manually pumped by the user, to pressurise the container. When the trigger on the lance is squeezed, the air pressure inside forces liquid out of the nozzle, in the form of a stream, spray or mist.

How To Fix A Garden Sprayer

There are several things you can do to try to fix your garden sprayer, depending on what’s gone wrong.

If your sprayer is brand new and not functioning as it should, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions, to make sure it’s assembled correctly, and no parts are missing. You can also refer to the user manual for troubleshooting techniques specific to your model.

If the pump handle of your sprayer is difficult to move, or the container isn’t pressurising properly when you pump it, try lubricating the plunger with petroleum jelly.

If the container is pressurised, but the water pressure is still low, there may be a fault with the hose, so check it over for any leaks or blockages. You can also try tightening the nozzle adjuster.

If the problem is a leak, make sure that the cap nut between the container and the hose is tightened, and that the rubber O-ring seal is intact – if it’s damaged, you may need to contact the manufacturer for a replacement. If the leak is from the nozzle, check the shut-off valve, and all other O-rings.

To avoid damaging your garden sprayer, make sure not to use it with viscous liquids or corrosive substances – for example acid, paint or bleach – and always clean it thoroughly after every use.

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