The UK’s Best Fence Hanging Planters For Stylish Garden Growing

a fence hanging planter with blooming petunia flowers
Written by Jonathan Sweet

Fence hanging planters are an ideal way to maximise the space in your garden, spruce up the boundaries which surround it and inject a touch of pizzazz into proceedings.

The beauty of fence hanging planters it that they don’t need an abundance of space in which to work their magic. In fact, they don’t even require you to have a garden at all! Capable of clipping onto railings or balconies, these ingenious accessories can bring a touch of greenery and a flash of flowers to any location in which they’re used.

For those who do have a back garden, they’re also a great way of expanding the space that’s available to you and brightening up what would otherwise constitute a fairly boring border. By creating your own artificial plant wall, you can add colour, style and panache to your garden without needing to reconfigure its layout or uproot any existing plants to make room.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of professionally made and stylishly designed fence hanging planters on the market to choose from. When weighing up the options available to you, the most important aspects to consider are the aesthetic of the planter itself, the location in your garden you wish to position it and the flora you intend to display inside it. These latter two points will have a bearing on the size of the product you require, while you’ll also want to make sure it’s constructed from sturdy materials in order to support whatever plants will adorn it. Finally, the price tag is an unignorable consideration, as well.

Applying those criteria to the multitude of fence hanging planters available online and in garden centres throughout the country can seem like a daunting task… which is why we’ve taken on all the legwork for you. We’ve analysed the options out there and narrowed things down to our favourite six products which are guaranteed to brighten up any garden, patio or balcony which they adorn.

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Read on to find out more about the individual attractions (and drawbacks) of each in order to make an informed decision about which fence hanging planter is right for you.

Best Pick: ESYLIFE Set Of 3 Planter Baskets

Strong and amply proportioned trio of planter baskets make for easy embellishment of walls, fences and railings.

Cost: Price not available

This set of three planter baskets from ESYLIFE represents everything you might look for in such a product. The neutral black colour of the set complements any background it might adorn or any plant pot which might occupy it, bringing a clean and classy aesthetic to your garden.

The wire frame is simple but solidly constructed, using reinforced metal iron to provide a robust foundation for your plants. With a diameter of 25cm and a depth of 16cm, they’re wide enough and deep enough to accommodate sizable pots and can even serve as makeshift hanging baskets.

Minimal assembly is required to make use of these planter baskets straight away – simply pull the hook through the basket and flip it over, creating the perfect addition to any outdoor space. They are designed to fit railings up to 6.4cm in width, but the weight of the plant itself will make them sturdy even on far slimmer supports – just be wary that they might tilt slightly in such a scenario.

Best of all, the trio of planters come at a price which won’t break the bank, meaning you can get maximum bang for your buck and spruce up the exterior of your home in one fell swoop.


  • Sturdy and well-proportioned baskets can accommodate decent-sized plants
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable in price


  • Prone to tilting on slimmer support rails
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Value Pick: ZZMUK Metal Hanging Pot

Delightful but diminutive metal pot is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Cost: £15.99

This small but stylish metal hanging pot from ZZMUK combines contemporary chic with rustic charm to bring a unique touch of bucolic modernity to your home.

The oval design is eye-catching and innovative, combining sweeping curves with a pastel blue colour scheme that is sure to set off the existing décor in your home or garden. Indeed, the versatility of the product means that it’ll look equally attractive hanging off an outdoor fence as it will adorning an indoor wall, while the detachable nature of its handles means that it can also serve as a standalone flower pot for your windowsill or balcony.

There are no drainage holes at the bottom of the pot, which makes it ideal for indoor use, but users should remain conscious not to allow the soil to become waterlogged through rainfall or overwatering.

Downsides include the diminutive size (just 21cm in height and 9.5cm x 27cm in width and length), which actually turns out to be a fair bit smaller than the product appears in photographs. Meanwhile, its lightweight construction (it’s made from metal iron and weighs under 300g) means that it’s unlikely to be as durable or as robust as some of the other options on offer.


  • Attractive oval design complemented by pastel blue colour
  • Equally suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Detachable handles increase versatility


  • Smaller than it appears in the photos
  • Lightweight construction compromises structural integrity
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MyGardenGreen Post Hanging Basket Brackets

Ingenious hanging basket brackets dispense with screws altogether and provide an effortless solution to embellishing your fence.

Cost: £18.99

Anyone who has tried to fit hanging baskets to a solid wall or fence post by drilling directly into the concrete itself will know what a thankless task that can prove to be. Thanks to this innovative alternative from MyGardenGreen, such a dilemma can be consigned to the annals of the past.

That’s because these alloy steel brackets simply slip over the fence post, then provide impressive stability by leveraging the weight of the basket itself to stay in place. Although the brackets might seem lightweight and fragile upon first inspection, they’re actually far more robust than their 2.8kg weight suggests and are capable of holding baskets of up to 45cm in diameter, meaning you can support a sizable plant using them.

It should be noted that although these are a one-size-fits-all product, the fence post in question must not be larger than 10cm in diameter – though that does cover the vast majority of such structures found in the UK.

Buyers should also bear in mind that while the brackets do come in a pack of four, no baskets are included in the package and must be bought separately. However, for the price, it’s a decent deal and one which can save significant headaches in ensuring that the baskets stay in place without the need for screwing, drilling or fixing.


  • Slip-on brackets dispense with need for drilling and screwing
  • Robust construction means they can support fairly sizable baskets
  • Affordable price for four brackets


  • Do not fit fence posts with a diameter greater than 10cm
  • No baskets included
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GIOVARA Set Of 10 Large Metal Pots

Colourful collection of decent-sized pots can add vim and vibrancy to your back yard.

Cost: £19.98

For adding a splash of colour to your back garden’s palette, you can’t do much better than this collection of 10 metal pots from GIOVARA. The set includes every colour of the rainbow and more, while the detachable hooks mean you can either coordinate the pots or mix and match as per your preference.

The pots themselves measure 13.5cm x 9.5cm x 26cm, making them adequate in size to accommodate a variety of different plants. Meanwhile, those searching for something smaller and more space-efficient may prefer the alternative size option of 10cm x 8cm x 17cm, though the fact that the pots are desired to hang off a fence or wall means that space shouldn’t really be an issue.

There are no drainage holes in the bottom of the pots, which makes them suitable for indoor use as well as adorning your al fresco areas. As with other non-perforated alternatives, users should take care not to allow the soil to become waterlogged, but the thinness of the metal means that creating DIY holes with a power drill is a fairly easy workaround to the issue.

Some buyers have reported experiencing issues when attaching the handles to the pots, in that they don’t fit snugly or even flake off paint when attempting to put them together. The product is more affordable than some other options on the list and that is reflected in the quality of the materials, but those who take all due care when handling them should not run into any serious problems.


  • Multi-coloured pot collection allows you to brighten up a space quickly and easily
  • Affordable price for a set of 10
  • Available in two different sizes


  • No drainage holes can create waterlogging issues
  • Flimsiness and ill-fitting nature of handles makes assembly potentially trickier than it could be
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Mulberry Zinc Flower Pots

Zinc metal flower pots embossed with Mulberry Tree design add vintage appeal to any home or garden.

Cost: £16.99

This set of four zinc metal flowers are understated and elegant, bringing a retro feel to any wall or fence they hang upon. With an intricate Mulberry Tree design on one side and the words “Covent Garden” embossed on the other, they command a timeless rustic aesthetic which is perfect from bringing a little countryside charm into your home.

The pots are constructed from zinc metal, which makes them both lightweight and hardy all at the same time, capable of holding up even under more inclement weather conditions. Unlike other alternatives of a similar design, the handles here are not detachable, so there is no option of using them as standalone pots, but that does make them a little more durable and a mite easier to use than some others.

Again, the pots do not have drainage holes, so DIY drilling might be a recommended course of action if you plan to use them outside since they are 100% watertight. Alternatively, they make for a great place to store herbs and spices indoors.

The price tag is reasonable for four robust planters that are likely to stand the test of time, though at 12cm in height and just 13cm in diameter at the upper rim, they are not the largest pots available.


  • Zinc metal construction gives a natural feel and evokes images of the countryside
  • Sturdy and stable


  • No drainage holes
  • Handles not detachable
  • Fairly small in comparison to other alternatives
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Elho Corsica Easy Hanger Trio

Innovatively designed three-pot hanger comes in a variety of vivid colours.

Cost: £14.98

While all the other options on this list have comprised either a single hanging planter or a collection of standalone items, the Elho Corsica Easy Hanger Trio takes a novel approach to the idea by combining space for three different pots in one, innovatively designed package.

Characterised by its eye-catching curves, the hanger is also notable for the array of flamboyant colours it comes in. Those looking to make a statement in their garden might opt for “Lime Green”, “Cranberry Red” or “Lovely Blush”, while those with more traditional tastes are also accommodated for with the inclusion of options like “Anthracite”, “White” and “Terra”.

Incredibly easy to use, the pots simply hang on to any railing or fence of your choosing (providing it is no thicker than 4cm). The ready-made drainage holes in the bottom mean that watering is a doddle, although they do have a tendency to tilt forwards which could lead to spillage.

With a height of 27cm, a length of 53cm and a width of 26cm, the planter trio is perhaps not quite as sizable as it appears in the photographs, but still ample enough to fit three plants of the same or different varieties. The innovative shape of the planters even makes them suitable for storing other things besides greenery, including garden implements or even liquid refreshments!


  • Creative design set off perfectly by bold colour scheme
  • Couldn’t be easier to use


  • Smaller than they might appear in photographs, so double check your dimensions before finalising the purchase
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