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The UK’s Best Garden Incinerators For Burning Paper & Unwanted Waste

garden incinerator with bags of lawn cuttings
Written by Chris Briggs

Garden waste can mount up very quickly and can be a real hassle to dispose of. Thankfully, garden incinerators offer a way to burn waste quickly and cheaply.

If you spend a lot of time in the garden, then you’ll know that garden waste is something you need to dispose of constantly. Having to rely solely on bin collection isn’t ideal, nor is having to make a journey to your local tip.

Garden incinerators provide a way for you to burn up garden waste in a way that’s safe, inexpensive and effective. Burning waste using an incinerator will help you to save time and effort hauling your garden waste to the bin and taking it to the tip.

There are some excellent garden incinerators available on the market these days. Below, we’ve rated some of the best currently available. We will share with you their key features as well as their pros and cons, so you’re able to make an informed decision.

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Let’s begin with our best pick, the CrazyGadget Metal Incinerator bin…

Best Pick: CrazyGadget Metal Incinerator Bin

A high quality, reliable incinerator

Cost: £10.99

Our best pick is the CrazyGadget Metal Incinerator Bin.

As is standard with most incinerators, this bin has ventilation holes around the base to ensure proper combustion. There are also handles on the side as well as on the lid, which means it’s easy to move without needing to touch the bin itself.

The bin is made from durable galvanized steel, making it perfect for burning all types of waste. It’s very easy to assemble, you just need to attach the three legs that make up the base onto the bin.

You can buy this bin in range of sizes, starting at 15 litres, going all the way up to 125 litres. The bins from 40 litres and upwards have a special locking system that helps to secure the lid.

Overall, this is an excellent bin that’s great value for money and would be suitable in most scenarios.


  • Made from high quality galvanized steel
  • Comes in a range of sizes – 15 litres, 18 litres, 40 litres, 90 litres and 125 litres
  • The handles on the side of the bin stick out, making it safer to move the bin after using it
  • Very minimal assembly required – it’s simply a matter of screwing the three legs onto the bin


  • The smaller bins may not be practical for burning a large amount of garden waste
  • The two smallest bins don’t feature the locking system of the larger ones
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Value Pick: Keto Mini Garden Incinerator

Gets the job done at a great price

Cost: £10.50

The Keto Mini Garden Incinerator is our value pick and would make a great choice if you only need to burn a small amount of waste at a time.

There are multiple holes dotted around the base of the bin, allowing for good combustion. It’s easy to move around thanks to the handles on the side. The handles stick out from the bin to make it safer to move around, though it’s still always recommended that you use safety gloves when handling an incinerator.

It’s made from durable galvanized steel and is sturdy enough, although you’ll still need to be careful when moving it around since it can dent. It’s very easy to assemble and set up and once you’ve lit it, it burns very well. It can be used to burn a variety of garden waste, including leaves, grass and wood.

At 15 litres, it’s certainly on the smaller side but for burning small amounts of garden/household waste, it’s ideal. Everything you need to get started using it is included for the price, including the bin itself, the lid, chimney and legs.


  • The three-legged base means it’s very sturdy
  • Light, portable and very easy to use
  • Made from durable galvanized steel
  • Its small size and light weight, makes it perfect for storing in a small garage or shed


  • Its 15 litres capacity means this wouldn’t be ideal if you want to burn a large amount of garden waste in one go
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S&MC Gardenware Fire Bin

A high capacity bin that’s great for burning all types of garden waste

The S&MC Gardenware Fire Bin is a good choice of incinerator if you have a lot of garden waste that you want to burn.

It’s made in the UK and constructed from galvanized stainless steel. There are plenty of holes around the base of the bin, so it burns very well once you’ve lit it and it has no problem burning all types of garden waste, including leaves, grass and twigs.

The 90 litres capacity makes this bin perfect for disposing of large amounts of garden waste and it also comes with a free ash poker. Assembling this bin is very straightforward and is simply a matter of attaching the legs to it.

Being as big as it is does mean that you’ll need more space to store it, but it shouldn’t be an issue providing you have a decent sized garage or shed.

Overall, the S&MC Gardenware Fire Bin gets the job done very well and would certainly help you to reduce the amount of waste in your garden.  


  • Made in the UK from high quality materials
  • Comes with a free ash poker worth £6.99
  • Can burn a large amount of garden waste at one time thanks to its capacity of 90 litres
  • Is capable of burning most types of garden waste, including wood, grass, leaves and twigs


  • Storage might be an issue with an incinerator this size if you only have a small shed
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Keto 210L Burner Bin

An excellent bin for burning a large amount of waste

Cost: Price not available

At 210 litres, this is by far the largest bin we’ve rated and would be perfect for burning larger waste, such as broken-down furniture or large plants/shrubs.

Being as large as it is, you’ll want to make sure you have the space to store this bin and be sure that you require the capacity. If you do need a very large incinerator however, then this would be a good choice.

It’s worth mentioning that this bin has been repurposed, originally being a fruit juice drum. Although it’s still perfectly functional as an incinerator, there are certain things missing, such as chimney. There also aren’t any handles on the side, which does make it a bit more awkward to move around, especially considering its size.

You can choose whether you want to have a lid included or not, however it’s only really suitable for keeping rain out of the bin when you’re not using it since it’s a flat lid with no handle.

There is no assembly required with this bin, since there aren’t any legs. This might sound like a negative but given the size and weight of this bin, it accidentally tipping over isn’t really a big risk.


  • The 210 litres capacity means you’re able to burn a large amount of waste
  • Very sturdy and constructed from high quality steel
  • Ready to use straight out of the box, with no assembly required


  • The 4 holes that are drilled into the bin as it comes are not ideal for enabling the best combustion
  • Wasn’t originally designed as an incinerator so is missing certain features, including a chimney and handles on the sides
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Denny International Fire Incinerator

A large, good quality bin that comes with all the features you’d want

Cost: £19.99

Lastly, we’re going to look at the Denny International Fire Incinerator. With 90 litres capacity, this bin enables you to burn plenty of waste without the worry of running out of room.

Unlike many other incinerators, the holes on this bin go all the way up the sides. This allows for plenty of oxygen to get to the fire, which always important with a bin of this size.

The lid has a chimney funnel on the top, making it suitable to be placed over the bin while it’s burning. It also has a handle on it, so it’s easier to remove. The legs, as well as the nuts and bolts needed to attach them come included. Once the legs are attached, the bin stands at 32”.

You have the option to buy either a square or round bin, with the square bin being the cheaper option of the two. The bins are made in the UK and are constructed from galvanized steel.

This bin would be suitable if you want to burn a decent amount of waste each week, but you don’t have the requirement for an extremely large bin, such as the Keto bin we rated above.


  • Plenty of holes, allowing for faster burning
  • Easy and safe to move around thanks to the handles on the sides
  • Minimal assembly required
  • 90 litres capacity allows you to burn large waste


  • The legs can become weakened over time with continual use
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How To Use A Garden Incinerator Safely & Effectively

It should go without saying that when you’re using a garden incinerator, safety is incredibly important.

Below we’ll look at the main steps involved in using an incinerator, so you can use yours in a way that’s safe and effective.

Assembly & setting up

The first thing you’ll want to do is ensure the incinerator is properly assembled. This is usually just a case of attaching the legs firmly to the bin. Once it’s assembled, you’ll then need to find an appropriate place to set it up.

You should find as flat a surface as possible to set up your incinerator and make sure that there isn’t anything nearby that could catch fire. This includes overhanging trees or plants as well as any garden furniture.

Lighting the incinerator

After you’ve found a good place for the incinerator, you’ll need to light it. To do this you should first remove the lid from then bin and then add some fuel to the bottom of it. Newspaper and dry twigs work well.

You should then light the end of a scrunched up newspaper and put it through one of the holes at the bottom of the incinerator to get it started. Replace the lid and wait for the fire to get going.

Burning & disposing the waste

You’ll want to wait until the incinerator is burning at a good heat before you add any waste. This is usually the case once the initial smoke has died down. Carefully remove the lid using heat resistant gloves and put the waste inside.

It’s important when using an incinerator to not put too much waste in at one time. Doing this can easily cause the fire to be smothered and go out. Instead you should take your time and only add new waste when there’s room for it.

Once you’re done burning all your waste, you’ll then need to dispose of it. It’s very important that you allow enough time for the ashes to cool down before tipping them out. Make sure the fire is out completely and then you can tip out the ash. It’s also important to make sure the incinerator itself isn’t too hot to the touch, even if you’re wearing gloves, so make sure you give it enough time to cool down after using it.

Although you can dispose of the ashes if you want, a lot of gardeners will keep them since ash from garden waste can be used as a fertilizer. If you want to do this, then simply put it in a plastic container and use as you need it.

Safety checklist

  • Make sure incinerator is properly assembled
  • Find a flat surface that’s free from any clutter or overhanging trees
  • Allow it to burn hot before adding any waste
  • Make sure you’re adhering to local regulations
  • Wear safety equipment such as thick boots, thick gloves and eye protection to prevent injury
  • Make sure the waste and the incinerator itself are both cool enough before you handle them

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