The UK’s Best Garden Bike Storage Solutions For Outdoor Use

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Written by Sophie Lorford

While biking is the perfect activity for family bonding, staying fit and getting some fresh hair, the major drawback to it is often keeping your bikes safe, secure and away from corrosion due to the Great British weather!

Luckily, there’s a wide array of bike storage solutions for outdoor use, or for sticking in your garage or shed. Most of them are available in metal, steel, wood or plastic, and come in a range of sizes to suit your circumstances and budget –  whether you have mountain bikes, family bikes or you just need to find a space for your children’s scooters.

We understand that, when it comes to bike storage, there is a lot to think about. From bike sheds to metal bike racks and storage tents, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution!

At the end of this article, we talk about some of the things to consider when planning your next garden bike storage solution. For now, we’ll explore some of the UK’s best options available to you.

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Here’s more detail on our top picks:

Best Pick: Keter Store-It-Out

A large storage container ideal for bikes, bins and garden accessories

Cost: £349.00

Our best bike for garden bike storage solutions, the Keter Store-It-Out is built with secure, outdoor storage in mind. Although made from fade-free plastic (with steel reinforcement), it has a large storage capacity enough for 2 adult and 2 kids bikes, has shelf support and even hydraulic pistons to help it open!

If you’ve only got one or two bikes in the household, you could use the Keter to store your garden tools, BBQs, wheelie bins and more to keep them out of the rain throughout the year. On the subject of wheelie bins, the Keter has actually been created with bikes and bins in mind – and even has a bin opening kit included which opens the bins as you open the roof of the storage container.

One of the other interesting functions of this option is the vent (to keep the air ventilated and keep smells out) and the 2 or 3-door locking options to keep your storage extra secure.

With a wood effect panel and wide opening doors, it’s the ideal storage solution for gardens with a little bit of space. Once assembled, its whole size of the XL version comes in at 177 x 113 x 134cm, so you’ll need just over a meter and a half of length space, and just over a meter in depth to store this option. However, it also comes in midi, max and ultra sizes if you need some flexibility with the size.

With talks of hydraulic pistons, locking mechanisms and door options it might sound as though it would be a royal pain to assemble – but actually, it’s been designed with simple assembly in mind, and the majority of the parts simply slot together.


  • Large storage space
  • Safe and secure home storage for bins, bikes, tools, BBQs and other garden essentials
  • Comes with sloped flooring for easy access
  • Made with fade-free plastic and reinforced steel
  • Flexibility in sizes: midi, max, ultra and XL
  • Low maintenance, will only require light washing occasionally. 


  • Only comes in beige colour option.  
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Value Pick: OUTOUR Waterproof Storage Tent

Our value pick for waterproof bike protection and storage

Cost: Price not available

An option you may not have considered, the OUTOUR Waterproof Storage Tent could be a flexible choice for gardens. Made from heavy-duty, ripstop, waterproof and UV protected materials, the OUTOUR comes with an extra thick cover with no exposed rods, keeping the contents dry.

This option is perfect for those who want flexibility with their storage – perhaps your bikes only come out for a few months of the year and are kept at the back of the garage the rest of the time – so using a storage tent is a space-saving and portable choice, and comes with a carrying bag which is ideal for trips away.

In true multi-purpose fashion, it can also serve as a tent! It comes with two hooks inside for hanging bike helmets, and even hook and loop windows for ventilation.


  • A flexible and portable option
  • Multipurpose – can easily be put away if you’re not using your bikes for a few months, or used as a camping tent!
  • Weatherproof and thick materials keep your bikes dry and out of UV rays
  • Hooks included for hanging accessories inside. 


  • Not necessarily a permanent storage solution
  • Only fits one or two adult sized bikes at once.
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Dunster House Outdoor Bike Shed

A smaller yet very secure option for outdoor bike storage

Cost: £364.99

If you don’t have the space for a full-sized shed, the Dunster House Outdoor Bike Shed might be an option for you. With dimensions of 102 x 202 x 175cm, this bike shed is around 5ft 7” high, giving a smaller storage solution than a full shed, fitting approximately 2 adult bikes and 1 child bike.

With wide-access doors and security hinges, the Dunster is made from pressure-treated timber for longevity, which is guaranteed for 10 years against rot and insect infestation. The roof has 15mm cladding and pre-fixed roof felt, so you can rest assured that the contents will stay secure, safe and dry.

The key feature of this option is security. It’s been built with a hasp and clasp to keep padlocks shut, and this is secured with covered fixing screws making the whole lock difficult to remove. The security hinges are also bolted in, and difficult to remove when the doors to the bike shed are shut.

However, there are two big caveats with the Dunster. One of them being that the timber may swell up with moisture absorption when it rains, so the manufacturers suggest using a water-repellent treatment on the wood as well as ventilating it regularly. The other caveat is that it will need a foundation – the manufacturers suggest a concrete base with allowances of (at least) 100mm on each side.


  • A very sturdy option for secure outdoor bike storage
  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty against rot and insect infestation.


  • Long assembly with tools required to complete
  • The timber may swell in the rain 
  • Delivery is by them rather than a third-party shipper, sometimes you’ll need to support the delivery driver with bringing the bits through to your garden!
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Pro Bike Tool Wall Rack

Save valuable floor space with this adjustable, sturdy and strong bike rack

Cost: £59.99

Perfect for homes with garages, sheds or large porches, the Pro Bike Tool Wall Rack is an adjustable hanging rack for convenient bike storage. At 84cm wide, it’s the widest 3-bike wall rack available, holding up to 30kg in weight for each bike with its high-strength aluminium build.

For bike maintenance, you may traditionally prefer to store them upright, but with the Pro Bike Rack, there are large oversized hooks to take the pressure off the wheels and spokes, saving any damage to these bike parts when hung to the rack. The hooks are also rubber drip coated to save any scratches to the rim, making them the ideal solution for hanging bikes, and saving valuable floor space.

With easy installation and instructions, screws, and bolts included, this option is a great method of keeping bikes out the way off-season. For the DIY-ers among you, this bike rack is quite easy to put up with a template for hole drilling too – keeping it very straightforward. For bigger families and avid bikers, there is also a six-bike version.


  • Strong, secure and adjustable
  • Saves floor space in garages and sheds
  • No damage to the bike wheels or spokes when hung on the hooks.


  • You may struggle for space with the three-space bike rack with multiple adult bikes, as handlebars may overlap
  • You won’t get the same level of rust protection for your bikes with an outdoor bike mount.
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Rowlinson Shiplap Bike Shed

A watertight bike shed with security features and accessories storage.

Cost: £234.99

Our second bike shed option on the list, the Rowlinson Shiplap Bike Shed provides a lockable and secure storage unit for gardens. With 12mm shiplap cladding, and tongue and groove floor and mineral roofing felt, this option is sure to keep your bikes out of the rain and mud.

Security-wise, it comes with ledged and braced double doors and a lock on which a padlock can be added. On the inside, it also has space for hanging helmets and accessories, keeping them off the floor.

Assembly requires two people and a drill, and comes in at dimensions of 82.5 x 182.5 x 164.1 cm and 93.89 kilograms. However, customer feedback suggests that it’s not easy to assemble and that some sections were delivered separately without their knowledge, making them wonder where the rest of their bike shed was!


  • A good outdoor space for keeping bikes, scooters and garden accessories secure
  • Good security features including ledged and braced doors
  • Watertight 12mm premium shiplap cladding.


  • Difficult assembly, even with two people
  • Won’t give protection against rain, corrosion and UV rays if installed outside.
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Hillington Locking Stand

A versatile bike locking stand for the floor or wall.

Cost: Price not available

A safe and secure locking solution for bikes, the Hillington Locking Stand comes in several options: 2, 3, 4 or 5 bikes. With minimal assembly required, this option is perfect for those with a bit of extra space within or outside garages and sheds, and will fit both adult and child-sized bikes.

Each stand has a width of 5cm, and the entire solution has been made with galvanised steel to prevent rust and deliver enhanced protection against rain and corrosion for the long-term.

In all, the 2 bike stand comes at a length of 40cm, 3 bike 70cm, 4 bike 105cm and 5 bike 130cm. The height is always 20cm and depth 21cm, making a tough, secure and durable storage solution for smaller spaces.


  • Easy to assemble, with non-slip padded feet
  • Made with galvanised steel
  • Designed for long-term use
  • Can be mounted to the floor or to a wall.


  • A set of 4 or 5 will come in 2 x 2 bike racks or a 2 and a 3
  • You may have to fit the bikes in ‘top to toe’ to stop handlebars clashing.
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Considerations For Bike Storage

When considering your options, there are a few key things to think about before making a decision on the best garden bike storage for your home.

Inside the bicycle garage of an apartment block
A small, at-home bike rack can keep your family bikes secure inside a garage or in an outdoor space.

Consider the amount of space you have, how regular your storage needs are and the size of your bikes when browsing. All of the options on this list will require some DIY handiwork, so be sure to bear this in mind when selecting your perfect match! You also need to consider – mostly with the bike racks and bike shed options – where they will go, whether this will work for the long-term and if you’ve got the right foundations or wall bearings in place to have these in place.

Think about as well how your needs might change in the future – will you have more children’s bikes, less adult bikes, bikes in different sizes for mountain biking or touring, and how this will impact the storage that you have set up currently. 

The last thing to consider is the weather: is it likely to rain a lot where you are? This might make an outdoor bike rack less suitable, and a bike shed might make more sense.

Be sure to think about your options carefully, as many of these bike racks have been built with long-term use in mind.

Happy cycling!

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