The UK’s Best Artificial Grass Vacuums To Keep Your Turf Clean

vacuum cleaning a strip of artificial grass
Written by Dean Wilson

Are you looking for the best artificial grass vacuums to keep your turf clean? Then read on.

We have taken a close look at some of the best and most dependable artificial grass vacuums for keeping your lawn neat and tidy.

We have considered many different factors when rating these products. These include ease of use, affordability, product quality and so on. Use this guide to identify artificial grass vacuums that will serve you well for years to come.

Our #1 Top Pick
Garden Gear 3 in 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum Lightweight Blower Vac Garden Leaf Shredder, 45-litre...
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Vacmaster Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner | Outdoor Wet & Dry Garden Vacuum and Leaf Blower with...
Grass Vacuum
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The best artificial grass vacuum cleaners enable you to maintain a tidy appearance with minimal stress and strain.

Best Pick: Garden Gear 3 In 1 Artificial Grass Vacuum

A wet and dry cleaning resource for outdoor use

This product offers three big functions. Not only will it vacuum up leaves and debris from your lawn but it will also blow them. This makes it easy to collect them. Its mulching function has also proved to be a big draw. Another big benefit is its 45-litre capacity collection bag. Make use of this to spend more time on perfecting the look of your garden and less time emptying waste. The product comes with a 1800W motor and an air speed of 270km/h.

This push vac and blower is designed to clear debris from your grass, lawns and pathways. There are four adjustable heights to choose from, and clipping the collection bag on and off is simple. You can change the height to match your leaf management needs.

It’s also easy to switch between blowing and vacuuming. If you need to turn the power off immediately due to safety concerns, you can do this by using the safety trigger. The 10-metre power cord will allow you to manoeuvre around gardens of considerable size.

You can also buy a spare dust bag for this machine. The product has consistently won positive ratings on various online review sites.


  • Several useful functions
  • Large collection bag
  • Four adjustable heights
  • 10-metre power cord


  • Bags have been criticised for poor quality
  • Some customers have experienced poor suction
  • Handling complaints somewhat common
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Value Pick: Vacmaster Artificial Grass Cleaner

A wet and dry cleaning resource for outdoor use

This popular cleaner offers both wet and dry cleaning. You don’t need to change the wet and dry cartridge filter when you switch between wet and dry use. However, you are advised to moisten artificial lawn before you start using your vacuum.

The product comes complete with a detachable 10m cable so you can make your way around a generously-sized garden with ease. The wide-stance castors are designed to help you cope with uneven surfaces.

This product also comes with a range of specialist tools including the moulded floor head. This is designed for artificial grass. The brass bristle brush head will help you remove tough moss and challenging weeds from your patio. There’s also a useful blower function which you can use during the autumn months.

Many people are drawn to this product thanks to the way it doesn’t demand a great deal of space. Simply store your attachments, tubes and tools inside the cleaner to keep clutter to a minimum.


  • Designed for wet and dry cleaning
  • Comes with various specialist tools
  • Perfect for outdoor environments
  • Can blow leaves in the autumn
  • Simple uncluttered storage


  • Some people have complained about poor suction
  • May need to go over areas several times
  • Can clog up easily according to reviewers
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Hyundai Electric Leaf Blower & Vacuum

A lightweight yet powerful resource  

This product is designed to help you get through tough gardening tasks swiftly and efficiently. It comes with a shoulder strap and two front wheels to deliver superior handling as well as a controllable, variable vacuum. Choose the right airspeed to gain more control over what is picked up and blown away.

Another key feature of this model is the telescopic chute. There are nine heights to choose from. The product also comes with a 45-litre detachable collection bag. The generous size of the bag means you shouldn’t need to empty it too regularly. There’s also a 12-metre cable to help you reach more of your garden.

The product comes complete with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. The mulching facility compacts waste into a tenth of its original size. The ergonomic handles come with anti-vibration technology to deliver extra comfort.

Another big draw is the way that the product can be used all year round. Pick up dust in the spring months, clear grass in the summer, move leaves in the autumn and clear light snow in the winter.


  • Powerful motor
  • Variable airspeeds
  • Impressive manoeuvrability
  • Switching from vacuuming to blowing is simple


  • Some customers have complained about bag quality
  • Reports of frequent blocking
  • Users have struggled with wet leaves
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AGM 302 Artificial Grass Power Brush

Designed with larger gardens in mind

This machine is specifically designed for tidying larger gardens throughout the year. It is used to collect leaves and debris from artificial lawns.

Key features of this machine include its collection box and its highly powered rotating heavy-duty nylon drum. This drum lifts debris at impressive speeds.

Some reviewers have claimed it’s the best artificial lawn maintenance solution they have ever owned. However, a few commentators claim that it’s not as powerful as they expected.

The machine is targeted at owners of high-traffic gardens.


  • Has frequently been complimented for its efficiency
  • Leaves lawns looking as good as new according to some reviewers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can resolve issues with flattened grass


  • Height adjuster has been branded ‘flimsy’
  • Some customers say it lacks power
  • Some leaves may need to be brushed manually
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AGM 141 Electric Artificial Turf Sweeper

Suitable for patios, decking and driveways

[This product comes complete with a twin Drum Heavy Duty Nylon Brush System which results in sweeping widths of 400 mm. It can be used to remove debris from all artificial grass surfaces as well as driveways, patios and decking areas.

This machine may be ideal for you if you’re seeking something powerful and lightweight that’s easy to manoeuvre. The MK2 features several enhancements compared to the earlier MK1, with customers describing it as smoother and more robust.

The MK 2 has also been complimented for its power brush. The manufacturer claims it has been approved by several landscaping customers who install artificial grass on a daily basis. duct assessment]


  • Can complete tasks quickly and efficiently
  • Some customers say it also works on thick pile carpet
  • Makes lawns look as good as new according to some customers


  • Some pricing complaints
  • Heavier than some similar machines
  • How to clean and take care of artificial grass
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How To Clean & Take Care Of Artificial Grass

If you’re wondering how to clean and take care of your artificial lawn read on. By cleaning and maintaining your artificial grass effectively, you can prolong its life. Take these steps to get more years of use from your artificial grass so you don’t need to replace it prematurely.

Some maintenance will be required

Although artificial grass is well-known for its low maintenance qualities, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to lift a finger to keep it looking great. It’s true that you won’t need to water or mow your artificial lawn, but you still have to carry out the occasional spot of maintenance to make sure it stands the test of time. Taking good care of your artificial grass will ensure that it’s a successful investment. By carrying out small maintenance tasks throughout the year, you can keep your workload to a minimum.

Keeping your lawn in good shape

You must let the sand infill settle once the turf has been laid down. This will keep your turf in good condition and ensure only minimal maintenance is needed going forward. An important step to take is to use a stiff broom with natural bristles to brush it. Make sure you brush it in various directions so the blades stay upright.

How to brush debris from your lawn

Using a stiff natural bristle broom is a wide move as it will be effective without ruining the quality of your grass. Parts of your lawn that see the most footfall will normally need to be brushed more frequently to keep the blades looking lively.

Keeping on top of weeds

Another big reason for purchasing artificial grass is that the only weeds that you’ll need to deal with are minor surface ones that aren’t too unsightly and can easily be removed. Artificial lawns come with membrane backings that stop bigger weeds coming through the surface.

As you can’t use a large implement to remove these small weeds, you can simply pull off their heads to retain a neat, tidy look. You can use a weed killer, but this must be a water-based solution. If you use anything stronger, you may damage the artificial grass.

When the weedkiller has done its work, brush the weeds away or pull them out with your hands. Try to remove leaves and dead plants as soon as you see them. If organic matter builds up, weed growth can ensue.

How to wash your artificial grass

In most cases, you will be able to remove spillages, stains, animal mess and other matter from your lawn with hot soapy water. If you need to remove anything more persistent, you may need to try a mineral spirit or anything else that’s been specifically created to clean artificial grass. If you use a product that hasn’t been designed for artificial lawns, you may damage your grass.

Maintenance throughout the seasons

You are advised to brush your lawn at least once every month. However, you may need to do this more regularly in the summer when you’re using your lawn frequently. If you host parties or gatherings in the summer, your lawn will be faced with more traffic at this time of year. During the winter, let snow melt naturally. If you attempt to remove it manually, you may damage the grass.

Things to keep away from your lawn

Try to keep sharp objects away from your lawn. Strong chemicals and detergents should also be kept well away from it. Bleach is not suitable for artificial grass and can cause a great deal of damage. Heavy vehicles should not be driven onto your artificial grass, although wheelchairs, bicycles and toy cars shouldn’t cause a problem. Maintaining nearby hedges and trees properly should reduce the number of leaves that fall onto the grass during the autumn and winter.

High-temperature objects

Keep barbecues or any other hot items away from the lawn. Don’t let fireworks come into contact with your lawn. Be careful with reflective objects as damage can occur when sunlight is reflected onto your artificial grass.

Children and pets

If you have do have children in your household, tell them about the importance of treating the lawn with respect. If grass is accidentally or purposefully ripped or torn out, you may need to replace at least parts of your artificial lawn. It’s not common for dogs to dig through artificial grass, though there is a risk that this could happen. Protect your investment

By taking care of your artificial grass, you can ensure it serves you well for several years before it needs to be replaced. Don’t take risks when it comes to the objects you take onto the lawn and advise your children on how to use it safely. In any case, there are many products available that will help you keep on top of lawn maintenance and give you an outdoor space to be proud of.

Whether you are on a tight budget or have more to spend, you should be able to find the quality products that you need to maintain your lawn sufficiently. When you get the right lawn cleaning and maintenance products, you can spend less time working in your garden and more time enjoying it.

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