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The UK’s Best Fox Deterrents To Keep Foxes Out Of Your Garden

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Written by Chris Briggs

Foxes can quickly become a serious nuisance when they frequent your garden. They won’t hesitate to dig up your lawn, go through your bins and leave their mess behind.

Although most people find foxes to be charming animals, this soon wears off when they’re regularly visiting your garden and causing a mess, whether it’s by digging up your lawn, chewing your plants and flowers or leaving their excrement behind.

If unwanted foxes are a problem you’re currently dealing with, then the good news is there a range of very effective repellents available that will keep them out of your garden for good.

Fox repellents often work by startling the fox, via the use of light, sound or sometimes both. There are also some excellent sprays and powders you use to keep foxes away too.

We’ve rated some of the best fox repellents currently available, looking at their key features as well as their pros and cons.

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Let’s start with our best pick, the Volador Ultrasonic Repellent…

Best Pick: Volador Ultrasonic Repellent

An incredibly effective and versatile solution for keeping foxes away

The Volador Ultrasonic Repellent provides a very effective way to keep foxes out of your garden. It works by emitting a series of ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED lights in order to scare away any foxes that venture into your garden.

The device has a solar panel on the front, so it can gain charge on its own when left out in the sun. You can also charge it via USB with the supplied cable. The detection range is roughly 30 feet and the infrared sensor angle is 110 degrees, so it would be effective in most small-to-medium gardens.

It’s incredibly easy to set up. You simply install 3x AA rechargeable batteries, attach the spike to the main unit and then place it where you want. For it to be most effective, you should face it in the direction you’ve noticed foxes entering your garden. You can use it in a variety of settings, including your garden, lawn, flower beds or driveway.

In addition to being effective on foxes, you can also use this device to scare away a range of other wildlife, including rats, pigeons, moles and squirrels. It’s good for stopping cats and dogs from fouling in your garden too, including your own pets.


  • Very effective without causing any harm to wildlife that venture into your garden
  • Solar charged and can be used in any weather conditions
  • Very easy to set up and install
  • Adjustable frequency and sensitivity for the best results 


  • Might not be effective in 100% of cases
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Value Pick: McKlords Repellent Spray

An affordable and simple way to deal with unwanted foxes in your garden

Our value pick is McKlords Fox Repellent Spray. Although it’s not as hi-tech as some of the other solutions on this list, it can still do a great job of keeping foxes out of your garden.

You get 500ml worth of solution for your money and to use it, you should spray around any areas of your garden that you want to keep foxes away from, including areas where they’ve dug up already.

It’s made in the UK and can be used anywhere you have noticed foxes, including garages/sheds, driveways, on trees and shrubs and around outdoor bins. Although you can use it in a garage or shed, it is quite strong smelling, so it wouldn’t be ideal if you spend a lot of time in there.

It’s worth noting that the reviews are quite mixed on this product, with some people finding it to work well, while others found it to be totally ineffective. However, the low cost of this spray means you’re not taking too much of a chance to find out if it works for you.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use – you simply spray it wherever you’ve noticed foxes in your garden
  • Made in the UK
  • Can be used in a lot of different areas, including around outdoor bins and in sheds/garages


  • A significant number of people found it to be ineffective at getting rid of foxes
  • Might not be effective in the long-term, as foxes get used to the scent
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Scoot Fox Repellent Sachets

An affordable and mess-free solution for dealing with foxes

The Scoot Fox Repellent Sachets work by creating an artificial scent that will deter foxes by making them think the area has already been marked by another animal. Foxes usually prefer to avoid conflict if they can, so when they sense that another animal has been in the area, they’ll generally go elsewhere.

You get 2x 50g sachets of the powder which will enable you to cover roughly 34sqm. In order to use it, you need to mix with water, either in a watering can or a spray bottle. It’s then very easy to apply to any areas where you’ve noticed foxes. This can include your garden, lawn areas, flower beds, trees, driveways and paths.

The reviews for this product are mixed, with some people finding that ultrasonic repellents work better. These sachets are certainly worth considering though, especially if you don’t want to use electronic devices that require constant charging.


  • Very easy to use – simply add to water and apply where you need it
  • A very affordable way to deal with unwanted foxes
  • Can be used almost anywhere, including the garden, around trees and shrubs, driveways, flower beds etc.


  • A lot of reviews suggesting it isn’t as effective as some other solutions
  • You might need to use quite a few of these sachets in order of them to be effective
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Defenders Jet Spray Garden Protector

An excellent alternative to ultrasonic repellents and sprays

Although ultrasonic devices and sprays can both be very effective, they’re not suitable in every case. If you’re looking for an alternative solution, then the Defenders Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector could be just what you need.

It uses a motion-activated jet spray to scare off any foxes that stray into your garden. You can use it in a lot of different areas, including pools, ponds, lawns, flower beds etc. It’s powered by 2x AA batteries (not included).

It has a coverage area of up to 10 metres and you can easily adjust the height of the sprinkler depending on the type of area you’re protecting. It’s not just effective on foxes either. It will also help to keep your garden free of any unwanted cats and dogs, as well as other wildlife, such as mice, rats and pigeons.

Overall, this is an excellent product that doesn’t require the use of any chemicals, sprays or alarms to be effective. The one obvious downside of the Defenders Jet Spray is that you will need to have it connected to a water source, so it may not be practical in all cases.  


  • Very effective solution that’s simple to use
  • Can be set up and used in a variety of areas, including gardens, lawns, flower beds, pools and ponds
  • No risk of causing harm to foxes or other wildlife since it relies solely on water as a deterrent


  • There can be issues with the sensitivity of the motion-detector, especially on very bright and sunny days
  • Some reviewers weren’t happy with the build quality
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CAMTOA Solar Fox Repellent

A fully featured repellent that’s effective on a range of wildlife

Lastly, we have the CAMTOA Solar Cat Repellent. This works in much the same way as the Volador Ultrasonic Repellent in that it scares foxes and other wildlife away by using ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED lights.

You can charge this unit via solar power or a USB cable. What sets this product apart from a lot of other ultrasonic repellents is its generous range of lights and sounds – with 4 ultrasonic sounds and 16 LED lights. You can adjust the frequency of the alarm very easily depending on the type of wildlife you’re trying to scare away.

The high sensitivity motion detector can detect many types of animals at up to 30ft. As well as being effective at deterring foxes, it also works on cats, dogs, mice, rats, rabbits and squirrels.

It’s very easy to set up and use. You just attach the arm to the main unit and then put the spike in the ground in the area you want to protect. As with any type of device like this, it’s best to place it facing where you think the foxes are getting into your garden.

Although it’s more on the expensive side for a fox repellent, it is a very well-rated product, with most reviewers being very happy with the results it provides.


  • Very effective and easy to use
  • Can be placed anywhere that you have intruding wildlife, including the garden, around trees and shrubs, patios, driveways etc.
  • Easily adjust the frequency until you get the desired results


  • Is more on the expensive side
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How To Keep Foxes Out Of Your Garden

In addition to the products we rated above, there are also some other methods you can use to keep foxes out of your garden.

Foxes are very risk-avoidant, so anything that startles them, makes them uncomfortable or simply makes it difficult/impossible to access your property, will usually be effective.

With this in mind – some excellent ways to keep foxes out of your garden include –

Don’t leave any food outdoors

One of the biggest things that will attract foxes to your property is food. If you have any pets, then make sure you always feed them indoors. Foxes are not fussy eaters, so they’ll eat pretty much anything, even dog/cat food.

Another very common thing that attracts foxes to gardens is bin bags being left around. Foxes can easily tear open bin bags using their claws and teeth, so always make sure you put them inside your outdoor bins.

Consider building a fence

Foxes are opportunists and will often enter gardens that are easiest to access. This being the case – an excellent way to keep them out of your garden is by building a fence around it. A metal fence would be ideal but wooden fences can also be effective, providing you make sure to use an underground barrier since foxes will often try to dig under them.    

Use security lights

Motion-activated security lights can be an excellent way to keep foxes off your property too. Foxes will generally only come into your garden at night, when they’re not expecting to be seen. A bright light suddenly flashing on them will almost certainly scare them off.

Motion-activated security lights are cheap and easy to install. They’re also excellent deterrents for other forms of wildlife as well as burglars.

Use cameras to monitor where they’re entering your garden

One of the keys to preventing foxes from visiting your garden is to know how they’re getting into it in the first place. You can now get some excellent cameras that are small and affordable that you can easily place in your garden to discover where foxes are coming in.

Once you know how the foxes are getting into your garden, it might be a simple fix to block off their entryway. For example, if they’re climbing over walls or fences to get into your garden, then you might use plastic wall spikes to deter them. You wouldn’t necessarily need to keep them there permanently; just until the foxes have been put off.  

Make the soil in your garden uncomfortable to walk on

Foxes often come into gardens to bury holes in the soil. A good way to prevent this is by making it uncomfortable for them to walk on. There are a few ways to do this. One is by laying chicken wire over the top of the soil. Alternatively, you could use pinecones or twigs. You can also buy spikey strips that are made of plastic that will make the ground uncomfortable for foxes to walk across.

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