The UK’s Best Garden Day Beds For Ultimate Outdoor Relaxation

a daybed with garden in the background

Available in an array of styles and colours, there is a daybed to suit every garden, every taste, every wallet.

But daybeds are not just stylish, they’re comfortable. Why not get a daybed and relax in high style and ‘high comfort’ in your garden?

Sometimes even the most decadent outdoor lounger isn’t enough. You need a little bit more. A little bit more luxury, a little bit more stretching-out. And that’s just what a Garden Daybed brings. Spend a quiet, lazy afternoon out in the shade, reading a novel amid the warbling of songbirds . . . until you doze off in high style.

Talking of style, garden daybeds come in an astonishing range of styles and designs. They are made of wood, metal, rattan, polyester, synthetics, and more. The shapes range from rectangular through oval to circular. What doesn’t vary a lot is the size as daybeds are typically meant for two, be it you and your better half with a bottle of wine, or grandma and your little girl with a Noddy book. The design may vary from austere through elegant all the way to luxurious. And the colours – ‘brilliant’ in more ways than one. The full-on hues and shades of some garden daybeds compete with those of garden flowers.

Which is not to say that the garden is the only suitable location for a ‘garden’ daybed. A daybed of the appropriate style and size is perfectly placed in a corner of the deck, patio, verandah, or terrace. The point on style is key – you would not want a purple, lollypop-shaped daybed in an elegant garden of well-manicured evergreens, nor would you want a sedate, toned-down model in cream or beige surrounded by a colourful, riotous medley of blooms. The takeaway: match the daybed to your garden. At the same time, while you would like your daybed to complement your garden and be an attractive feature of it, you also want it to be comfortable enough for a siesta, right?

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Intex xls Ultra Daybed Lounge Mattress – Circular, 191 x 53 cm, Compound, Otro, 53 x 191 cm
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Let us guide you through several daybeds as we run down each one’s merits and flaws in both form and function.

Best Pick: TecTake Garden Day Bed Island Lounger

A high-priced item that exudes luxury, TecTake’s daybed is very stylish; it is lovely to lounge in yet easily converts into sofa, stools, and table.

Perfectly circular and composed of a central island surrounded by four partial quadrants, all with separate cushioned layers, a highlight of TecTake’s Lounger is configurability, as it converts from daybed to garden furniture, say, a shaded sofa for two, two small benches, and a table. It is made of multi-grey polyrattan woven around a very solid aluminium frame.

Besides multi-grey, this very attractive set is also made in brown and black with different rattan weaves. It is 180 centimetres in diameter and it is 35 centimetres off the ground. The feet are screwed in, thus they are individually adjustable per component so that you can get the whole thing perfectly level. It weighs 36 kilogrammes.

The multi-hued greys of the rattan centre around Classic French Grey and the upholstery is in Light Mink. The 5-centimetre multi-part mattress and three plump cushions are made of polyester, and are very comfortable. The zippered covers are liquid-repellant. 

TecTake’s smartly-designed daybed has a substantial pillowrest which doubles a just-right backrest for the ’sofa’ when the components are separated. A highlight, both in terms of visual appeal and practicality, is the semicircular sunshade supported by four arcing ribs. It is ingeniously designed so as to be convertible and adjustable as the ribs swivel at their attachments to the connector rods.

The thin and somewhat squishy ‘mattress’ quadrants can and do slide and separate when you are lying down, leaving you relaxing on rattan. Attaching strips of velcro to the sides solves this problem. Likewise, the daybed’s constituent parts may tend to separate; however, these can be held together by attaching clamping together the inner frames of adjoining parts.

If you are a good DIYer putting it together shouldn’t be a problem, otherwise it’s a two-person job. Do not rely on the dodgy assembly instructions and be aware that it is the canopy and its framework that pose the major challenge.

Though this set will set you back a hefty sum it is of very high quality. Scoring points on attractiveness, practicality, and features, TecTake’s Garden Daybed Island Lounger is our Best Pick.


  • Very stylish and also of undeniably high quality.
  • The adjustable sunshade is both a practical feature and also a style feature.
  • Configurable and convertible, it’s a daybed by day and outdoor furniture set by evening!


  • The constituent parts and the cushions tend to separate when you loll about on it.
  • Very expensive!
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Value Pick: TecTake Double Outdoor Lounger

An elegant and sculpted frame supporting a soft, satiny sheet of just-right tautness and a canopy overhead, TecTake’s relaxing daybed is top value.

A satiny, sheeny sleeping surface and a canopied sunshade shown off and supported by an elegantly curved and sculpted metal frame. That’s TecTake’s kit, a cross between a lounger and a daybed. It is available in three colours.

The eye-pulling cerise shade of the ‘Red’ variant is ideally suited to the modernist and chic styling of this daybed, and it will adorn any brilliant flower garden. However, it is also available in more sedate but attractive tones of light beige and toffee brown.

It measures 200 by 175 centimetres. Though it weighs only 18 kilogrammes it is meant to hold up to 200 kilos.

Slung with just-right tension between the frame is a thick polyester textile sheet that provides a sleeping surface that is even more comfortable than it looks. The generously-sized canopy offers ample protection from the sun and even a drizzle, as the polyester material is liquid repellant. It is also somewhat adjustable by way of tilting it. Two small cushions round out this kit. However, these thin things are more for decor than for comfort.

TecTake’s svelte and stylish daybed will lend a classy resort look to your garden but it’s far from fussy or delicate; in fact, is has a very secure and sturdy feel to it which add to its comfort. It is also easy to move around as it has casters on the rear legs and rounded springy sliders on the front.

Putting it together is a nightmare. Because the parts do not align or fit easily, you need to force-fit them and that takes some muscle. It will be less of a struggle with two.

The overall quality of TecTake’s daybed cum lounger is so very good that it leaves you wondering how they can price it so low. But they do and the outcome is that it wins our Value Pick position.


  • One of the most elegant, even artistic, daybeds; it’s one to grace any garden.
  • Feels as smooth and satiny as it looks – ultra-comfortable on a warm day.
  • How can it be so inexpensive? A can’t-beat value deal!


  • Assembling it may make you pull out fistfuls of hair.
  • The pillows are purely ‘art,’ they are too thin to be useful.
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Intex Ultra Lounging Mattress

A brilliantly-hued giant-sized lollipop, Intex’s inflatable mattress makes for a fun, playful look yet is oh-so-relaxing and very affordably priced.

A circular vinyl mattress decorated with concentric rings and ridges, Intex’s Ultra Lounger has a pneumatic look, which makes sense because this is an inflatable kit. In addition to the main chamber which is inflated, this mattress has another, small chamber at the bottom which is meant to be filled with water to anchor and stabilise the kit.

It has a velvety sheen which feels as good as it looks. As for overall feel and softness, you can fine-tune it to taste simply by adjusting the ‘PSI.’

Intex’s mattress is 191 centimetres across and is only 15 centimetres off the ground. It is big enough for three . . . well, for two-and-a-half. It weighs only 7.5 kilogrammes but is rated to support a weight of up to 273 kilogrammes (not that it would be a good idea to exceed about 220 kilogrammes).

A feature that is both smart and practical: the cup-holders, one on each side. A niggle: the backrest cum pillow is fixed – it is not shiftable or removable.

It is quite strong and well-made, and punctures are few and far between though many units will lose a bit of air every couple of days and want a top-up. Unfortunately, some defective units deflate almost entirely in about half-an-hour. In this respect, it’s a bit of an all-or-nothing throw of the dice.

Intex’s Lounging Mattress – round, smooth, and a vibrant magenta-purple – looks like a giant-size lollipop. It is a playful, soft and fun kit. Though very much meant for adults, this is one daybed the girls will love. And the appeal doesn’t end there, it extends to the budget price. On another day, this value-for-money buy may have nicked our Value Pick spot.


  • Takes all the points on offer for vibrancy, playfulness, and ‘fun’!
  • Comfy and cool daybed is surprisingly strong and well made.
  • At the economy price, it’s a smashing good value.


  • The backrest-pillow is attached and cannot be shifted or removed.
  • Some units turn out defective and they almost totally deflate in a short while.
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Evre Outdoor Lounger Set

Though not high on comfort, Evre’s formal-looking two-piece kit goes from daybed thru lounger to a sofa and stretcher – now that’s versatility!

Evre’s Outdoor Lounger Set comprises of a two-seater sofa and full-sized rectangular ottoman. The white upholstery and close-woven black PE rattan make for a ‘classic’ black-and-white colour combination. Both components have an internal metal frame.

All straight lines and angles, functional, and formal’ish, this set is on the austere side. The upright backrest suggests that it is not the right choice for all-in comfort. Indeed, the cushions are rather un-plush, on the thin side at 5 centimetres, and do not enhance comfort levels.

Evre’s Outdoor Lounger is deceptively small at 119 centimetres long and 61 wide, and is also low-set at only 34 centimetres. The extendable ottoman lengthens out to 132 centimetres. This set is little, prim, and proper. In view of its design and the size, if you have a little garden of a formal style this daybed of sorts may be the perfect choice for the verandah.

What Evre’s Outdoor set has going for it is that it is highly configurable and adaptable. The ottoman can be placed and used separately or as an integral part of the sofa. Positioned parallel to and adjoining the sofa seat, we get a lounger for two. Place it perpendicular to one seat of the sofa and there’s a daybed for one, especially with the ottoman’s extension popped out.

This kit is not only configurable, it is in truth a two-for-one set. The component parts can be used separately if you see it as a two-seater sofa and a stretcher. Put one on the porch and use the other in the spare room. It’s a very versatile multi-purpose set.

This kit is not difficult to assemble by just one and is a breeze to put together with two.


  • Formal’ish yet petite, it is just right for small, formal gardens.
  • It’s a daybed for one, a lounger for two – or a sofa on the porch and a stretcher in the basement.
  • Assembly? What assembly? Anyone could put this one together!


  • Does not score well in lounging comfort.
  • On the small side, it’s barely usable for tall and stout persons.
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Evre Bali Day Bed Furniture Set

Of variable quality, Evre’s Bali daybed sometimes carries a flaw but good pieces are very sturdy, boast comfy cushions, and have a lovely sunshade.

Evre’s Bali daybed is perfectly circular with an upright, tapering back around half the circumference. The daybed is comprised of four separate quadrants, each with a polyester mattress section on a PE rattan frame. The Dark Grey variant has steel-grey coloured rattan with mattress and canopy of an eggshell hue. Other colour choices are Brown and Mixed Grey.

The rattan back functions as a pillow-rest when this multi-part kit is being used as a daybed; when the quadrants are separated it is a backrest for two stylised sofas. Without the pillow-rest the bed measures 175 centimetres in diameter.

An excellent feature of this unit is the semi-circular, arcing sunshade that covers nearly half the bed. It is supported by four ribs, is adjustable and can be lowered nearly all the way down. Four plump and comfy cushions and adjustable screwed feet enhance the comfort level of this set.

The mattress sections and the four quadrants have an annoying habit of sliding and separating under your body weight when you shift your position. A small additional expenditure on velcro strips and clamps to hold the sections together will solve this problem.

The knock on Evre’s Bali set is the dodgy quality control. Now and then a defective unit goes out that is prone to some defect or is flawed in the first place. Here or there the rattan may be broken or may break, a strut may be chipped, a mattress section may come apart at the seam, or some loose threads in the sunshade may further unravel.

Fair warning given, if your luck holds and you get a good piece, you will find it very sturdy but it may still not be a value for money.

Because component parts are not designed to fit and may be misaligned, you need both some strength and handyman skills to put this together. It is best attempted by two.


  • Covering nearly half the bed, the stylish sunshade is adjustable.
  • The cushions are plump and comfortable – and four of them.
  • In general, a very sturdy daybed.


  • Loose threads, splitting seams, torn rattan, and such are among the defects that occur a bit too often.
  • While lying on it, shifting your position often causes the component parts to shift.
  • Very expensive.
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How To Create A Relaxing Garden

If you want to create a relaxing garden, first you need to know what’s not relaxing. So herewith a few ‘Donts.’

Gardens that are ‘busy,’ or are disorganised, riotous, are a profusion of colours, or have a number of flowering plants whose blooms are predominantly in the yellow-orange through red to purple colour continuum are not ‘relaxing’ gardens. Such gardens give off energy and are enlivening – which is exactly the opposite of relaxing. In order to be relaxing, a garden has to be gentle, still, soothing.

Another no-no for relaxing gardens is a few too many big trees. Tall trees, as marvellous as they are, are not elements of relaxing gardens. It is fine to have a medium-sized shade tree but one of the traits of a relaxing garden is stillness, and a little too much movement and rustling, and the startling now-and-again snap and bump of a falling branch, do not promote stillness. Also, an important consideration of a relaxing garden is organisation and symmetry, and it is difficult to prune big trees for symmetry.

Dwarf trees and small ornamental trees, on the other hand, are ideal for relaxing gardens. Here are three great possibilities, each very different:–

  • Chinese Wisteria ‘Alba’ with its weeping white inflorescence is a soothing influence.
  • Saucer Magnolia’s blossoms and the waft of their heady scent brings a touch of the East.
  • Prunus ‘Amanogawa’ is dainty and upright, and with an abundance of pastel-pink mini blooms.

Such trees are one possible element of a relaxing garden. The most important element, is of course, plants. For a relaxing garden it is important to choose plants that are not aggressive, invasive, sprawling, or fast-growing. Plants that grow slowly and are easy to prune are the ones to select from. Choose plants that do not have large, showy, or ornate blooms, but have small, tidy flowers or florets in blue, indigo, cream, and pastel shades. Use white flowers with care as this powerful neutral tone is not a relaxing tint. Here are three possibilities:–

  • Borago officinalis is a herb with delicate lavender and pinkish blooms, and as a fragrant emollient it is perfect for a relaxing garden.
  • Mophead Hydrangea bears delightful bunches of pastel-hued florets – and you’re the artist because you can tune the tint by varying soil pH.
  • Smoke Bush Daydream is a species you’ll have to keep pruning but to combine some playfulness with relaxation, try this ‘candy floss’ plant.

Succulents are also a top element for relaxing gardens. They are naturally ‘still,’ naturally symmetrical, and, as a bonus, are low-maintenance. Here are three choice picks:–

  • Verschaffelt agave A. potatorum has thick, spatulate leaves but it’s the slate blue colour that will ‘make’ your relaxing garden.
  • Echeveria Lilacina Ghost is a bit like an overgrown zinnia, and has a cool grey-blue-lilac hue that changes with the seasons!
  • Crassula picturata Tiger Jade has ‘artist-sculpted’ leaves of a sea-green hue but with dreamy deep purple dappling.

Finally, a relaxing garden needs landscaping with some non-plant, non-flora elements, chief among them a water element. Splashing fountains and waterfalls work against the idea of relaxation; as such, a little pebbled brook is the best choice. Try to model the brook with loose bends and curves. Pebbles in the bed and on the banks will not only look pretty but may create a gentle purring sound – ideal for relaxation. And while at it, why not a little arcing foot-bridge in lilac over the brook? Finish off with a pebblestone walkway leading to a muted garden pagoda up a slight gradient in one corner.

As to the various elements (of all kinds), try to ensure that no element (except for a shade tree if you prefer it to a canopy) is too tall, say over 2 metres, and that the heights of adjacent elements do not vary widely and that there is a gentle and harmonious progression between adjacent element – a relaxing garden does not need to be strictly uniform but any kinds of abrupt changes are to be avoided.  

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