The UK’s Best Bird Box Cameras For Digital Nest Watching

mother bird feeding chicks inside birds nest
Written by Chris Briggs

If you have birds nesting in your garden, then bird box cameras provide you with a way to get some excellent footage.

Many gardeners throughout the UK enjoy having birds visit their garden. If you have birds nesting in your garden and you want to get footage of them nesting, feeding etc. then a bird box camera is a great way to do it.

There are some excellent bird box cameras available on the market these days, with a range of features such as wi-fi connectivity, IR LEDs, MicroSD storage, HD recording, microphones etc.

If you’re currently looking for a bird box camera for your garden, then you should find the information below extremely useful. We have rated some of the best bird box cameras currently available, looking at all their key features as well as their pros and cons.

Our #1 Top Pick
Green Feathers Wildlife Wi-Fi Bird Box HD 960p Camera with IR (Night Vision) and MicroSD Recording
Night Vision
Audio Recording
Price not available
Also Consider...
Garden Secrets Cedar Bird Nest Box & Bird Nest Box Colour Camera with Audio
Camera & Nest Box
Night Vision
Audio Recording
Price not available

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We’ll start with our best pick – the Green Feathers WiFi Bird Box Camera…

Best Pick: Green Feathers WiFi Bird Box Camera

An excellent, feature-packed bird box camera

The Green Feathers WiFi Bird Box Camera is our best pick for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s a very well-made camera that is suitable for use in a lot of different bird boxes. The MicroSD slot means you’re also able to capture plenty of footage right from the device itself.

It’s very easy to connect this camera to your home wi-fi network, so you’re easily able to view the live footage from your camera on a smartphone or tablet. The IP camera in the device is capable of recording at 1.2 megapixels, which although isn’t quite full HD resolution, still provides a very crisp and clear image.

The invisible IR LEDs mean you’re able to capture night-vision footage and the microphone will pick up any sounds coming from inside the bird box.

You can buy either the camera on its own or as a pack containing the camera, a bird box and 20m power cable.


  • Feature-packed with excellent recording quality
  • Easily view footage from the camera on your smartphone or tablet
  • Connects easily to your home wi-fi network using the free iOS and Android app
  • The MicroSD slot means you’re able to add as much storage as you need without the need to hook it up to any external HDs


  • Can be a little bit fiddly to set up
  • Some reviewers had trouble getting the app to install
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Value Pick: Wired Bird Box Camera With Night Vision

A very affordable camera that gets the job done

Our value pick is the Wired Bird Box Camera with Night Vision. Although this camera is quite bare-bones compared to some of the others on this list, it is still a very capable device that will easily allow you to view inside a bird box.

The camera is very small in dimensions, at just 3cm x 2.5 cm x 2cm, so it’d be perfect for using in smaller bird boxes. You can connect it to your TV or a DVR recorder via an RCA cable, giving you the option to either watch live or capture footage.

There are invisible infra-red lights on the sides of the camera, so you’re able to see what’s going on in the bird box when it’s dark without fear of startling the birds inside.

You can buy this as the camera on its own with no cable or with a cable of 20m, 30m or 50m depending on your requirements.

Overall, it’s a very good camera for the money and if you don’t have requirements such as being able to view the live feed via app or recoding on a MicroSD card, then it’s a great choice.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to set up and very reliable
  • You can buy the necessary RCA cable in different lengths to suit your set up


  • The audio quality could be better
  • No option to view the live footage via smart devices
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Garden Secrets Cedar Bird Nest Box

A highly capable camera that comes with a great looking bird box

The Garden Secrets Cedar Bird Nest Box with camera would be a great choice if you’re looking for both a bird box and camera together. In addition to the plug and play camera, you also get a cedar bird box that would look great in practically any garden.

The camera itself is very high quality and comes with 30m of cable, which is plenty in most cases. The bird box is designed for use with the camera and has a quick release clip for it on the side. You can connect the camera to your TV or DVR recorder with the supplied RCA cable. There’s also a SCART adapter included, which is very hand since not all modern TVs have RCA ports.

The two holes at the sides of the bird box allow light into the bird box during the day, which helps to provide a clearer image. The camera has LED lights on the side too, so you’re able to view what’s going on in the bird box at night.

Overall, this is an excellent choice providing you’re happy with the wired connection. The camera is very good quality as is the bird box and most of the reviews for this product are positive.


  • Comes with a great looking, high quality bird box
  • A free wide-angle lens is included
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Good picture quality


  • No instructions are included so you’ll need to know how to set it up yourself
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Wildlife World Colour Camera Nestbox

A great bird box and camera that’s suitable for a variety of species

The Wildlife World Colour Camera Nestbox provides you with everything you need to help attract birds to your garden and film them.

In addition to the bird box itself, you get a colour camera that’s capable of night-time recording thanks to the LED lights on the sides. The camera is very simple to set up and use – you simply place it in the bird box and run the supplied cable to your TV or DVR recorder.

One of the things that set this bird box apart from many others is its front panel. You can choose to have a small hole opening, the type typically found in many bird boxes, or you can remove a panel to reveal a much larger opening. This is extremely useful if you’re trying to attract different types of birds to your garden.

In addition to the main bird box, you also get a smaller house that fits inside. If you want to monitor other types of wildlife, then you can put the camera inside of this and attach it to a tree or wooden post.   


  • The adjustable front panel means the bird box can attract a wide variety of bird species
  • The bird box is very high quality – made from 20mm thick timber
  • The camera provides good quality footage during the day and at night


  • Some reviewers found the quality of the included cable to be inadequate
  • Very expensive compared to a lot of other bird box camera products on the market
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the bird box view nesting box with camera

Birdboxview Nesting Box

A great camera for capturing footage from your PC or laptop

The Birdboxview Nesting Box comes with a high-quality bird box as well as a webcam that you can use to capture footage from a PC or laptop.

The bird box itself is quite tall, which is great for allowing you to view everything that’s going on inside. It’s also made from good quality materials and would be suitable for attracting quite a few bird species. The camera records at 1.3MP and connects to a pc/laptop via the supplied USB cable.

You can either use the camera to view live footage from your computer or if you want to record the footage from the camera, then you’re able to download capture software from the Birdboxview website.

The major downside to this camera is that it’s only suitable for use on a computer. Therefore, if you want to view live footage on your TV or a smartphone/tablet, it wouldn’t be a good choice.


  • Easily allows you to capture footage on PC or laptop
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Compatible with all major operating systems for both PC and Mac
  • At 27cm tall, the camera can easily capture everything inside the bird box


  • Cannot be used with TVs, smartphones or tablets
  • The camera quality isn’t the greatest compared to some of the others available
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How Do Bird Box Cameras Work

Birdbox cameras are quite easy to understand, even if you’re not particularly technically minded. Most bird box cameras will have the lens in the centre of the device and be surrounded by invisible infra-red LED lights. These LED lights will allow you to see what’s going on inside your bird box when it’s dark without startling the birds.

The number of features a bird box camera has will usually depend on how much you spend. Some cameras are very basic and will plug directly into your TV via a cable so you can view the live feed but little else.

If you want to view footage on a tablet or smartphone, then the are wireless bird box cameras available too, that allow you to view the feed from the camera via an app. Wireless cameras are certainly more convenient, but they can sometimes suffer from connectivity issues.

How To Encourage Birds To Nest In Your Garden

If you’re looking to attract birds to nest in your garden, then there are some very reliable ways to do this. To attract birds to your garden, it’s usually a case of ensuring you provide an attractive and safe environment for them as well as leaving out a good mix of food.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to make your garden an attractive place for birds to visit –

Put out feeders

The simplest way to attract birds to your garden is by placing feeders close to any bird boxes you have. The type of feeders you should get will depend on the type of birds you want to attract.

Although a lot of birds will eat the same type of food, how it’s presented will make quite a big difference. For example, tits like food that is from hanging feeders while other birds such as finches will prefer food that is more easily accessible, on a table or the ground. You should research what the best type of feeder to get is if you’re looking to attract a specific species.

Put out a variety of food

If you want to attract a good variety of birds to your garden, then it’s a good idea to mix up the food you put out. Generally, when it comes to birdseed, it’s always best to buy seed that is made in the UK.

Other good foods to leave out for birds include sunflower seeds, mealworms and peanut butter. You can also chop up some mixed fruit, such as apples but be sure to cut them fine enough so they’re not uncomfortable for birds to swallow.

Use the right type of bird box

You also want to make sure you’re using the right type of bird box for the species of birds you attract to your garden. Different species prefer different types of boxes. Robins, for example, prefer bird boxes that are open-fronted and easily accessible, whereas sparrows are more attracted to small boxes with a hole.

Put your bird boxes in the right areas

Birds will generally look for safe areas to nest, that are free from predators and protected from the elements. This being the case, you should make sure that you place your bird boxes at a good height. This doesn’t necessarily mean as high up as possible. Many people make this mistake, assuming higher=better but this isn’t the case. Instead, it’s better to place bird boxes at a similar height to trees and shrubs, since this is where they would naturally nest in the wild.

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